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TNA Impact 8/26 live TV results & recap: four way no. 1 contender's match for KOTM title

By Jeremy Peeples, WrestlingObserver.com

Last week, TNA delivered a pretty good show overall. Ken Anderson beat Bram in one of each man's best matches in the company. Anderson has been so hot and cold in his career that it felt good to see him not only put forth a lot of effort, but have that effort result in something that felt like it gave him some momentum. The Sheera vs. Storm issues continued with Sheera trying to get the goons to do "the Sheera" by moving their shoulders around, and this pissing off Storm. Gail Kim beat the Dolls inside a cage, while Drew Galloway and Eli Drake had a pretty good no DQ match and hopefully ended their feud so each guy can move on to something else.

Eli needs to lose all of the ED markings on his gear and ditch the silly vest - none of that helps him. Matt Hardy squashed Tyrus, and PJ Black had a very impressive TNA singles debut against EC3. He lost to the champion, but shined brighter than any of the GFW guys so far. The show closed with Jeff asking Dixie to make him the man in charge permanently, and we'll find out the end result of that tonight. There will also be a four-way match to determine a challenger for PJ Black's King of the Mountain Title.

The show begins with a recap of Bully being attacked, PJ Black winning the KOTM Title, Eli Drake's issues with him, and this week's card is run down. We get a three way for the X Title, Brooke vs. Velvet for the Knockouts Title, and The Revolution facing The Wolves. The Hardys come down in their street clothes. Matt's blue jean and pink shirt combo are about on par with some of Jeff Jarrett's worst outfits. Jeff cuts a promo about how they came from the bottom and got to the top - which is pretty amazing. Jeff says that Matt needs one more shot and Matt thanks TNA for giving him another shot, and gives shoutouts to his wife and son. Matt then says that the man to carry TNA here in 2015 is Matt Hardy, and he proved this by saying YES. In an amusing bit, a fan in the front row shakes his head "no" at that one.

EC3 comes down and says that he was a fan in '99 when he saw the Hardys in a ladder match and can't wait to face a legend once again. EC3 says the stood over Matt like he was Zeus at Mt. Olympus and was immortal - YEAH! EC3 was great here. EC3 and Tyrus, with a new Planet Tyrus singlet leave, but get insulted by Jeff. EC3 insults Jeff, who responds by threatening him with a chair. EC3 says that if the fans chant for Matt, he'll get another match - which happens, and EC3 says it comes with a catch. If EC3 wins, Jeff is his assistant. Hopefully he makes him do more than Nikki make her sister do when she was her assistant for a month. I think her only punishment was having to fake watching TV backstage.

Josh and Pope give us their thoughts on the KOTM Title number one contender's match, and we get a hilarious graphic with Anderson making a very pained face. EY vs. Melendez recap focuses on Eric Young being the most dangerous man in TNA. As expected, it's hilarious and it ends with EY wanting to beat a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest and then winning his leg by winning the match. Eric Young yells at the camera and with the dark green vest and beard, he actually looks older here than Bushwacker Luke did at the HOF.

Backstage before the show, the Jarretts arrive and answer questions from a cameraman that had to be subtitled. Jeff calls it a big night while Josh corrects him and says that it's a pivotal night. EY comes down while Josh ponders that soon, they could have to start plugging the social media accounts of the Jarrett like they do for Dixie. Yup - that's the extent of his concern for the big invasion. Not the future of the company - plugging Twitter.

Eric Young vs. Chris Melenndez - Winner Gets Melendez's Leg

EY sends him down and Melendez gets a USA chant while Pope talks about Chris having a son at home watching. EY goes for the leg, but the referee scolds him because he can't legally take this man's leg unless he wins this wrestling match. Melendez gets a jaw jacker and a neckbreaker. Bubba/Bully bomb hits, but EY rakes the eyes. Melendez avoids a corner charge and does a hop-up schoolboy for 2. Melendez doing that on only one leg is impressive, and EY beats him with a cradle while holding the ropes. The video package might've lasted longer than the match itself.

Well, it's hard to believe they could make a battle for a man's leg worse, but they did. Then EY, the former World Heavyweight Champion, ranted about wanting his leg. Melendez takes the leg off, hops around and gives it to EY, who moves way so he has to hop more and then Chris just tosses it at him while EY brags about it. Pope sums this up nicely - "at times like this, there's nothing to say".

After a break, Josh comes up with half a dozen words to describe Eric Young's actions and we get the X division video - so it's time for the title match. Those little vignettes don't mean much, but they do let you know about something in advance, so it is nice if you're a fan of whichever division they're used for. Ion is out first while Dutt, who worked for years here, has a generic Indian theme and no entrance video. Tigre comes out and Josh puts him over while he gets streamers and is called captivating. Well, he isn't quite living up to the hype - but at least he's getting hyped instead of buried on commentary.

Tigre Uno vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. DJZ

Uno eats a double hiptoss after a double leapfrog. Go-behind by Dutt is countered by Z with an armdrag, and Dutt gets a big rana on Z. Sonjay sends Z out and dives onto both men on the floor with an apron somersault senton. Uno chops Z and takes forever to pose for the people, and then sort of hits a springboard moonsault on DJZ for 2. Pope talks about DJZ and Uno having a history in Mexico. I have no idea if that's true, but I like a little thread like that being added to the story - it makes the random three-way seem a bit less random and more like each guy secretly going to someone in power to want the match. Tornado DDT to Uno by Dutt gets 2. Uno gets a shining black, but eats a Dutt superkick. DJZ climbs up Uno for a dropkick, but it's all for naught as a springboard frog splash takes him out and Uno retains.

Storm tells the Revolution that Sheera is OFFICIALLY out of the Revolution. Well, you beat his ass weeks ago and it seems pretty clear that you're not allies. He scolds Manik for dancing and tells them to win some gold for the Revolution. After a break, we get a recap of the EC3-Matt stipulation being made. Christy introduces the Revolution's team of Abyss and Manik for the match. Their beating of Sheera last week is recapped, which is I guess what gets them a title match beyond the company having no teams left. The Wolves come down while Josh says that The Wolves prove that TNA has the best tag team division in the world. They don't even have the best tag team division on Destination America.

Manik and Abyss vs. The Wolves - TNA World Tag Team Title Match

Eddie and Abyss wrestle for a bit while Josh says that Bully Ray is officially gone. Double Japanese armdrag by the Wolves to Manik while Josh Pope for being a follower and only having a job in TNA by sucking up to Dixie. Josh then buries Pope for only doing his job when he's flustered before Pope makes a valid point about Jeff only being in TNA to make GFW better. Abyss punches Davey in the corner, and Manik tags in for a suplex into a back suplex while Pope says that it's shades of Elijah Burke while Josh says he has no idea who that guy is.

Manik dropkicks Davey and Abyss tags in, but misses a corner charge. Davey gets a tag to Eddie, who runs wild with elbows and chops. Kobashi machine gun chops in the corner to Manik. Eddie gets a backpack stunner while Eddie covers and Abyss saunters over to break it up. Abyss is down in one corner and eats a Double Van Terminator. Manik is about to eat the powerbomb/backcracker, but Storm comes down before Sheera attacks him with awful punches. Double team alarm clock to Manik leads to the powerbomb/backcracker for the win. Manik was so great here - it's a shame TNA isn't in a better state because he really deserves better.

Brooke vs. Velvet is apparently next, then Jeff Hardy walks backstage while an "Up Next" graphic appears. I'm reasonably sure that one of those two things will be next. Or maybe it will be some mystery third thing - like a skit with EY and his new leg.

Shockingly, neither thing was next. Instead, we got a cheesecake video of the knockouts calendar shoot. The knockouts roster posed in bikinis and talked about being strong, sexy, and powerful. Jeff confirms that Matt faces EC3 next week for the title, and he'll work for EC3 if Matt loses. Then, Pope and Josh chime in for several seconds of surface-level analysis before throwing to a video of Jeff Jarrett's return to TNA and the GFW-TNA relationship. We see Jeff's return to the ring, his title win, his HOF induction, and the GFW-TNA interpromotional show. Backstage, Dixie is standing around on her phone staring at her watch. Hopefully she isn't wondering why she's just now starting work on this issue at 10:03 PM on the night of the show. The knockouts hype video airs and then Velvet comes down. We get a recap of Velvet assisting Gail in breaking Taryn's finger before Brooke comes out and we hear Josh read a statement from Taryn.

Velvet Sky vs. Brooke's (got a booty and a belt) - Knockouts Title

Velvet and Brooke abide by the code of honor before Velvet tackles her down. Velvet tosses Brooke into the corner, who treats it like a rope and just bounces off into a lariat for 2. They go back and forth with forearm shots while Josh plugs the Knockouts Workout and the other TNA programming on Youtube. Josh plugs Bound For Glory and we see that it will be on Flipps as well as on PPV. Double-down on one of those goofy double mid-air hair mare facebuster spots. Velvet lands some forearms, but gets sent back-first into the steps.

The Dolls come down to attack Brooke and Velvet. Jade is in her usual gear while Marti is in some bizarre swimsuit getup. Rebel returns and turns on Velvet, while Taryn says that it's time for her to pay and that Rebel is a new member of the Dollhouse. Jade and Marti hit Total Elimination while Rebel hits Christy's finisher, the FFG. Josh says that with Rebel, the Dollhouse is stronger than ever. How? She's had maybe five matches on TNA TV and hasn't worked regularly in a year. Just why is she an asset to this group beyond her looks? Roode cuts a promo and it appears the KOTM Title No. 1 Contender's match is next.

Ken talks about winning this match and backstage, someone is on the phone. It's Drew, and he's pissed off for some reason. Mr. Anderson comes down and does his usual deal. Storm comes down before Roode does and Josh says Roode's pissed while Lashley is smart to avoid politics.

Lashley vs. Roode vs. Anderson vs. James Storm

Storm and Anderson brawl on the floor. Lashley suplexes Roode on the ramp. Roode gets ping ponged between Anderson and Lashley while Pope talks about "teamships" being formed here. Josh, who always buries Pope, didn't say a word for this and we go to a break with Anderson and Lashley teasing issues. Storm and Roode attack other guys while a handful of fans go "Beer/Money" and do the wave/ Storm and Roode exchange blows, but Roode gets 2 off a blockbuster.

Roode, Lashley, and Roode do a tower of doom spot while Pope says that has to hurt. Shouldn't everything in wrestling hurt? Why would this be the exception? Swanton from Anderson misses. Lashley clotheslines Roode and tackles him in the corner. Roode knees out of a delayed suplex and they tease redoing the Roode Bomb over the top from their NYC match last year, but Storm hits a lung blower. Shouldermount powerslam leads to a neckbreaker and Ken gets 2 off a mic check. Anderson gets the Finlay Roll, but eats a Lashley spear. Storm saves Roode from a spear by superkicking Lashley for 2.

The same fans do the Beer/Money chant and we get a double team suplex and one more Beer/Money bit from Roode and Storm before Roode hits the Roode Bomb on Storm to win. This would've been a nice finale for the team in some form or fashion - hopefully they wind up teaming again down the line, because that wouldn't be the worst act for either GFW or TNA now. Josh and Pope chat for a bit while Josh shuffles his script around and they announce that the cover girl is...all three people teased for it. Riveting. Backstage, Dixie walks around while Jeff and Karen stand around looking concerned.

An ad for the Knockouts calendar airs and we get a recap of the Hardy promo earlier that is basically the whole promo since it was so short. Backstage, EC3 does a "moments ago" promo while the crowd is heard in the background and he talks about Jeff joining Team EC3. Dixie Carter comes out to a new theme song, which seems pretty low on the list of priorities for TNA.

Main Event Talking Segment - Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter

Dixie talks about what it takes to lead a successful company and sums up this information in about a minute. Dixie praises Jeff for coming back and asks him to come down. Jeff comes down and thanks Dixie for bringing him back. Kudos to Jeff for being able to have Destination America pay Dixie, who then pays him and his roster, to put over his roster of talent and his company. Jeff says that he founded TNA, and that hard work made it special - not what makes it special mind you, what made it special.

Jeff says that the GFW-TNA situation is a win-win-win - a win for each company and the fans. It's also a big win for PJ Black, who went from being an underused WWE guy to a perfectly-pushed guy on TNA TV where he's given several chances to shine. Dixie says that the Jeff-Dixie team is unstoppable, and TNA Impact needs a leader. Drew tells Dixie to stop and he says he has something she needs to know right now...so they go to a break.

Drew is presumably still talking during this - hopefully ranting about how he can't properly watch Nitro on the WWE Network due to buffering. Drew says he wouldn't interrupt if it wasn't absolutely needed, and the GFW-TNA partnership has been awesome. The roster is excited and competition is healthy, and Jeff Jarrett is back. Jeff is a legend and the father of TNA. But there has been a dark cloud in TNA - Bully was attacked and he was a bully, so there could be a lot of attackers. With Drew, he had no clues - but he found something out 20 minutes ago. Drew says that someone must've seen something and he used his criminology degree to good use and he saw a getaway car. Two attacks, two weeks, two rental cars - registered to one Mr. Jeff Jarrett!

Drew says that Bully being taken out gives him the chance to get power, while Drew being out gave him the chance to have a GFW guy win a TNA title. Jeff swears on his own life, the life of his wife, and the life of his kids that it wasn't him. Drew threatens him and Jeff tells him that there's nothing but air between them. Karen says that it was her - Jeff had no idea. Karen tells Jeff that he deserves to run TNA again since he started it, and that a little spark can cause an inferno. Jeff kicks Drew from behind right in the balls and then the GFW roster beats up Drew.

Well, given that the idea here is that Jeff Jarrett was screwed over by TNA despite him starting the company, doesn't that make the GFW side the babyfaces? The gaggle of mid-carders in TNA and GFW have another wacky brawl with random guys hitting random guys. Trevor Lee hits a standing double stomp move to one of the Wolves while Karen and Jeff beat up Drew Galloway. The GFW roster stands tall while Josh says they invited the snakes into their home. Well, this wasn't as good as last week, but the GFW-TNA stuff got more interesting. It's quite odd that they started doing the invasion angle after doing the invasion angle's matches, but hey, that's TNA tradition. The only thing that could've made the "invasion" funnier was a pro-GFW commentator saying "THIS INVASION JUST GOT CORDIALLY INVITED TO JOIN THE FORCE."

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