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September 15 2008 Tough Talk

Tough Talk returns with an exclusive interview with former UFC, K-1
and Pride superstar "Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge. He goes all the way
back to being farted on by his sisters, how that prepared him for
fighting, who told him he was tailor-made for the UFC, whether he
wants to go back and how he thinks he measures up compared to the
young fighters coming in. He reveals how he got his fight at the
Affliction PPV, who hits the hardest in all of MMA (and it isn't
Fedor), who took the biggest beating ever (and it isn't Takayama), who
the biggest jerk is, who he just hung out with over the weekend, what
he thinks of Kimbo and who he's fighting next. Then, Mike Sawyer and
Oliver Copp talk about Affliction, Mir-Nogueira and what really
happened with Karo Parisyan's fight. 70 minutes total.

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