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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Jeff Hardy vs. Spud & Tyrus ladder match

Matt Hardy

Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Matt Hardy was revealed as the one behind the Willow mask, making him the master mind behind the attacks on his brother, Jeff Hardy. Meanwhile, Ethan Carter III defeated Tyrus in a Last Man Standing match and brings him one-step closer to getting his rematch with Mike Bennett. Last but not least, TNA World Champ, Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley wrestled to a no contest in a Lumberjack match, which resulted in the entire roster brawling to end the show.

Tonight on Impact:

On tonight’s show, EC3 continues on his Road to Redemption as he goes one-on-one with the twisted and disturbed, Matt Hardy. Also, Trevor Lee will defend the X Division title in an Ultimate X Match. Furthermore, Grado returns and seeks revenge against Al Snow.

Show Recap:

-The night kicks off with Matt Hardy making his way to the ring as Josh Matthews and The Pope tells us that tonight’s show is “May Mayhem”. 

-Matt addresses the Impact Zone. He is a changed man and speaks in a strange way. It’s a weird tone and he’s using very proper grammar. Matt has a mad scientist kind of vibe to him that matches his “Einstein” hairstyle. Matt calls his match with EC3 a warm up match. He promises to destroy Jeff at Slammiversary, whom he keeps calling “Brother Nero”. Rockstar Spud and Tyrus hit the ring. Spud seems rather bothered by the changed Matt Hardy. He implores Matt not to face Jeff. Matt challenges Spud and Tyrus to take on Jeff in a ladder match for the Slammiversary contract. If Spud and Tyrus wins he won’t face Jeff, but if they lose he will. However, if Spud and Tyrus are not successful they can no longer associate with Matt. The match is official.

Suddenly, we cut to the catchiest music in wrestling and EC3 makes his way to the ring for his match. Josh reminds us that if EC3 wins he gets his rematch with The Miracle at Slammiversary.

Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy

Back from commercial, EC3 doesn’t know what to make of the changed Matt Hardy. Josh and The Pope talk about the transformation that Matt has gone through and is now a “Psychotic Lunatic”. Matt said the same earlier about himself so they’re pushing this as his new character.

They have a really good back and forth match. These two usually have good matches together. Josh reminds us that EC3 is on his Road to Redemption and he must win by pin fall or submission to get his rematch. EC3 gets the advantage and The Miracle comes down to ringside to get a better look. EC3 locks on the Cobra Clutch but The Miracle jumps EC3 for the disqualification, which means EC3 doesn’t get his rematch.

Post match, The Miracle beat down EC3 and laid him out with the Miracle in Progress. Miracle tells EC3 he failed on his Road To Redemption and that he won’t be getting his rematch. Pope and Josh speculate that The Miracle had no intention to face EC3 ever.

-A whole lot of hot is headed to the ring, as Maria Kanellis is on her way into the arena with her assistant Allie following behind like a little puppy.

-Back from commercial, the interviewer guy asks The Miracle about his actions. The Miracle says he created art but putting together the EC3 Road to Redemption. He compared himself to Prince and mentioned "Purple Rain".

-In the ring, Allie demands the audience quiet down and listen to her. She introduces Maria. Allie looks at Maria in awe and agree with everything Maria says. The crowd started chanting for Velvet Sky who made her last appearance with TNA last week. Gail Kim interrupts and takes the mic. Gail is very upset about Maria forcing Velvet out of TNA last week. Maria lets us know that because she is the leader of the Knockouts, Maria and Gail can’t touch each other unless it’s in a match. Maria announces that Gail will face Sienna and if Gail loses she has to leave TNA. Sienna jumps Gail from behind and beats her down. 

-Backstage, Grado and Mahabali Shera talk about Al Snow. Grado is going to bring weapons and pulls out a chicken leg from his tights. Shera eats the chicken and Grado pulls out a chain from his tights. #notweirdatall

-Backstage, Robbie E. calls Jesse Godderz on his cell phone. Robbie doesn’t realize that Jesse is standing on the other side of the fake wall. Robbie E. wants them to meet a “Guru” at the gym who will help them get the tag titles back. Jesse is ignoring Robbie E. and giving out high fives to random people walking by. This is an interesting way to build up a tag team.

-Still in the back, Gail is very upset about what happen just now. She is determined to defeat Sienna. She has no plans to leave TNA.

-We get a recap video of Al Snow and Grado’s lasting feud. Al asks if the fans want tables and chairs. They cheer, but he says his fists are the only weapons he needs. Al hides on the stage and attacks Grado as he comes out.

Street Fight: Al Snow vs. Grado

Al dominates Grado and beats him around the ringside before sending him in the ring. Al went into his tights and pulled out a white powder (insert dirty joke here.) Grado managed to blind Al with his own white powder. Shera ran out with a trashcan enabling Grado to use the lid on him. Shera brought out the chicken leg from earlier and Grado used it. Grado used the chain and had the match won when two “gentlemen” in “France” shirts run down and attacked Shera. They distracted Grado, which gave Al the chance to beat him. After the match Josh and The Pope wondered who these two gentlemen are. It was the debut of recently released NXT stars formally known as Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort, but the announcers did not name them on air.

-Backstage, TNA Champ Drew Galloway and Bobby Lashley have been ordered to the ring and both are on their way.

-Back from commercial, Reby tries to convince Matt to not face Jeff, even trying to use Maxell to get Matt to change his mind. Not surprisingly, not even the kinship between father and son stop Matt from destroying his own brother.

-Jeremy Borash was in the ring recapping last week when Lashley interrupted him. He intimidated J.B. to leave the ring. Lashley wants the TNA titled handed to him because he was screwed out of the title last week. Galloway comes out and wants to fight right now. Before they can fight, TNA President Dixie Carter comes out and announces that they will face in the main event at Slammiversary. Dixie wants a clear winner so the match can only end by knockout or tap out. Drew and Lashley end up brawling. Drew has the advantage until security comes out. Lashley gives the spear to both Drew and the referee. Lashley uses his headband to choke out Drew, and then poses to end the segment with a lot of carnage left in the ring.

Ultimate X Match: X Division Champion Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett vs. Eddie Edwards vs. DJ Z

Shane Helms is in both Lee and Everett’s corner. Josh wonders if Everett will help Lee or try to take the title for himself. Eddie hits a dive right off the bat to start the match. This was a really good match and each guy got the chance to shine. There was lots of climbing up the structure and across the cable before being cut off.

DJ Z climbed up and across the cable, but Lee pulled him down into a German suplex in a cool spot. Everett went up to get the belt, but Lee stopped him and freaked out that he was going for the belt. They teased fighting but Shane convinced them to work together. DJ Z prevented Lee from winning and took on both guys. Eddie pulled down the belt, but Lee stole the belt out of Eddie’s hand who was still hanging from the cables. Shane had the referee distracted at ringside so he didn't see Eddie pull the belt down.

-In the back, Maria pumps Sienna up for her match with Gail. Sienna promises to eliminate Gail from TNA. Allie was repeating Maria, which clearly annoyed her.

-Backstage, it’s time for EC3 to cut his weekly awesome promo. He talked about how The Miracle rigged the game. EC3 compared himself to Bobby Fisher and said he won’t lose this game. He going to make a phone call he doesn’t want to make but he's going to make it because he wants to face The Miracle.

-Next we get a recap of Sienna ending Velvet's TNA career. We also get her emotional goodbye.

Sienna w/ “The First Lady of Professional Wrestling” and Allie vs. Gail Kim w/ Gail’s Job on the Line

Josh calls Sienna Maria’s enforcer. Josh wonders if Sienna will end Gail’s career like she ended Velvet’s last week.

Gail runs wild on Sienna right from the start. She goes for several near falls and tries to put Sienna away early. She’s in control until Maria distracts her. Sienna takes over on Gail and dominates her. Gail climbs to the top, but Maria pulls her down and Gail takes a nasty fall to the outside. Sienna goes to put Gail away but then Gail rolled up Sienna for the win.

Post match, Maria beats down Gail with the help of Sienna. Maria went absolutely crazy on Gail and kept slapping her over and over. 

-Backstage, Spud is worried about their upcoming match. Tyrus tells Spud not to worry about it. Reby shows up and tells them they need to fix this. She tells them they need to end Jeff Hardy. She tells them that Matt won’t even hold Maxell. They promise to handle it.

-Robbie E. and Jesse Godderz are at the gym looking for the “Guru” who will help them win the tag titles. For some reason, they both take their shirts off. The “Guru” ends up being a woman with purple hair called Raquel. The BroMans think it’s weird to be trained by a girl. Robbie couldn’t even look at her. To make a long story short, she’s a tough trainer and they had a good workout. This is the same Raquel that was appearing in segments with Lashley a few months back, but the angle was dropped without explanation. It appears she will now be the valet for the BroMans.

Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Tyrus & Rockstar Spud

Spud jumps Jeff on the outside to start the match. The heels double-team Jeff, but he makes his own comeback. Jeff slides a ladder in the ring and works over Spud. Tyrus pulled the ladder out of the ring. The heels regain control of the match. Tyrus lays out Jeff and attempts to climb the ladder but the second rung breaks under his weight. Apparently, Tyrus can’t climb the ladder because of his size.

Jeff takes out Tyrus with the Twist of Fate. Spud sneaks up the ladder. Jeff and Spud exchange shots at the top of the ladder until Jeff hits the Twist of Fate sending Spud face first into the ladder. They both fall off the ladder, but Jeff quickly climbs back up and pulls the contract down. That means Jeff vs. Matt is official for Slammiversary and Spud & Tyrus can’t associate with Matt anymore.

Post match, Matt and Jeff have a stare down to end the show.

Next Time on Impact: 

Next week, Drew Galloway and Lashley will compete in “Pick Your Poison”, where they will each get to pick the others opponent for the night.