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ROH TV results: Jay Lethal & Adam Cole vs. reDRagon


We're in Concord, NC (outside Charlotte) with a TV main event featuring ROH World Champion Jay Lethal teaming with one of his upcoming challengers at the PPV in Las Vegas, Adam Cole, to face another one of his challengers in Vegas, Kyle O'Reilly, alongside his reDRagon teammate, Bobby Fish. Fish himself appears elsewhere on the show to troll Roderick Strong after the TV champion defends his title against Masada. In addition, more drama ensues between BJ Whitmer and Mr. Wrestling #3 following a first round match in the Top Prospect Tournament.

ROH TV Champion Roderick Strong beat Masada to retain

Continuing the theme of Roddy vs. the world, this installment featured a challenger described on commentary as a Japanese deathmatch wrestler, though he was not from Japan. Rather, he was from Waco, Texas. Seemingly because of his style, the match was under “relaxed rules” and the announcers speculated on whether Masada would actually adhere to any rules at all.

Early on, they kept it fairly technical with some grappling. Eventually, the action spilled outside the ring and they began brawling at ringside. At one point, Strong suplexed Masada onto the ring apron. After a commercial break, they traded nearfalls and each teased a submission. Roddy went to apply his Stronghold (Boston crab) but Masada escaped and moments later applied a cross armbreaker. When Roddy got a rope break, Masada reached into a pocket on his shorts and pulled out bamboo sticks.

They fought over the sticks before Masada took them out of their pouch leaving many of them scattered on the mat. He clutched several in his hand surely with the intent to stab Roderick. The rules were indeed relaxed if stabbing with jaggedly pointed sticks is permitted. No actual stabbing took place as Roddy kicked free only to get powerbombed for a nearfall. Out of nowhere, Roddy leapt up to deliver a jumping knee and covered Masada for the pinfall.  

Afterwards, Bobby Fish strolled to the ring to troll Roderick. Fish called him out for not giving him a rematch for the TV title. The backstory is Fish wants a rematch because of a disputed finish in their previous match where Roddy tapped out only for him to emerge victorious. On TV, Fish continuously keeps trolling Strong about it.

Strong told Lethal he could not handle losing and called him an “older gentlemen” who was in the twilight of his career. They bickered and argued then Roderick told Bobby to get out of his ring before throwing the microphone at him. 

Despite telling him to leave, Strong himself stormed off like a chickenshit heel. Regardless of that, Fish just kept cutting a promo on Strong. In doing so, Bobby talked about his patience.

“At this time,” Fish said glancing at his wristwatch, “I’ve no place better to be than up in your face.”

With that, Fish left presumably to get back in the face of Strong.

Punisher Martinez beat Colby Corino (with BJ Whitmer) to advance in the Top Prospect Tournament

Besides being a first round tournament match, an underlining story in the match was the father and son dynamic with Colby and Steve Corino, who was again under a mask on commentary as Mr. Wrestling #3. Of course, BJ Whitmer has an ongoing issue with Steve Corino and wants him to unmask to reveal his identity.

In the match, Punisher pummeled Colby. Colby got a comeback and ran wild with some springboards and a cool twisting elbow drop. One springboard off the top rope was into a flip dive on to Punisher at ringside. With them on the outside, Punisher lifted Colby over his head and gave him a powerbomb on to the edge of the ring (*ouch*). Back in the ring seconds later, Punisher executed a sit-out chokeslam to finish off Colby and cover him for the pin.

Following the match, BJ told Colby he did good. Then, he ordered him to tell his father to take his mask off. So, Colby hollered at his dad to unmask. Unrelenting, Mr. Wrestling #3 would not remove his mask. BJ accused Steve Corino of abandoning Colby and his mother to start a new family. BJ told him that Colby’s father did not love him. Despite the insults, an unrelenting Mr. Wrestling #3 remained under the hood.

BJ went to tell Colby he could forgive him sneaking away to call his dad on Christmas. However, he could not forgive the sins of the father. BJ snatched up Colby and delivered a series of sulpexes. With Colby laid out in a heap, Whitmer confronted Mr. Wrestling #3 and gets in his face. BJ tells him he sacrificed his son to save himself.

After a commercial break, Nigel McGuinness joins Kevin Kelly on commentary as Mr. Wrestling #3 left ringside after the drama in the previous segment.

reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) beat ROH World Champion Jay Lethal (with Truth Martini & Taeler Hendrix) & Adam Cole

At the outset, Lethal starts with O’Reilly, who wants Cole in the match. Lethal tags Cole, but he almost immediately tagged himself out to avoid locking up with O’Reilly. As reDRagon took control, they proverbially cut the ring in half in working over Lethal. Later on after Cole tagged in, Lethal whipped Fish into the guardrail so he and Cole could gain an advantage.

Lethal and Cole got heat on Fish as they kept him on their side of the ring. Cole briefly taunted his tag partner since they are scheduled as opponents at 14th Anniversary. Eventually, Fish scrambled for a hot tag and O’Reilly ran wild. O’Reilly was all over the place including doing a tilt-a-whirl into a tornado DDT. O’Reilly applied the cross armbreaker on Lethal but Cole made the save.

With O’Reilly down, Cole finally got in the ring with him to help Lethal double team. O’Reilly lowbridged the top rope sending Cole out to the floor where Fish speared him into the guardrail. Back to the ring, reDRagon unleashed a series of moves on Lethal. They brought forth the Two-Man Smash Machine and delivered Ax and Smash for a nearfall. Fish and O’Reilly collided into each other. Lethal and Cole began trying to turn the tide.

Setting up a nearfall, Lethal executes a Lethal Combination on Fish whilst Cole simultaneously superkicked him. Cole hits a shining wizard and Lethal attempted a cover. Fish kicks out at two just before a commercial break.

Lethal and Fish slugged it out after the break. Then the hated rivals, Cole and O’Reilly, squared off and exchanged strikes. The fighting spirit flowed in a flurry of moves. In the melee, O’Reilly nailed Lethal with a lariat only to get caught with a superkick from Cole. Fish stepped in to give Cole an exploder suplex sending him upside down into the turnbuckles.

For the finish, Lethal went for a Lethal Injection and caught his tag partner Cole with it instead of his intended target. Fish and O’Reilly clotheslined Lethal over the top rope to the floor. After reDRagon finished off Cole with Chasing the Dragon, O’Reilly covered Cole to score the deciding pinfall.

Ringside photo from the main event at the TV taping in North Carolina via @thejmoskee