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ROH TV results: Dalton Castle vs. Silas Young in a Fight Without Honor!


In a Fight Without Honor, Dalton Castle and Silas Young collide in their blow-off match on the final installment in a series of Ring of Honor episodes taped from Las Vegas. The presence of NJPW talent continued with Kenny Omega in a match against ACH. Likewise, New Japan regulars challenged for the ROH tag team titles in the opening match.

ROH Tag team champions War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) beat Roppongi Vice (Trent Baretta & Rocky Romero) to retain

Romero wore his Black Tiger mask to the ring. He and Baretta attacked Hanson and Rowe before the bell then dived through the ropes with dual topes. They singled out Rowe and made quick tags while working him over. Rowe quickly made a comeback alongside Hanson and a brawl ensued. War Machine got the better of it before a commercial.

After the break, Romero made a hot tag and springboarded into the ring to run wild including getting a nearfall. Rowe cut him off as he and Hanson attempted to double team Rocky. Making the save, Baretta jumped in and Roppongi Vice shined with several double team combinations that included springboards and double foot stomps.

Roppongi Vice signaled for their Strong Zero finisher but Rowe made the save. He and Hanson powerbombed Baretta and Romero into one other. Moments later, War Machine went for their finisher on Baretta with Hanson having climbed to the top turnbuckle. Rocky made the save to break it up with a springboard hurricanrana on Hanson.

Setting up the finish, Rowe caught Baretta on a flip dive and powerbombed him on to the ring apron. With Barreta incapacitated on the outside, War Machine began to maul Romero. They executed their Fallout finisher and Rowe covered Romero to score the pinfall. Afterwards, the champions called out the Briscoes after Mark and Jay challenged them in a promo from last week.

Donovan Dijak and Prince Nana did a promo in the ring. Nana talked about envelopes and Dijak was wearing a Jay Lethal t-shirt. Dijak talked about his old job in the House of Truth being to protect Lethal. That is over now, and to symbolize that, Dijak took off the Lethal shirt and threw it aside. He also mocked Truth Martini, who he injured in storyline and did a stretcher job several weeks ago. Jay Lethal, flanked by Taeler Hendrix, stormed to the ring to attack Dijak. They had a pull-apart brawl.

Building to the main event for this episode, Dalton Castle cut a promo in a pre-tape. Dalton mentioned he and Silas had many matches. In some he fought to prove his manhood. In others he fought for his boys. On this night, he was fighting to hurt Silas.

Kenny Omega (with the Young Bucks) beat ACH

Omega entered clutching a broom and accompanied by Nick and Matt Jackson. Omega swept his way to the ring and sang karaoke to his theme song. It looks way less wacky in a New Japan setting than it did here. Still, Omega and the Bucks were of course over big with a crowd dotted with Bullet Club apparel. ACH had support from the audience as well. He also held his own the match with Omega.

On commentary, Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling #3 talked about the two participants liking video games and anime. The match they would have was something influenced by both interests as the match had a lot of action. The announcers went on to detail the recent rise of Omega in the New Japan ranks as the match began.

In the opening moments, Omega started to gain the upper hand when ACH did a Thesz Press that led into him spoofing Steve Austin spots. Later in the match, ACH gave Omega a stunner and Omega sold it like The Rock used to sell it for Austin. Before that though, Omega countered an attempted stunner only for ACH to send Kenny flailing about to the outside when doing his “ballin’” spot. ACH dived out to the floor after him. Omega distracted referee Tiger Hattori allowing the Young Bucks to superkick ACH.

With ACH laid out, the Bucks produced a banana peel and claimed to the referee that ACH slipped on it. Since his known as the “The Cleaner” and carries a broom to the ring, Omega swept the banana peel under the ring before a commercial. Following the break, Omega shined up ACH for a comeback.

They also went nip-and-tuck and just as ACH looked to gain the advantage, the Bucks went to distract him. ACH did his wild springboard into a flip dive on to the Bucks. From here, they picked up the pace even further going back-and-forth. Twice ACH went for his Midnight Star splash but Omega would counter. ACH would also counter an attempt by Omega at his finisher. Eventually though, ACH fell victim to the One-Winged Angel and Omega covered him for the pin.

Dalton Castle (with the Boys) beat Silas Young in a Fight Without Honor

While the feud itself involved comedy at times, this match was serious business. Dalton showed a lot of fire and intensity. No elaborate costumes or entrances for Dalton and the Boys. Dalton sent the Boys backstage before the match, though they would later reappear.

Dalton rushed the ring and they began to brawl. After a dive to the outside by Dalton, they begin brawling around ringside. Weapons become involved throughout the match like trash can lids, chairs, a table and a ladder. Just before a commercial break, Dalton jumped off the apron with a flying knee. The violence would soon escalate.

The scene is littered with plunder after the break. Silas gave Dalton a powerbomb on to two folding chairs. Silas began to get heat on Dalton. Shining him up for a comeback, Dalton kicks out of a few nearfalls following an elbow drop off the top by Silas and later a diamond cutter. Silas also applied an STF. Dalton also kicked out after Silas hit his Misery finisher.

In a hope spot, Silas went for his former finisher, the handstand into a springboard moonsault. Dalton moved and Silas went crashing into a ladder with his knee brace slamming hard into the ladder. After regaining the advantage, Silas grabbed a microphone and started cutting a promo on Dalton. As Silas said he wished the Boys were there, the Boys ran in to attack Silas. Dalton fired up.

Silas went for a tope and the Boys threw themselves in his path to protect Dalton. After a hurricanrana on the floor, Dalton did a tope of his own. Dalton used the deadlift German suplex for a nearfall. Silas countered Dalton’s finisher only to take a high back drop sending him sailing over the top rope. He crashed through a table at ringside and it crumbled.

Rolled back into the ring, Silas kicked out for a nearfall. Silas rolled up Dalton after a low bow for another nearfall. Dalton gave Silas the Bang-a-Rang onto chairs piled together and straddled him for the pin. Confetti rained down as Silas slowly rose to his feet to bask in the glory.

On the next episode of ROH TV, highlights from the Honor Rising cards in Japan.