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September 14, 2020 Observer Newsletter: AEW All Out reviewed, more

AEW’s All Out show on 9/5 at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, was a show that ended up with a lot of attention, which largely overshadowed the quality of the matches.

While the response was more positive than negative, it was still by far the most negatively received major AEW show to date, even with the key matches all delivering at a good-to-great standard.

The biggest item concerned Matt Hardy, a few weeks shy of 46 and with wear and tear of about three decades inside a pro wrestling ring. Hardy was having a Broken match with Sammy Guevara, basically a Last Man Standing match, with his career on the line if he lost.

The match started with Hardy screaming for Guevara to come out while next to the football field at the adjacent TIAA Stadium. Guevara came out driving a cart, the same cart where Guevara was twice chased down in segments earlier this year.

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