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September 7, 2020 Observer Newsletter: Future of Brock Lesnar, Rock battles COVID-19, more

The WWE's ability to license and merchandise Brock Lesnar ended this past week, which comes months after the end of the actual contract.

Lesnar had been a free agent since WrestleMania but that news never broke and at the time considered largely a formality given it made no sense for WWE to use him during the pandemic and the belief was that he was out of everyone else's price range. The belief was that, at 43, he was not going to do UFC once he pulled himself again out of the USADA testing pool and that AEW would not be able to afford to make a comparable offer to what WWE could in his case, and he's purely a money guy.

In the case of UFC, if there is any interest, given his age, the key would be he would want to rush to get back into the testing pool if he was seriously considering fighting.

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