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Josh Nason's Punch-Out: CBS Sports' Denny Burkholder on WWF '85, Andre, UFC 194

Dec 10, 2015 7:26am

On the 23rd edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out, CBSSports.com editor Denny Burkholder talks about Andre The Giant's casket, talking to 80s WWF talent, and if UFC 194 buzz has captured his attention.

Josh Nason's Punch-Out: Bloody Elbow's John Nash on UFC financials & MMA free agency

Dec 06, 2015 9:15am

Nerd out on MMA financials with Josh and special guest John Nash of Bloody Elbow.

UFC 194 McGregor vs. Aldo conference call audio

Dec 02, 2015 3:11pm

Listen to the UFC 194 conference call featuring all of your favorite stars!

Josh Nason's Punch-Out: Sam Caplan on MMA business in a post-Holm vs. Rousey world

Nov 19, 2015 7:11am

On the 21st Josh Nason's Punch-Out, MMA podcaster & promotional expert Sam Caplan drops by to talk post-Rousey vs. Holm business, Bellator, and more.

Josh Nason's Punch-Out: UFC fighter Michael Chiesa analyzes UFC 193, upcoming Jim Miller fight

Nov 12, 2015 10:21am

On the 20th episode Josh Nason's Punch-Out, UFC lightweight Michael Chiesa analyzes UFC 193, his upcoming fight with Jim Miller, and plans for his future. 

Josh Nason's Punch-Out: MMA Fighting's Shaheen Al-Shatti previews UFC & Bellator's weekend events

Nov 05, 2015 8:03pm

On the latest Josh Nason's Punch-Out, MMA Fighting's Shaheen Al-Shatti drops by to help preview UFC Fight Night and Bellator's big return to St. Louis.

Josh Nason's Punch-Out: TheHistoryofWWE.com founder & author Graham Cawthon

Oct 31, 2015 7:13am

How does a wrestling book come together? Learn that and more on episode 18 of Josh Nason's Punch-Out!

Josh Nason's Punch-Out ep. 17: MMA Weekly's Erik Fontanez

Oct 23, 2015 10:31am

UFC Fight Night Dublin & Bellator are in the crosshairs for the latest Josh Nason's Punch-Out featuring MMA Weekly's Erik Fontanez.

Josh Nason's Punch-Out episode 16: The History Of Pro Wrestling Tees

Oct 19, 2015 9:46am

Learn all about the history of Pro Wrestling Tees on the 16th episode of Josh Nason's Punch-Out. 

Josh Nason's Punch-Out episode 15: The history of Roots Of Fight

Oct 11, 2015 6:52pm

Learn about the history of Roots Of Fight from co-founder and president Jesse Katz on a special Sunday conversation edition of Josh Nason's Punch-Out!