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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Tag team action

Location: Baltimore, Maryland 

The Big Takeaway --

Three upcoming competitors in the ROH Women’s World Championship tournament got a chance to shine in a tag team bout, while another Ticket to Gold was given to another deserving wrestler.


Miranda Alize & Sumie Sakai defeated Trish Adora & Mazzerati

Sakai and Adora started off this tag bout. Sakai tried a test of strength, but Adora had about a foot in height on her. Sakai stomped on Adora’s foot and both women tagged out.

Mazzerati and Alize came in. Alize did a few arm drags and followed with a great headscissors/pinning combination, but it wasn’t enough to put away Mazzerati. Alize and Sakai did a couple of good double-team maneuvers. They have pretty good chemistry despite never teaming together. 

Mazzerati was able to get some offense in after Sakai missed a top rope crossbody, eventually leading to a tag out to a fresh Adora. Adora hit a great standing suplex and followed it up with the Cattle Mutilation submission. You almost never see those anymore, and Adora was really good on the bridge. 

Adora hit a German suplex, but Sakai kipped up immediately and retaliated with the same move. Both women were down with their partners reaching for tags. The hot tags were made, and Alize came in and sent both Adora and Mazzerati to the corner. She then hit a nasty running dropkick on both women.

The pace picked up in a big way at this point, with competitors flying all over the place. Sakai hit another German suplex and Alize flew over her head to attempt a stack-up pin. Mazzerati tried to pin Alize after a DDT a few moments later, but Sakai hit a rolling neckbreaker on Mazzerati to break it up. 

In the final moments of the match, Alize and Mazzerati were trading moves on the inside of the ring while Adora and Sakai were fighting on the outside. Alize was eventually able to cinch in her Miranda Rights crossface submission, to which Mazzerati submitted to. 

After the match, Max The Impaler jumped all four women from behind. Max then attacked the timekeeper and hit The Impaler on her.

Amy Rose came out after and clapped her way down to the ring. She invited Max to go with her backstage. 


Ticket to Gold: Vita VonStarr

Vita VonStarr and Bateman approached Maria Kanellis-Bennett backstage. Bateman vouched for VonStarr to get an opportunity in the ROH Women's World Championship tournament, since Kanellis-Bennett is all about giving opportunities.

Kanellis-Bennett hesitated for a moment but then agreed to Bateman’s proposal. Kanellis-Bennett had one stipulation though: if VonStarr interferes in any men’s matches before the tournament, she loses her spot. Kanellis-Bennett said she only wanted to give opportunities to women who are focused on being in the women's division.


Final Thoughts --

As we inch closer to the Women’s World Championship tournament, Women’s Division Wednesday provided another great match. The two standouts to me were Alize and Mazzerati, although all of the women involved did really well. 

I don’t really think I’m a fan of the Amy Rose/Max The Impaler partnership. I’ll save judgement, but that’s just my first feeling. Rose has never come off to me as a good manager, and Max isn’t the type of competitor to need a manager. Let their brutality and dominance do the talking for them.

Vita VonStarr is just another fantastic choice for the tournament. Her match with Sumie Sakai on Women's Division Wednesday last month was really good, and I'm glad to see her getting an opportunity.