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ROH TV results: Matt Sydal vs. Adam Cole; Top Prospect tourney semi-finals

Ring of Honor TV

In this Ring of Honor television episode from Nashville, the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament takes shape. Elsewhere, Silas Young and his only friend, the Beer City Bruiser, manhandled the Boys. Plus, Adam Cole and Matt Sydal have a heckuva match in the TV main event.

As Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser, with his keg in tow, marched to ring they were attacked by Dalton Castle. He stormed into the ring and cleaned house. Security lead him away as he shouted encouragement to the boys.

Silas cut a promo on the Boys about his efforts to teach them about being men. The crowd in attendance chanted for the Boys. He ran them down and said they would never be men like himself and the Bruiser. Silas was so confident he vowed to put his career on the line in an impromptu stipulation. If the Boys beat them in the next match, he vowed to leave wrestling.

Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser beat the Boys

The Boys were manhandled through much of the match. The size difference was the story for much of the match. The Boys got some hope spots and one boy ran wild after a hot tag. Bruiser dove off the top rope with a splash to no avail. The Boys got a nearfall. One boy did a dive to the outside while another did a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Eventually though, Silas and Brusier cut off the comeback and trapped them in a corner for a flurry of moves that include a Beer City cannonball. Silas mercifully covered one boy to score the pinfall.

Afterwards, Dalton ran in to save the Boys. He received a beat down took a wicked landing on a Samoan drop from the Bruiser. The crowd chanted for Castle as he eventually got to his feet.

Backstage, Adam Cole cut a promo on his match later in the show with Matt Sydal.

Brian Fury beat Action Ortiz to advance to the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament

Ortiz was on the offensive most of the way. He even did a big dive over the ropes to the floor. For the finish, Ortiz punched Fury and as Fury went took a flat back bump he lifted his leg to kick Ortiz in the groin, supposedly by accident. From there, Fury used a pop-up powerbomb and covered him for the pin.

In a post-match interview by Kevin Kelly, Fury says it doesn’t matter who he faces in the finals. He vowed to win.

Lio Rush beat Punisher Martinez to advance to the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament

Rush was the underdog as Martinez kept cutting him off and doing power moves. Martinez was getting the better of most exchanges though Rush did battle back with a wild dive off the top. Rush was making a comeback but Martinez cut him off again for a nearfall. Martinez went for a chokeslam off the top when Rush countered into a Spanish fly of sorts to score the pinfall and advance.

A confident Rush cut a promo in an interview afterwards. He warned Fury to be ready to feel the rush.

Matt Sydal beat Adam Cole

This was good TV main event. Early on, Adam Cole did his BAY-BAY catchphrase and pose. While doing so, Sydal jokingly gave him a high five. From there, they had a solid match. Sydal displayed his athleticism and Cole displayed his mat work. This was all good and it got really good in the later stages with counters and high impact moves. Sydal won with a shooting star press off the top for the pin.