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WOR: Shaq's AEW debut, Jim Crockett Jr. passes away, NXT to Tuesdays

Mar 04, 2021 2:41am

Dave and Bryan discuss the passing of Jim Crockett Jr., NXT moving to Tuesday nights, the AEW debut of Shaquille O'Neal and Jade Cargill, and more.

WOR: Lashley wins WWE title, New Japan title unification, AEW, Crockett Jr.

Mar 02, 2021 1:49am

Dave and Bryan talk about Bobby Lashley winning the WWE title, New Japan's title unification announcement, AEW this Wednesday and more.

WOR: 2020 WON Awards discussion with AEW's Tony Khan

Feb 26, 2021 2:07am

Promoter and booker of the year Tony Khan joins Wrestling Observer Radio to talk about the 2020 WON Awards issue.

WOR: Big UFC knockout, Bloodsport 5 recap, WWE Elimination Chamber preview

Feb 21, 2021 2:33am

Dave Meltzer and Garrett Gonzales talk UFC Fight Night, Bloodsport 5, AEW/NXT ratings, Elimination Chamber, Bad Bunny, and Tom Cole.

WOR: Jon Moxley on Bloodsport, NJPW, AEW Revolution deathmatch

Feb 20, 2021 12:30am

Garrett and Dave are back with special guest Jon Moxley, who talks about his upcoming match with Kenny Omega, his match with KENTA, and more.