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DragonKing Dark: The Altamont Free Concert disaster

May 30, 2021 8:10am

In the latest Dark 100, Karl Stern looks at the Altamont Free Concert, a show that was supposed to be the Woodstock of the West Coast but was a disaster instead


DragonKing Dark: A look at the 'Assault in the Ring'

May 23, 2021 6:07am

Karl Stern's Dark 100 continues with a look at the events that inspired "Assault In The Ring".


DragonKing Dark: The Lynyrd Skynyrd 1977 plane crash

May 16, 2021 9:20am

On Karl Stern's latest dive into the darkest moments in pop culture history, he looks at the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash in 1977.


DragonKing Dark: Kurt Cobain's final farewell

May 09, 2021 11:26am

Karl Stern continues his Dark 100 pop culture moments with the tragic death of Kurt Cobain.


DragonKing Dark: The fatal Dale Earnhardt crash

May 02, 2021 4:37pm

On a new DragonKing Dark, Karl Stern looks at the Dale Earnhardt's death as part of the 100 darkest moments in pop culture history.