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ROH Warwick, RI, live results: Briscoes vs. reDRagon vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Briscoe Brothers

Submitted by James Brown

- Taeler Hendrix defeated Sumie Sakai

- Dalton Castle (with The Boys who weren't the real Boys) defeated Kongo with a bridging German Suplex. 

- Donovan Dijak (with Prince Nana) defeated Jay "Diesel" Daddiego (with Taeler Hendrix) with Feast Your Eyes. Solid performance by Dijak. Hendrix got on the apron and tried to get involved at the finish.  With Dijak distracted, Diesel tried to attack him but he accidentally punched Hendrix to the floor. 

- Lio Rush defeated Christopher Daniels by dq. A fan ringside was jawing with Daniels that got his attention during this bout. Kazarian ran out as Rush climbed to the top rope for the DQ.  The Addiction continued to assault Rush, before Moose made the save. This led to...

- Moose (with Stokely Hathaway)  & Lio Rush defeated The Addiction.  Moose is a star and the crowd loved chanting "MOOSE" repeatedly, especially during his punch sequence. Moose hit the spear followed by a Rush frog splash for the win. Good tag team match. Post-match, Addiction attacked Rush & Moose and hit their new Meltzer Driver.  This brought out the Young Bucks to make the save as Daniels and Kaz fled. Bucks pop was gigantic.

- ROH World Champion Jay Lethal (with Taeler Hendrix) defeated Vinny Marseglia with the Lethal Injection. Lethal was good, but no one believed Vinny had a chance.  Rightfully so. Vinny is tattooed with a physique similar to one CM Punk.  Of course, the crowd realized the similarities which caused those annoying Punk chants. Post-match activities again with House of Truth teeing off on Marseglia until Dijak ran down and made a statement. Dijak ended up hitting Feast Your Eyes on Lethal to a massive pop, before standing over his nemesis and posing with the ROH World Title. Great segment!


- Veda Scott defeated Mandy Leon and Jenny Rose. Veda looked impressive with Mandy coming along quite nicely.

- Silas Young defeated Delirious with his version of the TKO. Delirious was an unexpected surprise as was his verbal developments.  Silas cut a very good promo before the match, running down the booking, Delirious, and Cheeseburger.  Along the way, Delirious while on the outside went under the ring only to re-appear as Cheeseburger with a mask.  Crowd loved that.

- The Young Bucks defeated The All Night Express with the Meltzer Driver.  Match of the night. The Bucks looked great as did their broom they brought to ringside. Superkick Party led to the finish. Post-match, The Addiction hit the ring and double teamed The Bucks with ANX.  Moose made the save, joined the Superkick Party, cleaned house, ending with him and The Bucks super kicking Kazarian.  

- ACH defeated Kamaitachi with the 450 splash.  I may sound greedy, but I expected a little more out of this. Nonetheless, this was a very good match. Kamaitachi hit his top rope senton to the outside on a standing ACH, along with another high risk spot that I could not quite see.  Appeared to be a double foot stomp, but I could be wrong.  

- The Briscoes defeated Motor City Machine Guns and reDRagon in a three-way. Briscoes with the win set up their chance to regain the Tag Titles vs War Machine (absent from this show as they were overseas). Sabin looked good.  

ROH returns to New England Friday 9/30 for the All Star Extravaganza PPV and 10/1 for TV tapings featuring New Japan!  These shows will run approximately 90 minutes north of West Warwick, RI at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium.