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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Mike Bennett vs EC3 plus tag team action

Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Drew Galloway retained the TNA World title in a hard fought battle with former champion Matt Hardy. Enticing the crowd, Ethan Carter III and “The Destroyer” Lashley had another staredown that ended with Lashley backing off.


For the first time ever, “Miracle” Mike Bennett takes on Ethan Carter III. TNA has been slowly building to this match since Bennett’s debut, which was also Impact’s debut on Pop TV. Additionally, TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money issued an open challenge to any and all tag teams for tonight.

Show Recap:

Matt Hardy’s music kicks the night off as Josh Matthews welcomes us to the show. The Pope is back on commentary after suffering a beating at the hands of Lashley last week.

Matt, Tyrus, Rockstar Spud, the beautiful Reby Sky and her little rascal, Maxell stand in the ring. Matt looks pretty snappy in his suit tonight. He talks about all the hard work he’s put into his career, and he feels he’s built a great legacy for the last name “Hardy”. He claims Jeff is ruining all of that and tarnishing their last name.

Jeff comes out to the ring. Josh mentions that Matt has always lived in Jeff’s shadow and he’s bitter about that. Basically, Matt wants Jeff gone and wants him to stop using the last name “Hardy”. Matt suggests that Jeff should change his name to “Creature” or “Willow”. This prompts Matt to challenge Jeff to match, but Jeff won’t fight his brother. The crowd chants, “Jeff is better.” After a little more pressure from Matt, Jeff finally accepts and we have a faceoff.

- Beer Money makes their way down to the ring for their open challenge. James Storm roars into the ring on the Boozer Cruiser… again.

TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money (Bobby Roode & James Storm) vs. Decay (Crazzy Steve & Abyss) w/ Rosemary vs. Eric Young & Bram vs. The BroMans (Robbie E & Jesse Godderz)

Back from commercial, The BroMans, Decay and Eric Young, and Bram accept Beer Money’s open challenge. The match starts with a wild brawl with all eight guys fighting in and around the ring.

In a hilarious spot, James Storm got on the Cruiser and rode it around the ring in a complete circle until he collided with Bram. The BroMans take over and start clearing the ring. Surprisingly, Jesse Godderz hit some impressive moves, including jumping up and hitting a hurricanrana off the top of the ropes onto Crazzy Steve. Robbie E. hit a dive to the outside taking out everyone on the floor. EY and Bram had yet another miscommunication causing EY to accidently hit Bram. EY turned around and ate a superkick from Storm. Beer Money picks up the win and retains their titles.

- Backstage, Matt reveals to Jeff that their match is set for next week. Matt wants the match to be an ‘I Quit Match.” Jeff challenges Matt and Tyrus to tag match for later. The winning team gets to pick the stipulation for next week. Either an “I Quit Match” or a “Full Metal Mayhem”.

- Back from commercial, somebody jumped Eddie Edwards backstage but Eddie didn’t see who did it. Josh reveals that Eddie is scheduled to challenge Trevor Lee for the X Division title.

- “The First Lady of Pro Wrestling” Maria Kanellis comes to the ring and says she saved the Knockouts Division by getting the title off of Gail Kim. Maria claims to be the boss and leader of the Knockouts. Maria brings out “her Knockouts Champion” Jade. She says that Jade is champion because of her and Jade owes her. Therefore, Maria wants Jade to hand her the belt, but Jade refuses. #byefelicia

Gail Kim Interrupts. The Dollhouse and The Beautiful People all come out as well. Basically, they don’t like Maria and everyone wants to be in charge. Billy Corgan comes out and announces Jade will defend the title against Madison Rayne. He also announces that next week all the Knockouts will battle it out and the winner will become the leader of the Knockouts Division.

- Backstage, EC3 promises to teach Mike Bennett a lesson tonight that someone should have taught him long ago.

- Back from commercial, Eric Young and Bram are backstage arguing. EY is upset about the constant miscommunication. EY has the King of The Mountain title with him and tells Bram to make things right.

TNA X-Division champion Trevor Lee w/ Shane Helms vs. DJ Z

Edwards is injured from the mysterious attack which took place earlier, so he’s out of the title match. DJ Z comes out to fill the vacant spot in a non-title match. He’s on fire to start the match by hitting a sweet dive to the outside. On commentary, Pope speculates that Helms and Lee might have had something to the with Eddie’s attack from earlier.

They have a really good match with DJ Z getting in some really cool offense. DJ Z had the match won, but Shane distracted the referee. Lee got the advantage and set up for his finish but DJ Z rolls him up for the surprise win. Post-match, Shane and Lee went to beat down DJ Z, but Edwards ran out for the save.

- Backstage, Jeff Hardy reveals his partner for tonight is TNA World Champion Drew Galloway, making it Matt and Tyrus vs. Jeff and Drew.

“Miracle” Mike Bennett w/Maria Kanellis vs. Ethan Carter III

As EC3 makes his way to the ring, Josh reminds us that he has never been pinned or submitted. EC3 dominated the early moments of the match. Bennett got the brief advantage after Maria distracted EC3. EC3 regained control and back dropped Bennett to the outside then gave him a sick suplex on the ramp. Bennett took back over and slowed the pace of the match down.

EC3 made a fiery comeback by hitting his version of the Stinger Splash which Josh called the EC3 Splash. EC3 hits the TKO and had the match won, but Maria put Bennett’s leg on the bottom rope to break up the pin. He chases Maria around the ring, which gave Bennett the chance to hit the ace crusher. Bennett grabs a chair, but EC3 ducks and locks on a submission. Earl tries to get the chair out of the ring, but Maria grabs it. While this is going on Bennett taps out, which the referee doesn’t see. EC3 grabs the chair and beats Bennett with it, getting disqualified.

- We get a recap of Al Snow attacking Mahabali Shera and Grado two weeks ago.

- Backstage, Al Snow apologizes for his actions and breaking Grado’s arm. He reminds us that he’s been suspended without pay. He’s going to the ring to call out Mahabali Shera to give a public apology. 

Snow is in the ring and calls Shera out to apologize. Shera is full of passion and anger as he professes his urge to knockout Al, but Al wants him to listen first. Al mentions that he’s 53 and has been doing this since he was 18. He gets a nice reaction from the crowd for that.

Al says everyone tells him wrestling is passing him by. He becomes intensely emotional, especially when talking about how difficult wrestling had been early in his career. Al promises to pay for Grado’s medical bills and wants to help Shera accomplish his dream of becoming World Champion. Al apologizes and they embrace. As they leave, Al jumps Shera and viciously beats him down. Al was great in his role and was so good that despite being the heel, the crowd chanted, “You’ve still go it” after he backstabbed Shera.

- In the back, Snow gives a passionate speech about wrestling not changing, and how he’s disgusted that a “fat turd” like Grado is in TNA.

TNA Knockouts champion Jade vs. Madison Rayne

As the match gets started, Josh announces that next week all the Knockouts will face off in a ladder match for control of the Knockouts. They explain that whomever wins will have the authority to make matches and grant title shots. Jade is in control of the match and dominates the action. Josh says that Jade reminds him of Ronda Rousey because they’re both hard hitting. Madison takes the lead for a brief moment, but it’s not enough as Jade picks up the win and retains her title.

TNA Champion Drew Galloway & Jeff Hardy vs. 
Matt Hardy & Tyrus w/Rockstar Spud & Reby Sky

As the competitors make their way to the ring Josh reminds us what’s at stake. If Matt and Tyrus win, next week’s match between Matt and Jeff will be an “I Quit” Match. If Jeff and Drew win, the match will be “Full Metal Mayhem”.

Matt teases starting the match with Jeff, but he quickly tags out to Tyrus. Jeff and Drew use some of the old Hardy Boys double team moves to gain control of the match, and they clear the ring.

Tyrus and Matt get the advantage and isolate Drew in their corner. Drew makes the hot tag to Jeff who runs wild and takes out Tyrus. Jeff hits the twist of fate and goes for the Swanton bomb, but Tyrus steps in the way. Jeff dives onto Tyrus, which gives Reby the chance to give Matt a hammer. Matt uses the hammer on Jeff and hits the twist of fate to win the match. Next week Matt faces Jeff in an “I Quit” Match.

Post match, as Drew helps up Jeff, Lashley hits the ring and takes out both Drew and Jeff. Lashley hits the spear on Drew. On the outside, Lashley spears Drew into the steal steps. Lashley poses with the TNA World title.

- Next, we get a cool video in black and white. It shows Jeff leaping off of a huge structure with a graphic promoting next week’s match between Matt and Jeff on the screen.

Next Time on Impact:

It’s Hardy vs. Hardy as Jeff Hardy goes one on one with Matt Hardy in an I Quit Match. The Knockouts compete in a ladder match battle royal for control of the Knockouts Division. Also, the X Division Champion Trevor Lee will defend his title against both Eddie Edwards and DJ Z in a triple threat.