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Wrestling Weekly: Roger Kirby, Jim Ross, faces and heels in 2019

Mar 22, 2019 10:57am

Les & Vic discuss the late, great Roger Kirby and the wrestling news of the week.

JNPO: UFC knows more than us media dummies

Mar 22, 2019 7:46am

MMA Payout's Jason Cruz and Josh Nason speculate about what ultimately is behind the UFC-ESPN PPV deal.

B&V&G: Granny, NXT, WWF Superstars of Wrestling from 1992!

Mar 21, 2019 11:59pm

A packed show, up and available at video.f4wonline.com!

Portland Wrestlecast: Scott Norton

Mar 21, 2019 4:43pm

Jim Valley talks to Scott Norton about his time in Portland.

WOL: DAZN, ESPN+, Kofi Kingston, WWE booking, more!

Mar 21, 2019 1:03pm

A packed show, also up at video.f4wonline.com!

Pacific Rim: Flair vs. Fujinami at the Tokyo Dome

Mar 21, 2019 11:27am

Fumi Saito & Jim Valley go in-depth on Flair vs. Fujinami and the secret angle after the match.

Left My Wallet: MLB fantasy draft with 'Smart' Mark Sterling

Mar 21, 2019 8:06am

On a new 'Left My Wallet', former WWE star Antonio Thomas and "Smart" Mark Sterling do a live MLB fantasy draft and more.

WOR: Dillashaw, UFC weekend, Smackdown, Kofi, mailbag

Mar 21, 2019 2:49am

Tons of news on a Wednesday night!

F4D: Smackdown, Geek of the Week, Sponsorship Snackdown, more!

Mar 20, 2019 4:45pm

A show packed with fun, also up at video.f4wonline.com!

WOL: Smackdown, Kofi, Rey vs. Andrade, Dr. Lucha on AAA and CMLL weekend

Mar 20, 2019 1:02pm

A packed show, up soon at video.f4wonline.com!