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WOL: Adam Rose arrest, potential UFC sale, more!

May 11, 2016 1:04pm

Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive are back to talk Adam Rose, UFC sale rumors and more!

B&V: Retro Raw and Nitro from 19 years ago this week!

May 10, 2016 9:59pm

The infamous Raw where Shawn superkicked Bret over the wheelchair and more!

WOR: Breaking Audio on the rumored sale of UFC

May 10, 2016 6:49pm

Wrestling Observer Radio with Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer is back with a breaking news audio looking at the rumored sale of UFC.

WOL: Raw recap, WWE earnings report, social media, more!

May 10, 2016 1:03pm

Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive talk all the pro-wrestling news and take your calls and texts!

WOR: Raw, ROH and Lucha Underground, Mayweather and McGregor, more!

May 10, 2016 1:44am

Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer with a packed Monday night news update!

WOL: ROH PPV fallout, Raw preview, tons more!

May 09, 2016 1:05pm

Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive kick off the week with news and comment!

WOR: ROH PPV, WWE cuts, Kato Kung Lee, EVOLVE angle, more!

May 09, 2016 1:06am

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez with a gigantic weekend news wrap-up!

B&V: ROH Global Wars PPV, NWA WCW from 30 years ago this week!

May 08, 2016 10:52pm

Bryan and Vinny are back to review the ROH PPV and NWA WCW from the week of May 9, 1986!

WOL: Weekend wrap-up, WWE, EVOLVE, ROH PPV, more!

May 08, 2016 5:03pm

Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive wrap up the weekend with two hours of news!

DragonKingKarl Show: Mailbag featuring World Class, Abdullah the Butcher, Gino Hernandez

May 07, 2016 10:12pm

DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Audio Show: Today's show takes questions and suggestions from the mailbag with topics including people who made it to the WWF WWE that I worked with years ago, an incredibly great question about hepatitis in wrestling, drug use and drug deaths in World Class wrestling and a special look at Gino Hernandez and his death and conspiracies surrounding it.  Wrestling historian Karl Stern addresses the following questions and topics: