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Sept. 26 DR. KEITH PRESENTS: More Hall Of Fame Pow Wowing!!

DR. KEITH PRESENTS: More Hall Of Fame Pow Wowing

We're certainly not above piggy backing onto things here at the DKP and with the week that's in it we felt it was a perfect opportunity to give our perspectives on the Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame (physical address: Santry Co. Dublin). So we drafted back J. Shapiro and E.V1 to give their thoughts on inductees Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and Larry Zyb.... wait ... Wladek Zybysko?? Okay then. We also have our first ever DKP debate with Justin and Alan going back and forth on Sting with FEROCITY. Oh and we discuss what would happen if a certain former WCW Champion joined the cast of a certain awesome TV show. A packed show so CHECK IT!!!

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