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Sept 27 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly w/Rick Bauer & LaMont Johnson talking "Bobby Champion" tv show!

Vic & Les WILL NOT spend the full hour tearing apart Raw & Impact this week.  Oh, they get ripped plenty, but we're saved by Rick Bauer and LaMont Johnson, who are working on "Bobby Champion", a very interesting potential TV project.  "Bobby Champion" will feature ROH's Adam Page in the title role of a young wrestling breaking into the business in the 80's looking to make a name for himself while providing for his young family.  Rick wrote the story, LaMont is a producer; you'll  hear about how the story came together, why both of them are passionate about this project, another ROH name attached to the show and cool stuff about Rick training to become a wrestler back in the 80's and more.  You can go here to learn more about the development of "Bobby Champion".  Hope you enjoy the show and have a great weekend~!