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FREE TODAY! Wrestling Weekly: Black Friday, Sheamus, Foley, Sami, Tommy Gilbert, much more~! 11-27

Nov 27, 2015 9:41am

Les and Vic return on Black Friday so that you can forget about the bills you just rang up and enjoy some Wrestling Weekly~!  We’ll talk about Les’ harrowing experience at a store that was open after Thanksgiving dinner with some early sales, then get down to the business of pro wrestling.  We’ll do that by discussing the late Tommy Gilbert (7:26) and the Tennessee territory, then spend time covering a myriad of WWE subjects (24:58) including Sheamus, low ratings, Mick Foley’s comments this w

Wrestling Weekly: Bockwinkel, Flair Family, TNA Lives On, Survivor Series, more~! 11/20

Nov 20, 2015 11:33am

Les and Vic return to discuss the events of the week including some time spent on the great Nick Bockwinkel


Wrestling Weekly 11/13: Working Knoxville, Don Fargo, Eddie Guerrero, Mailbag, more~!

Nov 13, 2015 11:49am

Lots of fun stuff this week as Les and Vic talk about Les’ trip to Tennessee last weekend to honor a good friend, do a seminar and watch one of the worst wrestling tv shows Les has ever seen, and that covers some ground.  There’s also discussion of how Les first arrived in the Knoxville area (7:57) and what it was like being famous there (11:28) as one of the first babyfaces when the local promotion got a television show on the air in the territory back in the 60’s.  Les shares great stories


Wrestling Weekly 11-6: Why WWE Should Not Run A Tournament At Survivor Series, tons more~!

Nov 06, 2015 7:26am

Obviously, the big story of the moment is the injury to Seth Rollins and how this affects WWE’s plans for Survivor Series and a whole lot more, so that’s where Les and Vic start this week, including a few thoughts about why it might be in WWE’s best interest to NOT have a tournament at Survivor Series and where that idea might work better.  After that we’ll discuss the potential for Jerry Jarrett to get back into the business with the project he’s working on (23:33), the perils of working wit