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Wrestling Weekly: All Out main event, MJF/Jericho, AEW as competition for WWE

Jul 30, 2021 11:43am

Les & Vic discuss who should challenge for the AEW World title at All Out, the MJF/Jericho feud, and more.

Wrestling Weekly: Bryan, Punk, Cena, this week's TV

Jul 23, 2021 10:35am

Les & Vic discuss all the happenings in a week that's been big on news and rumors regarding WWE and AEW.

Wrestling Weekly: Paul Orndorff memories, AEW & NXT reviews

Jul 16, 2021 9:39am

Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa talk about the life of Paul Orndorff and this week's AEW and NXT TV shows.

Wrestling Weekly: Terry Funk, this week's NXT and Dynamite

Jul 09, 2021 11:10am

Les & Vic discuss the situation with Terry Funk's health and look at this week's NXT and Dynamite episodes.

Wrestling Weekly: Remembering Mac McMurray, Les Thatcher's 61st anniversary

Jul 02, 2021 10:20am

Les & Vic pay tribute to the late Mac McMurray and celebrate Les' 61st anniversary in the wrestling business.

Wrestling Weekly: Raw is Upset, AEW's upcoming schedule

Jun 25, 2021 10:11am

Les & Vic talk about Raw becoming upset city, AEW's ambitious television schedule, and more.

Wrestling Weekly: Samoa Joe returns, AEW's big week in NYC, HIAC

Jun 18, 2021 9:51am

Les & Vic talk Joe's return to NXT, AEW coming to New York in September, and more.

Wrestling Weekly: WWE/AEW roster adds & cuts, HHH on wrestling fans

Jun 11, 2021 10:32am

On a new Wrestling Weekly, Les & Vic talk about some recent additions and subtractions to wrestling rosters and HHH's comments on wrestling fans.

Wrestling Weekly: WWE/NJPW relationship, AEW Double or Nothing predictions

May 28, 2021 11:51am

Les and Vic discuss the big news of WWE and NJPW talking about a partnership and preview AEW Double or Nothing.

Wrestling Weekly: AEW to TBS, remembering New Jack & Don Kernodle

May 21, 2021 12:13pm

Vic and Les discuss AEW's big news and reflect on the passing of both New Jack and Don Kernodle.