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Sept 14 Observer Radio Sin Limte: Part 1: CMLL Anniversary show, Floyd-Canelo, TNA, and more!

Sept 14 Observer Radio SIN LIMITE, part one: With the introductions out of the way, (literally, as the first 20 seconds of the show are in the internet ether), we've got a full recap (and a lot of thoughts) on last night's CMLL 80th Anniversary show at Arena Mexico, which featured a lot of action, a record-setting house - and a controversial decision in match-making that is sure to be talked about for some time. Also, we talk about tonight's Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez tilt, why it's happening now, and what it could mean for Canelo coming out of it. Plus, the ridiculous breast implant ban in Lousiana, and this past Thursday's TNA, to boot!

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