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WOL: RAW, SummerSlam ideas, weekend news, more!

Jul 27, 2020 1:04pm

A laid back show, bros, up live and free daily on Sports Byline USA Radio and twitch.tv/f4wvideo!

B&V: Saturday Night's Main Event October 3, 1987: THE MEGAPOWERS

Jul 26, 2020 10:38pm

Up soon at video.f4wonline.com as well!

WOL: RAW Monday, busy weekend, AEW and NXT, more!

Jul 26, 2020 4:04pm

Up live and FREE daily on Sports Byline USA Radio and www.twitch.tv/f4wvideo!

F4D: 'Filthy' Tom & Sempervive say goodbye to UFC Fight Island

Jul 26, 2020 8:10am

'Filthy' Tom and Mike Sempervive wrap up UFC Fight Island, Tom's recent wrestling matches, and more.

DragonKing Dark: A trilogy of pro wrestling murders

Jul 26, 2020 7:59am

Karl Stern looks at three pro wrestlers whose careers were tainted by murder accusations.

WOR: Missy Hyatt on her WCW lawsuit, speaking out, and her career

Jul 25, 2020 1:55pm

Dave and Garrett are joined by Missy Hyatt to talk about some of the current developments in pro wrestling, but also about her career.

F4D: Lance Storm live Q&A on Twitch!

Jul 24, 2020 6:22pm

This show streams live every Friday at 8:30 PM ET for subscribers to twitch.tv/f4wvideo!

Wrestling Weekly: An eye for some classic (and graphic) angles

Jul 24, 2020 2:02pm

In the aftermath of the Eye for an Eye match this week, Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa look back at some classic (and graphic) angles and the effort taken to make them as believable as possible.

WOL: Landmark Wednesday ratings, tons of news, more!

Jul 24, 2020 1:04pm

A packed show, up live and free daily on Sports Byline USA Radio and twitch.tv/f4wvideo!