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DragonKing Dark: Secrets of Archaeology - The Mayans

Jun 21, 2020 6:20pm

Karl Stern reviews a Secrets of Archaeology and relates his experiences visiting a Mayan holy site a few years ago.

WOL: More firings, Last Ride part 5, tons more!

Jun 21, 2020 4:05pm

Up live and free daily on Sports Byline USA Radio and Twitch.tv/f4wvideo!

F4D: 'Filthy' Tom & Sempervive on UFC, #SpeakingOut & NJPW

Jun 21, 2020 9:13am

Tom Lawlor and Mike Sempervive discuss UFC on ESPN, #SpeakingOut, and some New Japan.

WOR: A discussion on the #SpeakingOut movement with Mo Chatra

Jun 20, 2020 4:11pm

Garrett and Dave are joined by special guest Mo Chatra to discuss a very important topic in professional wrestling, sexual assault and misconduct.

WOL: Riddle debut, IWA Mid-South controversy, #SpeakingOut continues

Jun 20, 2020 12:15pm

On Saturday's WOL, Jim Valley discusses the latest on #SpeakingOut, Matt Riddle's SmackDown debut, and the controversial return of IWA Mid-South.

WOL: #SpeakingOut

Jun 19, 2020 1:07pm

A packed show, up live and free daily on Sports Byline USA Radio and twitch.tv/f4wvideo

Wrestling Weekly: WWE mask situation, COVID and indie wrestling

Jun 19, 2020 12:07pm

Les & Vic talk about WWE inviting some maskless friends and family into the audience at Raw, plus more on COVID-19 and indie wrestling.

B&V: Bryan and Vinny review AEW and NXT head-to-head!

Jun 18, 2020 11:42pm

A packed show, up soon at video.f4wonline.com!

Big Audio Nightmare: New Japan Cup, Suzuki-Nagata MOTYC, more

Jun 18, 2020 10:20pm

Adam goes solo for an update on the New Japan Cup and the rest of the Japanese wrestling scene.