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ROH TV results: The Briscoes & Bully Ray challenge The Kingdom

Synopsis --

Bully Ray teamed with Mark & Jay Briscoe to challenge The Kingdom for their six-man tag titles. Hanson and Punishment Martinez battled in a singles match with tag team implications. And a semifinal match set the stage for the conclusion of the Top Prospect Tournament.

Also, “Story time with Adam Cole” turned solemn and the Bullet Club retaliated against Frankie Kazarian.

Where to watch --

Airing this past weekend in syndication, the episode is available this week via the FITE TV app before airing on Wednesday at midnight ET on Comet TV, including on that channel’s free online live stream. The episode is also available on the official ROH website to watch for free on Thursday. Check local listings for availability.

Show recap --

The show opened with Mark and Jay Briscoe reflecting on the debut of Bully Ray in ROH where he joined up with “Dem Boys” to form a team. In the main event of this show, they challenge The Kingdom for the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

Damien “Punishment” Martinez defeated Hanson

These two were recently in a short tag team feud that produced some wild brawls. They picked up where they left off here by brawling at the outset of a mean guy match.

Though the match was good enough, annoying noises (and these weren’t just cheers or boos) from a portion of the crowd were so audible it made the first half of the match almost unbearable to watch. The second half of the match after the first commercial break was much more pleasant as the noises stopped.

The brawling gave way to them trading near falls down the stretch. Hanson kept countering Martinez when he attempted a chokeslam. Not necessarily breaking news, but Hanson can fly like a cruiserweight. He did springboards and such. Not to be outdone, Martinez ran and leapt over the ropes into a dive to the outside.

In the closing moments, Hanson climbed the ropes looking to finish off Martinez with a high flying move off the top. Suddenly, Davey Boy Smith Jr. walked onstage to cause a distraction. Hanson turned his attention to Davey Boy, allowing Martinez to capitalize and execute his South of Heaven chokeslam for the pinfall.

Recapping events from the 15th Anniversary Show, footage of TK O’Ryan smashing his leg into a guardrail showed the injury that led to him being sidelined for some time to come. Thusly, the six-man tag later in the show will include a substitute for The Kingdom to defend the titles.

After the recap of the severe injury to O’Ryan, Silas Young cut a promo hyping a house show. That was ironic as he would go on to replace O’Ryan in the main event of this TV show.

In his promo, Silas promoted the “ROH Unauthorized” show in Milwaukee. As the tagline indicates, the show will be more edgy as all the matches are “unsanctioned” so anything goes. Silas vowed to fight a lot and drink lots of beer.

In an angle, Hangman Page attacked Frankie Kazarian in a parking garage. The Bullet Club were retaliating on Kazarian for swerving them. Page jumped Kazarian as an unknown associate filmed the sneak attack.

Grabbing a rope, Page went to presumably put a noose around Kazarian’s neck when a bystander wandered onto the scene off camera. Bullet Club then fled the scene.

John Skyler defeated Curt Stallion and advanced to the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament

Taped during “Manhattan Mayhem” from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, Brutal Bob Evans provided guest commentary for this semifinal match of the tournament.

Both Stallion and Skyler worked hard trying to have as exciting a match as possible. They were doing just that when Stallion wiped out on a dive through the ropes. Skyler sidestepped and Stallion crashed onto the floor just before a commercial break. The match continued and they kept working hard. God only knows how as Stallion took quite a bump on the outside.

They set a quick pace and continued it throughout most of the match. For the finish, Stallion went for a Frankensteiner as they were perched on the top turnbuckle. Skyler blocked it to deliver his finisher, Southern Salvation. Skyler pinned Stallion to advance towards the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament.

Adam Cole somewhat tried to repair ill will in the Superkliq subfaction of the Bullet Club. In a solemn promo, Cole pleaded with The Young Bucks for them all to reconcile their differences. Ever the heel, Cole never totally admitted his own fault nor did he take any blame for their issues.

The Briscoes & Bully Ray defeated The Kingdom & Silas Young to win the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

A backstage skit showed Silas Young making his proposal to The Kingdom for himself to sub in exchange for his own team getting a future title shot. Though everyone agreed to him being the replacement, tension clearly existed within the group from the beginning.

That would play into the story of the match. Young even argued with both Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia in the ring before things got started.

As Young argued with The Kingdom, Bully Ray interrupted them to introduce himself and The Briscoes. Then they jumped the heels before the bell and cleaned house.

Marseglia was getting bullied by Bully Ray when he cut him off. The Briscoes pummeled Marseglia for doing such. Taven and Young interfered to crotch Jay Briscoe on a ring post, turning the tide for The Kingdom.

The heels worked over Jay until a hot tag to brother Mark. As Mark began to run wild, The Kingdom cut him off. Young tried to steal a cover from The Kingdom. Taven and Young begin to argue when a babyface tag brought in Bully Ray to clean house.

Both Briscoes lifted Marseglia for Bully Ray to deliver the 3D. Bully Ray then pinned Marseglia to capture the ROH World Six-Man Championship.