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ROH House Show Report from Hopkins MN- 4-25-15 Lethal v O'Reilly; Briscoes v War Machine

by Paul Fontaine, WrestlingObserver.com

Place was close to full, probably 900-1000 people. 

Show opened with what appeared to be a tryout match. Didn't catch the name of any of the four guys. They were all pretty green but had a decent little six minute match. 

Arya Daivari and Bobby Fish kicked off the main card. Fish won with a Death Valley Driver in about 13 minutes.

4 way match with Romantic Touch v Will Ferrara v Beer City Bruiser v Cheeseburger. Bruiser and Burger were really over. Really fun 10 minute match. Ferrara pinned Burger after a sunset flip powerbomb

Michael Elgin and Caprice Coleman in a rematch of their TV match a couple weeks ago. Elgin won with a powerbomb after 10 minutes. Not as good as the TV match but ok.

ACH v Adam Page had a really good 15 minute match. Page won after hitting a low blow and then a roll up. Kind of a disappointing finish.

After an intermission, there was another tryout match. Eric Cannon vs Dave Tyler? The guy that wasn't Cannon does a Mr Perfect gimmick, right down to using his old tights. . Cannon won with a twisting hangman's suplex in 6 minutes.

OBD was out and the most over person on the show. She'd been advertised for "a match". Truth Martini came out and insulted her and said he was her opponent. They had a fun match. ODB had it won and then Jay Lethal came and laid out ODB with a Superkick to allow Martini to get the pin in 10 minutes.

Roderick Strong and Silas Young were next. Strong won after 18 minutes with a sick kick. Crowd was into both guys and Young got a standing ovation after the match.

Briscoes vs War Machine was a great brawl, probably in the 4 star range. Crowd was hot for the whole thing. Jay pinned Hanson after 2 Jay Drillers.

Main Event was another PPV quality match. Jay Lethal and Kyle O'Reilly had a 30 minute draw. O'Reilly got on an armbar off of a Lethal Injection and had Lethal in the hold in the centre of the ring as the bell rang. Crowd chanted for five more minutes. Lethal teased accepting but then bailed.

Jay Briscoe came out and said that if Lethal wouldn't give him 5 more minutes, he'd go one better and give him a World title match right now. Bell rang and almost instantly Jay Lethal came out and laid out both guys with a belt shot. Lethal was then beating on Briscoe until eventually ODB came out. Lethal bailed and that left ODB in with Truth Martini. She tried to put him through a table with a splash but the table didn't break. Briscoe then put the table in the corner and speared him through it to end the show.

ODB was the most over, followed by Cheeseburger and the Briscoes.