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ROH TV results: Jay Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin vs. Moose


Ring of Honor television from Concord, NC set up two of the top matches at the 14th Anniversary PPV. On this episode, the scheduled TV main event was Jay Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin but Moose was added as an impromptu third paricpant for a triple threat. That followed an announcment of a triple threat match for the upcoming PPV show. Elsewhere, Cedric Alexander and Veda Scott showed their mean streak. Also, the Top Prospect Tournament began. 

While the tournament is usually for showcasing up-and-coming talent, it began this year with someone that is far from a rookie.

Brian Fury beat Shaheem Ali to advance in the Top Prospect Tournament

The backstory to the match was Fury looking for his first big break after years of hard work. Referred to as a 17-year veteran, the story is Fury trained last year’s tournament winner (Donovan Dijak) and also trained Sasha Banks. The star maker was looking to become a star in his journey to recognition.

Shaheem got a lot offense for much of the match until Fury cut him off. He shined him up for a comeback. Shaheem used a gutwrench powerbomb for a nearfall in the ring. Outside the ring a few moments later, Shaheem suplexed Fury on the floor. Shaheem climbed to the top turnbuckle looking to finish him off.

Before Shaheem could dive from the top, a prone Fury grabbed referee Paul Turner’s leg. The commotion caused by Fury and Turner arguing allowed Fury to underhandedly gain the advantage when Shaheem’s attention was diverted. Fury executed a pop-up powerbomb and covered him for the pinfall.

Before the next match, Veda Scott cut an in-ring promo on behalf of Cedric Alexander. She talked about their recent storyline of litigation with ROH. Veda then mentioned the recent upset win a few weeks ago on TV where Jonathan Gresham scored a victory over Cedric. That foreshadowed something coming later, but first Veda issued a challenge.

Veda called Cedric the best in the world and said he deserved to face the biggest and baddest. Enter Cheeseburger to a great reaction. He would answer the challenge.

Cedric Alexander (with Veda Scott) beat Cheesburger

The crowd in attendance loved them some Chesseburger. He got several serval nearfalls and generally ran wild in a short match. Cedric would drop him with a shot but Cheeseburger would fight back. Cheeseburger did a springboard knee drop and signaled for his balm strike finisher. Cedric avoided the strike and went to finish him off. Cedric hoisted up Cheeseburger and delivered a vicious looking falling backbreaker before covering him for the pin.

Afterward, Cedric began mauling Cheeseburger. He put the boots to him and generally began to pummel Cheeseburger while Veda encouraged the beatdown. Jonatan Gresham ran in to make the save and confront Cedric. Veda mocked Gresham and asked if wanted a rematch. Naturally, he did.

Jonathan Gresham beat Cedric Alexander via disqualification

The match was nip-and-tuck with Gresham flustering Cedric after some chain wrestling. On commentary, the announcers put Gresham over strong as he kept out-wrestling Cedric. Gresham went to apply the cobra twist when Veda jumped in the ring and attacked him leading to the DQ.

Much like with Cheeseburger only more viciously this time, Cedric mauled Gresham after the bell. He gave Gresham a falling backbreaker followed by a penalty kick. He did a running dropkick into a corner. At that point, officials rushed into the scene to break up the attack.

Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness was set to announce the main event world title match for the 14th Anniversary PPV show in Las Vegas. Before he could make the announcement, the ROH world champion and his House of Truth joined the proceedings. Jay Lethal came to ring flanked by Truth Martini and Taeler Hendrix. The champ wanted to hear the announcement in person.

Nigel put over Lethal as the champion before mentioning Kyle O’Reilly as a prospective challenger. Lethal cut a promo on O’Reilly and scoffed at the notion saying he already beat him. Nigel said he didn’t let him finish. Though O’Reilly was a contender according to Nigel, he admitted that Kyle was beaten by Adam Cole. So, Cole came out to join the festivities.

Cole began talking about beating O’Reilly then he turned his attention to Lethal. Cole said Lethal has never beaten him as champion. Cole predicted he would win the title at the 14th Anniversary. Once again, Nigel interrupted to say he hadn’t finished yet.

Though Cole was the number one contender, Nigel called O’Reilly a credible contender who also wanted a fight with Cole. Therefore, Nigel made a triple threat match for the PPV main event with Lethal vs. Cole vs. O’Reilly.

Kyle O’Reilly marched to ring to confront his future opponents. Cole bailed out and wanted nothing to do with a confrontation. A fired up O’Reilly said the match in Vegas was great and all but he couldn’t wait until then. He wanted a fight right then and there in North Carolina. So, Nigel made a match for next week with Lethal & Cole vs. reDRagon.

In a backstage promo, Silas Young addressed the recent situation with The Boys leaving to rejoin Dalton Castle. He talked about his time trying to make the boys into men. He said Castle manipulated The Boys into coming back to him and “living the way you live.” Silas said he was giving The Boys one chance to return to his side or they would be sorry.

Before the main event, Mark Briscoe joined in on commentary for what was originally set as Jay Briscoe vs. Michael Elgin. However, Stokely Hathaway and Moose interrupted. Stokely informed everyone the scheduled match between Elgin and Briscoe had changed. Moose would be joining them making it a triple threat match.

Jay Briscoe (with Mark Briscoe) won a triple threat match over Michael Elgin and Moose (with Stokely Hathaway)

Of course this was bedlam yet it was well structured chaos. Big Mike did a flip dive to the outside before squaring off with Jay with Moose briefly incapacitated. Moose recovered to partake in the action with some combo moves involving all three participants. Then, Moose and Elgin squared off for a bit before Moose and Briscoe started slugging it out.

After a commercial break, they went into a highspot involving all three. Moose went for a superplex with Jay perched on the top turnbuckle. Big Mike did a sunset flip into a powerbomb on Moose while he was suplexing Jay as they all crashed down to the mat.

With Briscoe down selling, Elgin and Moose fought until Elgin gave him a deadlift powerbomb for a nearfall. Jay broke up the pin attempt and started to clean house. Elgin fought back until Briscoe cut him off and delivered a death valley driver for a nearfall.

Moose speared Briscoe and Jay rolled out of the ring so Moose and Elgin could trade strikes. Moose got a nearfall with a pop-up clothesline. Moose signaled for a spear but Elgin leapfrogged him and Moose hit the ringpost. Briscoe hit Elgin with a superkick only for Jay to eat a clothesline in return. For the finish, Elgin was cleaning house when he dropped Moose with a roaring elbow. Briscoe dodged a roaring elbow and countered with a backslide on Elgin to score the pinfall.

Following the match, Big Mike got on the mic to address Jay. He said they were tied one apiece in one-on-one matches between each other. Elgin noted that on this night it took both Jay and Moose to beat him.

Elgin talked about Mark supporting Jay because they are brothers. Big Mike used that to transition into announcing himself teaming with Hiroshi Tanahashi in a match against the Briscoes at 14th Anniversary.

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