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ROH TV Report 5-23-15: TV Title Match - Jay Lethal vs Kyle O'Reilly


by Paul Fontaine, WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway – A great TV title match followed by a bonus match that furthers the company’s big World title angle heading into next month’s PPV.

This is show 2 from Hopkins and the Road Rage Tour.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin beat Caprice Coleman

They adhere to the Code of Honor while Kelly and Corino talk about past AWA wrestlers from Minnesota. Corino compares Coleman to Brad Armstrong, which is a comparison I’m sure I’ve never heard before. Elgin goes to the outside and then pulls Alexander out and whips him into the ring barrier as we go to break.

Back from break and Coleman’s in control, hitting a Rana off the top rope. Kelly takes a break from calling the action to plug the Code Line. Apparently either C&C Wrestling Factory or Future Shock is talking about re-forming but you’d have to call to find out which. Elgin hits a brutal double foot-stomp to the back of Coleman’s neck.

Coleman recovers and fights back for a bit and Elgin takes a power. Coleman hits an Asai moonsault and rolls him back into the ring and then goes to the top and hits a Sky Splitter for two. THIS IS AWESOME chants ensue. Elgin turns it around with a lariat and a Buckle bomb and then hits the Elgin Bomb for the pin. Crowd was pretty into it by the end. Elgin tells the crowd “I’m really good” as we go to break.

We get highlights of last week’s Briscoes-War Machine war coming out of break. That match and tonight’s main event are worth ordering the VOD version of this show for. Truth Martini and Jay Lethal are backstage for a promo for tonight’s main event ROH TV title match with Kyle O’Reilly. Lethal says O’Reilly is a great tag team wrestler. He does good when he has someone watching his back but tonight’s a different story. He will find out why Jay Lethal is the greatest first generation wrestler and the ROH Champion.

O’Reilly follows with a promo of his own. He’s been working for this title shot since he debuted. He puts over Lethal as the greatest First Generation Wrestler. He says he’ll take his Lethal Injection and come back for more and become the new ROH Television. O’Reilly is a better promo as a heel.

Main Event for the ROH World Television Title

Champion Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini retained his title with a draw against Kyle O’Reilly

Scarlett does the ring entrances and both guys get cheered but Lethal has a lot of boos mixed in as well. They do adhere to the Code of Honor. O’Reilly goes for an armbar right away but Lethal turns it into a pinning attempt. After O’Reilly kicks out, Lethal takes a powder. He goes back in and then rolls out again in true Larry Zbyzko fashion.

O’Reilly takes over by working over Lethal’s head with various headlocks. They do a nice little chain wrestling sequence that ends with O’Reilly having Lethal in another headlock. Corino compares it to Bockwinkle-Robinson. Lethal tries to get out of it with a backbody block but O’Reilly doesn’t let go of the headlock. Corino keeps putting over how much Minnesota loves the headlock but this is the portion of the match where they kind of lost the crowd a bit.

Lethal hits a couple of amrdrags and goes for a cover but O’Reilly grabs another headlock. Lethal fights it off and goes outside the ring and O’Reilly follows him. Lethal whips O’Reilly into the barricade as we go to break.

Back from break and back in the ring with O’Reilly in control again and working over Lethal’s arm to set up the armbar. Lethal fights out but still selling the arm. Kelly is too busy plugging the codeline to explain any of this. Lethal whips O’Reilly hard into the turnbuckle for a two. Lethal hits a suplex and then an upside down surfboard but O’Reilly gets out. O’Reilly turns it around with a leg sweep and a fan shouts out “PUT HIM IN A BODYBAG”. Always love a good Karate Kid reference. O’Reilly tosses Lethal out of the ring but then rolls him right back in. That was kind of pointless.

O’Reilly softening up the head and arm again. Lethal really selling the arm well. O’Reilly gets a rope-assisted armbar. While the ref tries to get him to break the hold, Truth nails O’Reilly with the Book of Truth and O’Reilly falls out of the ring. Lethal follows him and whips him right into the barricade and the Canadian flag. Corino and Kelly put over the fans that came from the 204, or Winnipeg (ME!!!) to see this event.

Lethal pounds on him outside for awhile before throwing him back in the ring. Slam in the centre of the ring and then hits a double axehandle off the top for two as we go to break.

Back from break and Lethal hits a bunch of bodykicks and another legsweep. Three straight butterfly suplexes only get a two for O’Reilly. THIS IS AWESOME chant breaks out. O’Reilly hits a vicious knee to the body and then gets a tight standing guillotine. Lethal gets out of it with the Lethal Combination but only gets two.

THIS IS WRESTLING as Lethal picks up O’Reilly, still selling the arm. He hits a reverse DDT and then goes to the top. He takes too long and O’Reilly recovers and goes for a superplex. Lethal blocks it and then punches O’Reilly off and hits Hail to the King but only gets a two.

O’Reilly turns things around with what Corino calls a Super Divorce Court off the ropes and ends up with Lethal in an armbar. Lethal fights it off and in the process they both end up outside the ring. Fans chant ROH and then start chanting along with ref as he counts them out. Lethal in at 13. Kyle stumbles at 18 but rolls in just after he hits 19.

LETS GO KYLE, LETS GO chants. O’Reilly begging Lethal to slap him so he obliges. They do the yay/boo punch sequence in the center of the ring. O’Reilly gets the betting of it, hitting a couple body kicks. Lethal hits a superkick out of nowhere that knocks O’Reilly into the ropes but he comes off the with the Nigel McGuiness clothesline and then a Brainbuster but only gets two.

O’Reilly then locks in the armbar. Lethal desperately trying to fight out and hits the ropes as Kelly informs us that there’s just three minutes left. Live we had no idea what the time count was. They trade slaps and kicks in the centre of the ring. They then hit a double-clothesline with less than a minute remaining and both are down. Lethal goes for a superkick and misses. He goes for the Lethal Combination but O’Reilly catches him in the armbar at the end of it right in the centre of the ring. Lethal trying to fight it off, Kelly screaming HES GONNA TAP and the bells sounds for the draw. Crowd is NOT HAPPY.

Scarlett announces a draw and the crowd chants FIVE MORE MINUTES. O’Reilly imploring them to continue the chants as we go to break. After a quick break, Lethal’s got a mic in the ring and fans chanting MAN UP. Lethal is not amused with the Briscoes reference. He says he was going to but “they” just ruined it. Kelly explains that this is because of the Briscoe reference.

REACH FOR THE SKY BOY plays and Jay Briscoe comes out and he and Lethal pass in the aisleway, glaring at each other. Briscoe grabs a mic as the fans chant MAN UP again. Briscoe says to hell with five minutes and offers O’Reilly a World title match right now.


Champion Jay Brisoce retained his title with a no contest against Kyle O’Reilly

They adhere to the Code of Honor and Jay Lethal comes out and lays out both guys with belt shots for the no contest. He poses over the fallen body of Jay Briscoe to end the show.