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ROH Final Battle live results: Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Welcome to our live coverage of Final Battle as Ring of Honor presents its biggest show of the year from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Kenny King, Rhett Titus & Caprice Coleman defeated Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley & Donovan Dijak

The former Cabinet is now a heel stable called "The Rebellion". They won after a trifecta of finishers including King using a stunner of sorts, Coleman with a Sky Splitter (guillotine legdrop) and Titus hitting a Big Dawg (frog) splash on Sabin to cover him for the pin. The babyface team did their own trifecta of finishers on Titus earlier in the match, but King made the save to break up the pin. Dijak really shined by design. He kept breaking out big moves and was laying folks out. He even did a springboard flip dive to the outside, and the crowd erupted with "holy ****" chants. 

Silas Young (w/ Beer City Bruiser) defeated Jushin Liger

Silas with a big win pinning Liger after delivering Misery. Liger was running wild when he went for a splash off the top. Silas got his knees up to counter before hitting his finisher. Liger is seemingly timeless nonetheless. Kevin Kelly described the pacing as "rugged", which might mean old school as it was that indeed.

Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) defeated Colt Cabana

Castle literally arrived via chariot. To win, Castle delivered a Bang-a-Rang and pinned Cabana. Cabana kicked out of a first attempt late in the match. Castle was over like a rock star in a heated encounter. Just a hint of comedy in an overall seriously competitive match. This was splendid entertainment.

(Photo: ROH)

Cody (Rhodes) defeated Jay Lethal

Big entrance for Cody with Brandi introducing him. The Addiction strolled to the ring before the match could began. Kazarian and Christopher Daniels wanted to cut a promo. Daniels mentioned Dusty Rhodes before basically telling Cody that he now has to prove himself in ROH. The Addiction would go on to provide guest commentary.

Cody went heel in the finish when he kicked Lethal with a low blow and executed Crossroads for the pinfall. Cody offered a handshake afterwards, but instead hit Lethal with a cheap shot. Cody went on to flip over a ringside table, steal a drink from a fan and then throw it at the referee. They settled into a quick pace and kept it up from there for the most part. The match soon got lively before long when Cody and Jay turned things up a notch. The crowd they adored heel Cody by the time he went to leave. But first, Cody was far from done at being a heel.

After the match, Cody went over to the announce desk and shoved down Steve Corino. After taking a bump, Corino got up fighting mad. Cody had already bailed though as The Addiction tried to calm down Corino.

Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & TK O'Ryan defeated Lio Rush, Jay White & KUSHIDA to win the six-man championship

The Kingdom became the first ever ROH six-man champions in this tournament final. Taven pinned Rush after his charges assisted him with in delivering a powerbomb. This was wild and everybody got to shine. Dives and lots of high flying galore.

The show has more than delivered so far.

Bobby Fish is not at the show due to a family emergency. 

Therefore, the World TV title match is now a three-way instead of a four corner match. 

Marty Scrull defeated Will Ospreay & Dragon Lee to retain the World TV Championship

Just when you think things couldn't get any better, these three come out and proceed to tear the house down. This was quite the spectacle and a tremendous match. Scurll submitted Drgaon Lee with the chicken wing. Words cannot do justice to the action seen in this one.

The Young Bucks defeated The Briscoes to retain the World Tag Team Championship

They had a tough job trying to follow the TV title match, but they sure succeeded. Nick and Matt Jackson hit a flurry of repeated superkicks before they both pinned Mark and Jay Briscoe. There were all the superkicks of course, and so much more. Great near falls with Briscoes hitting all of their finishers on Matt Jackson. He kept kicking out. The Briscoes each kept saving each other to break up pinning attempts. Some crazy good stuff. But wait there's more...

The lights went dark and MATT HARDY appeared on the screen! He and Brother Nero are headed to ROH so that they "can render you ramshackle rednecks and you spot monkeys OBSOLETE..." Matt vowed to delete The Bucks title reign. The crowd exploded at the suprise appearance and chanted "DELETE DELETE DELETE!"

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Adam Cole to win the ROH World Championship

O'Reiily won his first ROH World title after submitting Cole with an armbar in a bloodbath. They closed the show with a wild brawl, making it a no DQ match. Cole hit O'Reilly with a belt shot and O'Reilly got color. Cole smashed O'Reilly with a trash can followed by chair shots. O'Reilly still fired up moments later. After setting a table up in the ring, they came crashing down through it when O'Reilly gave Cole a back suplex off the top. Hovering over another table at ringside, they fought on the apron. O'Reilly applied a guillotine choke with a body scissors and they fell backwards, with O'Reilly DDT'ing Cole through the ringside table. Cole got color. O'Reilly got a chain. Moments later, Cole brought out a bag of thumbtacks and emptied the tacks onto the mat. O'Reilly countered a fireman's carry and applied a guillotine, then transitioned into a triangle choke. To counter the submission, Cole hoisted him into a powerbomb on the tacks. O'Reilly blocked a superkick and dropped Cole with a brainbuster on the tacks. Cole kicked out on a pin attempt and O'Reilly transitioned into an armbar. With O'Reilly applying the armbar and kicking Cole across the face as both lay on the tacks, Cole eventually tapped out for the submission.

O'Reilly celebrated in the ring with the title as streamers fell around him. Cary Silkin came into the ring to congratulate him. With a new world champion crowned, a great show drew to a close.

(Photo from Larry Legend)