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ROH TV results: War Machine vs. ANX in a wild tag team titles match

ROH TV tag match

Ring of Honor television from Concord, NC (outside Charlotte) featured a wild tag team titles match with a technicality keeping the champions from finishing off their prey. Elsewhere, the self-described last of the real men and his only real friend attack two boys and their mentor. In addition, Chris Sabin pretends to not know Alex Shelley despite their past.

Alex Shelley beat Frankie Kazarian (with Chris Sabin)

The backstory of this match included Kazarian’s tag partner, Christopher Daniels, being suspended weeks ago on TV for assaulting a referee. Likewise, Chris Sabin joined Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness  on commentary. Of course, Sabin teamed for years with Alex Shelley. Sabin on commentary acted as if he vaguely knew Shelley like they never teamed at all.

Sabin caused a distraction at the outset of the match allowing Kazarian to sneak attack Shelley. Nevertheless, Shelley quickly recovered to send Kazarian reeling and begging off. Eventually, Kazarian maneuvered referee Todd Sinclair into the path of an oncoming charge by Shelley. The referee escaped harm yet Kazarian used the distraction to gain the upper hand.

At some point, the voice of Steve Corino via phone interrupted the announcers. Corino said he and someone on behalf of himself will confront BJ Whitmer very soon in person. 

Back to the match where Kazarian worked over Shelley for some time until he missed a legdrop off the top when Shelley rolled away. After a comeback by Shelley, Kazarian rolled through on a flying crossbody and cut him off with a swinging neckbreaker. Moments later, Shelley dove off the middle rope and Kazarian caught him with a diamond cutter. Kazarian then spiked him into the mat with a reverse STO for a false finish.

For the actual finish, Kazarian grabbed the timekeeper’s hammer used to ring the bell, which was previously used in the recent angle leading to Daniels’ storyline suspension. Shelley took the hammer from Kazarian and teased hitting Kazarian only to toss it towards Sabin, who was standing on the apron by this point. Shelley did a superkick then executed sliced bread for the pinfall.

Dalton Castle (with The Boys) beat Joey “Diesel” Daddiego (with Truth Martini)

Dalton strutted around and flustered Daddiego. At one point after Daddiego cut off Castle, Truth Martini jumped into the ring and did a spinarooni. As he gloated and tried to do a moonwalk, The Boys held the ropes open to trip him and Martini spilled to the outside. Nevertheless, his charge, Daddiego, took over on offense. Rather quickly, Dalton made a comeback to run wild. Castle finished him off with the "Bang-o-Rang" for the pinfall.

Afterwards, Silas Young marched his way to the ring with a microphone calling The Boys by their given names of Brent and Brenden. With everyone paying attention to Silas, the Beer City Bruiser grabbed The Boys. Silas stormed the ring and attacked Dalton, leaving him laying prone after Silas spun him around for his “Misery” finisher. Silas addressed The Boys and gave them a choice to learn and become men or stay boys.

The Boys responded by attacking Silas and the Bruiser. However, the might of the real men was too much for the boys. Silas and Bruiser flung them around the ring before throwing them out to the floor. Silas and the Bruiser then continued the beat down on Dalton and inflected further damage. Besides furthering the feud between Dalton and Silas, this attack sets up an upcoming TV tag team match with Silas & Beer City Bruiser vs. The Boys. 

Action Ortiz beat Leon St. Giovanni to advance in the Top Prospect Tournament

This was very indie. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing. Still, there were a lot of moves with one-after-another. Action Ortiz wore a skeleton bodysuit so he had that going for him. Plus, he could move around and fly well for his size. He finished off St. Giovanni with a modified exploder suplex for the pin.

Stokely Hathaway enters the ringside area to cut a promo on behalf of Moose. For the 14th Anniversary, Hathaway made a challenge that suggested Moose vs. IWGP heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada. That is the first time that match is mentioned on TV although it was reported as scheduled to take place on the PPV for some time.

ANX (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) beat ROH Tag Team Champions War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) via disqualification

The match started like a Road Warriors squash with War Machine manhandling ANX. Even through a commercial break, War Machine mostly stayed on the offensive. If they were on the defensive, their counters were offensive maneuvers like clubbing, suplexing and general pummeling. ANX would use their speed to escape the clutches of doom only to get knocked down again.

Titus got a hot tag after several minutes of War Machine mauling Kenny. Titus tried a plancha to the outside but he was caught and slammed into the guardrail. Then, Kenny was slammed into the guardrails. They all get slammed into the guardrails. A table ends up in play when the action returns to the ring but beforehand comes a referee bump. Rowe charged towards Kenny in a corner as Kenny maneuvered ref Paul Tunrer into Rowe’s path. With the ref down, the table came into play.

Rowe was about to be driven into the table by ANX when he countered by putting Kenny through the table. However, the referee recovered enough by this point to see Rowe putting him through a table so he signaled for the DQ. Though not announced on this episode, this all leads to a no-DQ match between the two teams for the tag titles at 14th Anniversary.

On the next episode of ROH: Young Bucks vs. ACH & Matt Sydal!