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ROH TV Report 3-21-15: Jay Briscoe vs. Jimmy Jacobs


Image courtesy of ROH Wrestling.com

By Paul Fontaine, WrestlingObserver.com

Before the report starts, I want to pass along my thoughts and prayers to the family, friends and fans of Perro Aguayo Jr. While I wasn’t overly familiar with his work, I am friends with many that are and can’t imagine how they’re feeling or what they’re going through today. It’s a tragic loss and not really much else to say.

Bobby Fish vs “Mr. ROH” Roderick Strong

Both guys get a nice reception coming out, with Fish getting considerably more streamers thrown, FWIW. Tale of the tape shows it being virtually identical for size with Strong having a slight experience advantage. Match started as a hybrid pro wrestling-MMA style as you’d expect with most being worked on the ground and within the ropes. BOBBY FISH chant breaks out as he gains the advantage. Strong turned it around with a unique backbreaker off the top turnbuckle on Fish. They go to commercial with Strong firmly in control after another backbreaker.

Back and it’s another backbreaker for a two count from Strong. Kevin Kelly plugging the ROH hotline again asking fans to pick who is the future of ROH, Donovan Dijak or Will Ferrara. I know which of them will be in WWE sooner than later, if that answers the question. It probably doesn’t. Back to the match and Fish turns it around with a backbreaker of his own followed by a nice moonsault for a two and we get a THIS IS WRESTLING chant. Strong gets a superplex and follows with a gutbuster for a 2. BOBBY FISH chants again. They trade elbows in the centre of the ring t the YAY/BOO treatment, with Fish being the clear fan favorite there. Strong hits a sick kick and then a backbreaker right after that for the somewhat upset win.


Fans chant THAT WAS AWESOME as they shake hands after the match, Strong being somewhat reluctant to. Strong cuts a promo to the camera on his way out of the ring challenging Jay Briscoe, Samoa Joe or whoever else.

ROH TV Title Match: Champion Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini and J Diesel vs 2015 Top Prospect Donovan Dijak

Dijak gets a nice reception for his intro, including streamers so he’s already over. Lethal argues with a dude in a Jushin Liger costume and they hit that he may face Liger at the next PPV. Martini cuts a promo before the match to Dijak, putting him over and emphasizing the importance of this match. Martini: “If you wrestle Jay Lethal right now, you’re gonna lose”. He calls himself the greatest manager of all time. He says there are three types of wrestlers; good wrestlers, great wrestlers and special wrestlers…and Lethal smiles. He offers Dijak a handshake and offers him a spot in the House of Truth. Fans are chanting DO IT. Dijak does it. All four men pose with Lethal front and center. And OH YES….it’s the return of Dalton Castle and his outstanding entrance. He’s screaming at the camera all the way during his entrance. Kelly calls him a 24/7 party and Adam Rose could only hope to have an entrance this cool. Lethal’s look while watching this is priceless. Imagine Brian Kendrick mixed with Joey Ryan with a little Gorgeous George mixed in and you’d be close. This promo has to be recapped:

Castle -“Salyountations. I’m Dalton Castle and these are my boys. While I was in the back and stretching out my hammies, something caught my attention and that was you, banana hams. Top Prospect tournament champion and you’re giving that up? You know, I was in that particular tournament for one reason, because I want what yooooooouve got (stares at Lethal). (one of his boys gets on all fours and Castle sits on him, like a chair) So what do you say, JAY LETHAL…(the other guy gets on one knee and now Castle is laying across them, like Shawn Michaels lying on top of the ring ropes and the crowd explodes. Corino says his mind is blown. Join the club). I’m already out here. Why don’t you be a man like me (camera pans to all 4 HOT guys with these incredulous looks on their faces) and put it on the line. Defend that title against me right now.

Fans chant YES YES YES YES. Lethal directs the HOT out of the ring. Castle then says he’ll challenge Jay Briscoe cause he heard he’s a REAL champion. This pisses off Lethal and he attacks. He clears the ring of the “boys” and lays in some ground and pound on Castle.

ROH TV Championship: Champion Jay Lethal w/The House of Truth vs Dalton Castle

Castle recovers from the initial beating and takes control as we go to commercial. During the commercial we get a Jimmy Jacobs promo about tonight’s main event. Corino says he’s never seen anything like Castle in all his years of pro wrestling. J Diesel distracts Castle, allowing Lethal to take control. He hits three straight “CRASH AND BURNS” as Martini celebrates by doing a victory lap around the ring. Lethal again getting into it with the Liger fan at ringside. Castle actually has a Greco-Roman wrestling background and is pretty solid in the ring. He gets the better of a punch/slap exchange in the centre of the ring and then tries a running charge into the corner but runs into a Lethal boot. He hits a German Suplex that the fans actually buy as a finish. Dijak pulls Castle out of the ring and hits Feast Your Eyes and rolls him back into the ring. Lethal cuts a promo in ring on Castle before hitting him with the Lethal Injection for the pin.


After a commercial break, some weird stuff happening with the video feed and I guess it’s a KRD promo. Change is coming. This was supposed to be a promo for Samoa Joe vs Kyle O’Reilly next week.

ROH World Title Match – Champion Jay Briscoe vs “The Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs

Corino is convinced Jacobs will win. Kelly brings up the long violent history between Jacobs and Briscoe. MAN UP chants during Briscoe’s entrance and he is, of course, the huge fan favorite here. Kelly plugs the ROH hotline again. 1800-885-4ROH if you’re so inclined. Jacobs with the early advantage and takes it outside the ring, slamming Briscoe’s head into the barricade. Briscoe quickly gets control and whips Jacobs into the barricade. Jacobs hits a Diamond Cutter off of the barricade as we go to break with both guys down outside the ring.

There’s been some cuts as they’re both inside the ring trading slaps in the centre of the ring (third straight match we’ve seen this sequence). Briscoe gets the best of that, ending it with a Super DVD but both guys are down again as the fans chant MAN UP. Briscoe hits Jacobs with a series of moves designed to knock him down but Jacobs stays on his feet until Briscoe hits a Burning Hammer to finally knock Jacobs to his back. Jacobs hits a desperation spear out of nowhere for a two that no one bought. Jacobs hit a sliced bread for a two that people did get into and a JIMMY JACOBS chant, followed by MAN UP. Jacobs starting doing the questioning himself bit that he didn’t get a finish there. Announcers putting over the fact that Jacobs finally realizes that he can’t do it. Jacobs actually leaves the ring and starts to walk to the back but comes back to the ring and grabs Briscoe’s title belt. He puts it down and gets back in the ring. Jacobs then hits another DDT and then sliced bread combo, followed by a spear and then locks in a guillotine choke. Briscoe teases going out from the choke but gets his hand up on the third attempt. Briscoe powers out Jacobs hits backslide for a two and then a cradle for a two. Briscoe then hits the Jay Driller for the win. I like what they were trying to do here and it probably would’ve worked with someone who wasn’t buried so far down the card.


Crowd gives Jimmy Jacobs a standing ovation as he gets to his feet and chants THAT WAS AWESOME. Briscoe offers a handshake and Jacobs very reluctantly accepts. Fans chant JIMMY JACOBS. Apparently a face turn for Jacobs there.