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TNA Impact Wrestling May TV taping spoilers: cage matches, title shot opportunities (updated)

TNA taped a number of matches for Impact and while it's not clear what will air, it looks to be probably between 5/15, 5/22, 5/29 and 6/5 and 6/12.

- Cage match: Taryn Terrell b Gail Kim.  Kim had it won several times but Jade and Marti Bell kept her from escaping.  All three attacked Kim and locked the cage door so Kong couldn't get in for the save.

- Mickie James did an interview announcing her one last match was coming up soon.  She talked about Magnus being her fiance and best friend but Storm is her longtime friend.  James wanted to apologize to Storm but Storm said he understands because Magnus thinks he's doing the right thing.  Storm said that he's working to get James in with important musical people in Nashville.

- There was a Rumble for the X title.  It came down to Rockstar Spud, pinning Kenny King when they were the last two left.  This gave Spud a shot at Kurt Angle's title.  Argos took some bad bumps in this one.

They did another angle with Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.  This may air on 5/15 because they talked about last week.  Love came out with security and incited Sky, who attacked and was handcuffed and taken out.

EC 3 and Tyrus were out with singers who sang his theme while he campaigned for a shot at Angle.  Angle came out and said Lou Thesz and Verne Gagne would roll over in their grave if they saw this.  He said he can't wait to shut EC 3 up but next week is Destination X and he's defending the against Spud.  EC 3 said Spud doesn't deserve the shot.

- Bobby Lashley b Eric Young

- Austin Aries & Bobby Roode b Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards so the Wolves are now up 2-1 in the best of five series.  Roode & Aries appeared to turn heel because Roode hit Edwards with a low blow and chair shot.

- EC 3 tried to talk Spud out of his title shot with Angle on the Destination X show.  Spud said he's cashing in his X title, so he's facing Angle and the X title will be vcant again.  This segment led to an eventual Angle & Spud vs. EC 3 & Tyrus match.

- Drew Galloway & Micah & Eli Drake b Kenny King & Low Ki & MVP

- Brooke b Jade

- Bram b Crimson who returned after a long absence

- TNA Champion Kurt Angle & X Division Champion Rockstar Spud b EC 3 & Tyrus when Angle pinned Tyrus after the Olympic slam.  After this match, Aries came out and announced he was going to cash in his briefcase at Destination X immediately after the Angle vs Spud title match.

- Low Ki won three-way over Manik and Crazzy Steve

- Tigre Uno won three-way over DJ Zema Ion and Mandrews.  Jessie attacked Ion after the match and left him laying.  Ken Anderson hit the mic check on Jessie.