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TNA Impact Wrestling 6-3-15 TV Report - Wednesday Night Debut

By Jeremy Peeples, WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway

EC3's barbershop quintet sang him to the ring, Rockstar Spud cashed in his X Division title to face Kurt Angle next week, and James Storm shoved Mickie James onto railroad tracks for rejecting him. In tag team news, the Dirty Heels beat The Wolves via a chairshot to seemingly turn heel (or maybe not) and continue the series. Now, the Wolves are up 2-1. The Pope was on commentary with Josh, who also might be a heel.

Show Recap

Last week, TNA delivered an excellent overall show. The Dirty Heels vs. Wolves series continued with an incredible match that saw the Wolves emerge victorious once again. Taryn beat Gail with the Cutter and then stomped on Gail's ring finger and stole her wedding ring - that was pretty great. Rockstar Spud regained the X Title in a gauntlet for the gold out of nowhere, EC3 beat Ken Anderson in a pretty good match, and Kurt Angle beat Eric Young to retain the TNA World title in an I Quit match.

An EC3 streak video starts the show and man does he ever come off like a star. A barbershop quintet sings EC3's theme horribly. He has two blondes with him as Tyrus brings a sign out for EC3's campaign. EC3 is now the number one ranked contender as Josh congratulates him on being the top guy. Pope is with Josh and is playing a face for at least this segment. EC3 says he's number one, so it's time to celebrate. The singers sing "He's the Number One Contender" to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". He thanks Tyrus and says he feels like dancing, before Tyrus gives him a glare. EC3 says it's serious business - so no dancing. EC3 says it's now mission accomplished and all he needs to do now is win the title. Kurt comes out and is gobsmacked at the sight before him.

Pope says it's time for Kurt to baptize EC3 as Josh plugs Pitch Perfect 2 for some reason. Kurt says that Thesz and Gagne would roll over in their graves if they saw this. Really? This? Not the reverse battle royal. Not Abyss winning the world title by DQ? But this? Kurt says that EC3 isn't next in line, as EC3 shows the signs as proof. Kurt says that next week is Destination X, and Spud can cash in his title. Why not rundown these very special Impact shows with a little on-screen calendar so they don't just come out of nowhere? EC3 tells Kurt that he'll make Spud an offer he can't refuse. EC3 asks the singers to sing goodbye to Kurt, so they sing 'Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble Trouble" and Kurt attacks one of them. We see Josh and Pope, in a blinding black and white shirt.

They run down tonight's card with the tag title series and yet another match in The BDC vs. The Rising war. Lashley is also about to face Eric Young for reasons I don't recall and they don't bother recapping in any way. After the break, they'll talk about the issues. Slammiversary is coming to PPV for some reason in a few weeks. EY comes down and we get a recap of EY attacking Lashley's legs in April.

Match One - Lashley vs. Eric Young

Lashley bowls him over and sends him to the floor. EY tries to come back in and Lashley drags him to the floor. EY gets a back elbow, but gets taken down and hit with a delayed vertical suplex. EY gets a mule kick to the gut and Lashley punches away in the corner. EY backdrops him over the top and Lashley lands on the apron, but eats a punch. EY dominates for a bit and gets a snapmare and a neck wrench. EY goes for a double axehandle off the top, but eats a belly to belly throw. Lashley gets a big spinebuster mid-ring, but only gets 2. EY escapes the Dominator and the shoulder-mount powerslam before raking the face and hitting a flying forearm. Chris Melendez comes down and Lashley hits the spear for the win. This was okay, but nowhere near as good as any of the EY vs. Angle or Lashley vs. Angle matches. Now Josh is a face as he wants Melendez to attack EY.

Spud says he's been fighting for the X Title for 14 years, and now he can trade it all in for a shot at the World title. Spud isn't sure what he'll do, and I love that since it should be a big decision and if you don't treat it like one, then it devalues the X Title. "Doll Parts" plays as Taryn and the rest of the Dollhouse recap what happened to Gail. The audio mixing here was pretty bad here - the song sounded like it was being played from a walkman and Taryn promises to put the X in Destination X. So this was a thing.

Chris Melendez is pissed that EY was surprised that he came out. Chris tells EY that he was taken to a place he hasn't been since he was overseas, and he wants a fight. Aries chats with Spud and talks about how he made Option C to make the X Title more important, but now, since everyone has cashed it in, the title means a bit less. Aries tells him that he isn't trying to mess with him as he already has his title shot guaranteed. Generic Knockouts video airs, so a KOs match must be next. Jade is out to face Brooke.

Match Two - Brooke's Gotta Booty vs. Jade's Gotta Dollhose

Brooke gets a schoolgirl for a quick 2. Ditto a jackknife cover. In a slightly surreal move, Ring of Honor is plugged with a mid-screen graphic here. Marti helps on the floor for a 2. Now Josh is a babyface as he's opposed to the 2-on-1 edge the Dollhouse has here. Flying hair mares by Jade are met with a schoolgirl for 2 again. Helluva kick in the corner from Jade. Diving lariat off the second rope by Brooke. Jade gets a chick kick for 2. Slam and a lionsault miss for Jade and Brooke gets a face jam for 2 thanks to Marti putting the foot on the rope. Accidental Helluva kick to Marti on the apron gives Brooke the opening for her facebuster and the win. Brooke celebrates wins by jumping around - so she needs a new winning streak.

JB talks about having tasks he doesn't like, and he talks to EC3. EC3 tells him he's welcome for his fine haircut. EC3 says Spud is a good hand, but he's got the shoulders to carry this company. The BDC vs. The Rising match is up next. Rebel yells to Brooke about how happy she is for her. The Dollhouse goons attack Rebel while Brooke is busy showering. Josh is a face here too. The BDC comes down with their flag, banner, and masks. The Rising comes down to no real reaction here. Well, the heels look cooler and they've done very little with The Rising over the past couple of months.

Match Three - The BDC vs. The Rising

Eli dominates MVP with elbows, including a nice flying one. A King distraction lets MVP boot him in the face. Kenny comes in and gets a floatover snap suplex for 2. They triple team Eli in the corner and King runs wild. Josh buries the referee for believing the heels and Josh points out how illogical wrestling is compared to regular sports. Ugh. Ki and Eli go at it, and Eli escapes Ki to tag in Drew. Drew comes in as Josh talks about Drew legit hates Ki, as opposed to all of those fake real rivalries in TNA. Strong kick by Galloway gets 2 on Ki thanks to King getting involved. Mica dives onto King on the floor and Drew chops Ki in the corner. MVP crotches Drew leading to a Warrior's Way being countered into a belly to belly as Drake and MVP attack. Mika and Drew hit a Doomsday Device for the win. Well, they're a better LOD than The Ascension. Spud makes his decision next, and then EC3 and Tyrus talk to a camera man about having a conversation that will change Spud's life forever.

We get a recap of last week's Storm-Mickie deal with him promising some big wig country music meetings. Mickie's in Nashville in a very loud area near a train station before seeing no one there but James. Spud comes to the ring in one of his sillier-looking suits to date and then magically teleports into the ring with JB as a small clip plays of him winning the X Title last week. JB asks him if he'll give it all up for a World title shot, which he says is a once a million shot since he's just like all the fans.

He needs more time, but he doesn't get it. JB has a great game show announcer voice, and Spud's probably wishing he had a dark suit on as Kurt comes out. Josh tells Spud to hang onto his title because he can't beat Kurt - so now he's a heel again, I think. Kurt tells Spud that he's trained harder for this World title than any of the 12 others he's won and he shouldn't fight him. EC3 comes down and tells him that he can hang his career on being a two-time X Division champion. He's also a fish and he's swimming with sharks. EC3 told him he was a lion, tiger, and gazelle - but Kurt is the best ever...or at least was, until he came along. EC3 says that he and Dixie will give Spud a lifetime contract as Chief of Staff. All he has to do is avoid cashing in Option C and give EC3 his shot. I love this - they're setting up a future EC3-Spud title match perfectly if/when EC3 wins the title.

Spud says he loved being the Chief of Staff, he loved Dixie and he loved Ethan too. But then he was fired and humiliated, busted open and shaved bald. Spud calls him someone who never had to work for anything and he worked hard for 14 years, and all EC3 did was laugh at him and he's nothing but a self-entitled prick! He can take the job and his Aunt and stick them up his ass, but dammit, he's Rockstar Spud and he's cashing in the title and he's facing Kurt Angle! Spud is the best babyface in wrestling right now. EC3 cheapshots Spud and Kurt defends him and orders a tag match pitting he and Spud against EC3 and Tyrus. The Dirty Heels talk backstage about needing a win and playing the Wolves' game, and now they need to do whatever it takes to win. Aries gives Roode a shirt and their match is next.

But first, Mickie asks James where the stars are and he says they're just fashionably late. He can give her so much more, and while the music can be there forever, he wants her to join him on his journey and be by his side. He wants her and her son to join The Revolution. She says that he's her friend, but she needs to go. He says he's sorry and he thought he could help her out and it's his fault - whatever she decides, he stands behind. They hug and he leaves with her to protect here. "Lots of crazies out there.". This was excellent.

The Dirty Heels come out with new grey and black Dirty Heels shirts. We see clips of match two with the Heels losing. The Wolves come down in white with the war paint on. Pope puts over TNA as having the best tag teams in the world.

Match Four - The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels - Match Three in the Best of Five Series

Josh plugs the "live" Impact on June 24 before the rest of Impact tapigs through that Saturday. Last Chancery is locked on quickly as Davey gets the ropes, and then Roode tags in for a boot to the gut. Wolves tag in for fast arm wringers and a double stomp to the arm of Roode by Davey. Drop toehold>kneedrop get 2. Roode gets a tag, but Aries eats a backdrop. Face smack into Davey's boot in the corner. Aries hop to the apron where he eats a double Helluva kick, but Roode prevents a double dive to Aries. Aries gets a chopblock to each man and kicks away at a leg before a break.

After the break, Roode gets a gordbuster. Davey comes back with an outside-in double stomp. Roode smashes Davey into the buckle and stomps his back. Roode chops away and Davey attacks each man in the corner. Davey escapes a Roode throw and tags in Eddie. Eddie runs wild and gets a superkick to the stomach and a shining wizard before hitting Aries with an inverted Falcon Arrow. An Aries eye rake breaks up Roode eating a billion cops in the corner. Heels go for a double suplex, but Davey saves Eddie and they double-dive the Heels on the floor.

Roode eats a series of kicks and a German suplex for 2. Josh confirms that the Angle and Spud tag match is confirmed. Well, with 32 minutes of airtime left, that's a good thing to confirm at this point. Roode and Aries gets the outside-in backbreaker and elbow for 2. Miscue leads to Roode hitting Aries and Aries eating a kick and Michinoku driver for 2. Wolves howl, but an Aries dropkick prevents a backpack stunner. Spinebuster leads to the 450 and a 2! Aries gets a suicide dive on the floor and a chair. Brian Hebner is against the chair, but doesn't bother to move it. Aries distracts him with a belt and Roode hits Eddie with the chair to win. Well, this made Brian Hebner look like a complete moron. Josh says it's okay because Bobby didn't want to use it at first. Wow is that some bizarre logic. Security camera footage shows Storm and Mickie at the train station and Storm knocks her onto the tracks before calling Magnus and then whistling his theme. Well, this storyline sure went down some dark roads tonight.

Madison has a mic and Josh talks about how angry she's been on social media. Unless you twerk or are Gail Kim, you get nothing in TNA. They all make her sick and while she, as contacted talent, waits her turn someone like Velvet Sky gets more TV time despite being fired. Someone holds up a tiny orange sign with "Better Than Divas" on it. Velvet comes down and Madison says it's okay, just let her come through the security barricade because she's pissed. Madison says that she's a big fan of what Velvet's doing and she understands that she's trying to get her spot back - and slaps her. "A few chains don't make ya a badass, purple in yer hair doesn't make you a badass!" Velvet spears her and hits a stunner before Angelina screeches. Angelina says they can do this the easy way or the hard way, so Velvet kicks their asses until the numbers game takes over and she's arrested. Angelina talks smack while Velvet is held back, insulted, and slapped. Velvet smiles, so Angelina elbows her down. Josh, after burying Pope for wondering if the security guys are hired by Angelina, says that he now believes they're employed by her. Security comes down to tell Angelina that since she just attacked a fan, she's being arrested. Well, that's a great bit of logic. After a break, Taryn is in her Dollhouse and says that next week, she'll expose a whole new side to the Knockouts division.

The heels come out first while Spud comes out and Josh says that Spud can't beat Kurt. Kurt comes out sans any pyro while Josh puts over how Kurt has been in the ring with the best in the sport and now he's the TNA World Champion.

Main Event - EC3 and Tyrus vs. Kurt Angle and Rockstar Spud

Spud runs wild on EC3 with punches and tons of overhand corner chops. Josh says that when TNA sends its champion to a nice dinner or sporting event, the champion should be EC3 and not Spud. Spud gets his chain of elbow shots before Tyrus fishhooks him. Tyrus gets an iffy chokeslam while Josh buries Spud for not accepting EC3's offer. Tyrus stands on Spud's back and then EC3 stomps him in the corner. EC3 tags Tyrus in for a corner heart punch.


A dueling EC3/SUCKS chant breaks out. Tyrus hits a big elbow to the back and grinds the bone into the spine. Tyrus clubs him while EC3 tells him to break him. Tyrus responds with a chain of backbreakers.  EC3 hits a Stinger splash and lands an Angle-esque overhead belly to belly. Spud tags Kurt in while EC3 quickly tags Tyrus in. Tyrus very slowly goes over the top after a low bridge. Tyrus kidney punches Kurt to allow EC3 to escape the ankle lock. Spud tags in and dropkicks Kurt into Tyrus, sending the big man down. Tyrus is hit with the Angle slam and Spud gets the win! Kurt and Spud stare down with the title between them, but Aries comes down.

Aries tells Spud that he admires his courage, his heart, and questions his decision-making. He cashed in option C and he'll face Kurt, but since he's got the case, he'll be in the main event. At Destination X, he'll cash in and will face the winner of Angle-Spud and once again be the World Champion. Josh asks if anyone else will screw with EC3. Destination X is hyped up with two World Title matches and an X Title thing as well.

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