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Ring of Honor TV results and recap: Briscoes/Strong/ODB vs The House of Truth

By Paul Fontaine, WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway:

Skippable show with a fun but forgettable main event and a bunch of clips from the last 4 years of ROH TV.

Show Recap: 

Another show from Terminal 5 in NYC and it’s episode 200. Being the 200th, we get some clips of great moments in the show’s history. First up is the Addiction winning the tag team titles from ReDRagon earlier this year. If you missed it, the KRD reveal took place here and it was Chris Sabin who helped Daniels and Kaz win the titles.

This led into a promo for the 4 way tag title main event next Friday on iPPV with Addiction defending against ReDRagon, War Machine and the Kingdom.

Next up were highlights of Steel Cage Warfare from July 2013. Team ROH won over SCUM, with Kevin Steen getting the final pinfall. We then get highlights of the finals of this year’s top prospects tournament, with Donovan Dijak vs Will Ferrara. Tourney also featured Dalton Castle and The Beer City Bruiser, both featured prominently in the tournament recap. Castle of course won, with the help of the House of Truth.

After a break, we get highlights of Tag Wars 2014, with ReDRagon vs ACH and Matt Sydal. ReDRagon won to retain their tag team titles. Hanson vs AJ Styles from November 2014 is next. They showed about 7 minutes of this, which ended up with AJ beating Hanson with a Styles Clash.

Inside ROH aired next. Mandy Leon went over the entire card for Death Before Dishonor.

  • Dalton Castle vs Adam Cole
  • The Briscoes vs Rappongi Vice
  • Moose vs Cedric Alexander
  • Adam Page vs ACH
  • 4 Corners Survival match for the tag team titles with the teams mentioned earlier.
  • ROH World title match: Champion Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong

Lance Storm vs Michael Bennett from 2012 aired next in clipped form. Bennett won with the Photo finish onto a chair (passed to him by “RudoBon” Bob Evans to send Storm into the podcast world.

The House of Truth (Jay Lethal, J Diesel, Donovan Dijak and Truth Martini) vs The Briscoes (Jay and Mark), ODB and “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong

Lethal is out with both titles. Martini is not dressed to fight, as he’s in his usual getup. Fans chanting Baby-tista at J Diesel. He really does look like a mini version of “The Animal”. Martini takes off his jacket and starts off against ODB. He does leave his sunglasses on though, as he does a little breakdancing to kick things off.

Martini quickly tags in Lethal, so Strong tags in for his team. Lethal tags in Dijak without even locking up. Strong tags in Mark Briscoe and he’s in control as we go to break.

Lethal gets a tag in after Dijak gets the advantage on Briscoe. Briscoe ends up tired up in the HOT corner. Fans really on Diesel with the “Baby-tista” chants. Briscoe ends up tagging in brother Jay and he’s in control over Dijak.

Dijak manages to get to his corner and now Jay Briscoe is tied up in the corner, getting quadruple-teamed by the HOT. Diesel works over Briscoe for a bit and Martini asks for the tag. That doesn’t go very well for him and he quickly tags in Lethal. We go to break after Diesel tags in again, still in control.

Jay turns things around with a Death Valley Driver and tags in Strong. We get a preview of Friday night’s main event, as Strong has his way with Lethal. Strong goes for a pin after a sick kick but it’s broken up by the HOT. Things break down at this point but ODB gets a blind tag from Strong.

ODB hops on Lethal’s back and he makes the tag to Martini. Dijak and Diesel in now as well and it’s 4 on 1 against ODB. She takes a swig from her flask and starts fighting off the four guys. Just as Lethal gets the advantage on her, the Briscoes and Strong have recovered all 8 are brawling in the ring.

The Briscoes take care of Dijak and Diesel. Strong takes out Lethal and this leaves Martini and ODB in there together. Martini rolls her up for a two count. ODB spits “alcohol” in the face of Martini and then gets the 100 Proof rollup for the win.