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ROH TV results: Young Bucks, Addiction, reDRagon, BRUTAL BOB in tag gauntlet action

Tag Gauntlet

Ring of Honor television with the final installment in the series if episodes taped in Nashville featured a tag team gauntlet match to determine number one contenders for the tag titles. The gauntlet took up most all of the episode and ended with an upset.

reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) beat Caprice Coleman & Will Ferrera to advance in the gauntlet

Ferrera and O’Reilly started the match were nip-and-tuck until O’Reilly took over on Ferrera. Fish and O’Reilly proverbially cut the ring in half and worked over Ferrera, who begins bleeding from the mouth at one point. Despite some close nearfalls on Ferrera, reDRagon could not quite finish him off. He escaped their clutches and made a hot tag. Coleman runs wild with his unique offense like a pieface into a STO and tilt-a-whirls around the ringpost into dropkicks plus dives. Ferrera gets in on the diving too.

Eventually, reDRagon cut them off while showcasing their double team moveset. Fish goes for a cross armbreaker but Ferrera momentarily escaped only to get caught in a kneebar. Coleman tried to make the save but O’Reilly trapped him in a guillotine. Ferrera tapped out to give reDRagon the win via submission.

Before the next match in the gauntlet, Truth Martini cuts a promo on the stage while he was flanked by Joey Daddiego and Chris LeRusso. Martini was quick to put LeRusso in his place as the lackey. He also noted this was an audition for LeRusso as a prospect for the House of Truth. Since Donovan Dijak quit the HOT and left the stable, Martini is looking at LeRusso as a replacement so the HOT can finally win tag team gold and whatnot. Martini mentioned LeRusso was a lawyer and a supposed expert in martial arts.

reDRagon beat Joey Daddiego & Chris LeRusso to advance in the gauntlet

Fish and O’Reilly were squashing LeRusso when Daddiego cheated to make a save so he could tag in. Daddiego throws hands because he’s a boxer. Plus, he does some power moves. LeRusso inadvertently kicked Daddiego so Truth Martini gives the thumbs down. Daddiego leaves LeRusso hanging on a tag. O’Reilly finished off LeRusso and sunk in the guillotine. LeRusso tapped out for the submission and reDRagon advanced to the next match.

As LeRusso made his exit, he is dropped with a superkick in the aisle if that is any indication who the next entrants would be.

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) beat reDRagon to advance in the gauntlet

The teams squared off, shoved each other and then the Bucks did a crotch chop starting a slugfest. From there, business picked up with wild and crazy spots all over the place in typical Young Bucks fashion. Notably, they held off on the superkicks until the later stages of this match. When they finally went for a double superkick, O’Reilly countered their attempt. Moments later, O’Reilly fell victim to a double superkick followed by More Bang For Your Buck. Matt covered Kyle for the pinfall and the Young Bucks advanced.

Young Bucks beat Brutal Bob Evans & Tim Hughes

This is where the superkick party really started. There was some entertaining stalling then the Bucks superkicked Brutal Bob and Hughes on the outside. Hughes did execute a delayed sidewalk slam only to get superkicked again. Brutal Bob kicked Nick and Matt in the shins then he got laid out with a superkick. Matt draped Hughes in the ropes and Nick dived off the top with a senton bomb for the pinfall.

As the theme song for the Addiction played to introduce them as the next team to enter the gauntlet, the Bucks faced the stage looking ready for a fight. Behind them, Christopher Daniels & Kazarian hopped the guardrail and attacked Nick and Matt before the bell.

Young Bucks beat the Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

Before the superkick party could continue, the Addiction pummeled the Bucks. They even mocked their pose. Daniels and Kazarian began to get heat on Nick when Matt superkicked Kazarian. Matt then superkicked Daniels. Nick flipped over into cover and pinned Daniels to advance the Bucks to the final match in the gauntlet.

Daniels and Kazarian attacked the Bucks after the bell. They kept attacking them until Roppongi Vice ran to make the save. They cleaned house to set up themselves being the next and final entrants in the gauntlet.

Roppongi Vice (Baretta & Rocky Romero) beat Young Bucks

Setting up Roppongi Vice as top contenders and playing off the Bucks just being attacked, Baretta and Romero took a lot of the offense in the first half of the match. The Young Bucks mount a comeback just before a commercial including a moonsault off the top to the floor from Matt. After the break, the action really begins to pick up with them teasing finishers, countering finishers and general Bucks bedlam.

So much happened in the closing minutes it is hard to describe. Eventually, Matt is given the Strong Zero finisher and pinning. Roppongi Vice win the gauntlet and earn a tag team title shot, persuamanly against War Machine or whomever the champions are at that time.

The show closed with hype for the upcoming weeks of TV that feature talent from New Japan Pro Wrestling. To wet the viewer’s appetite, the conclusion of a tag match from last year aired that featured the Briscoes vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Kazuchika Okada.