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TNA Salem, VA house show results (10-3): Ethan Carter, Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway

TNA Wrestling - EC3

Submitted by Chris Cawley

- First match was gut check match between two "local" guys. Shawn Shultz went over on bigger guy didn't catch his name. Not a great match and neither guy were local.

- Mr Anderson over Tyrus: a lot of prematch shenanigans. Anderson tried to get heat by teasing the Funkasaurus and dancing. Finish came with a blatant low blow and sarcastic ref counting 3 super fast.

- Gail Kim beat Awesome Kong via DQ. Solid stuff from these 2 as usual. Finish came when Kong grabbed ref by throat for chokeslam and Kong was DQ'd.

- Earl Hebner HOF induction was next. It was really weird for this to be happening here. Earl is from Richmond and they made is seem like Richmond was "right down the road". Billy Corgan came out for the presentation. Billy and Earl mentioned Dusty Rhodes a lot.

- Bobby Roode over Eli Drake. Typical match. A lot of pre match mic work by Drake. Roode went over clean and afterwards shared a beer with Earl Hebner.

- Kurt Angle over Eric Young. Nothing crazy or over the top. Good matchup. Angle went over clean with Angle slam.

- The Wolves over Jesse Godderz and Andrew Everett. Probably longest match of the night. Only tag match on the card. Nothing too memorable. Wolves went over clean.

- TNA Champion Ethan Carter went over Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway. Tyrus was at ringside for match. After match, EC3 got on mic and said those 2 weren't going to make it to Bound For Glory and ordered Tyrus to help. Out came Jeff Hardy with a chair to even the odds. They laid EC3 on table, Galloway did a swanton, but the table didn't break. They then laid him on the table again and Matt splashed EC3 through table to send the fans home happy.

Submitted by Joshua Watkins

Meet & Greet with Matt & Jeff Hardy before the show

- Gut Check Dark Match:
Shawn Shultz pins Eric Adams with a Tornado DDT (4:00)

- Match #1:
Mr. Anderson pins Tyrus with a blatant low blow and fast count from referee Brian Hebner (7:20)

- Match #2: TNA Knockout's Championship
Gail Kim retains when Awesome Kong grabs referee Brian Stiffler for the DQ (4:00)
Post-Match: Gail Kim lays out Awesome Kong with Eat Defeat

- Earl Hebner Hall Of Fame Ceremony feat. Billy Corgan, Brian Hebner, Jeremy Borash, & the entire locker room. (Jeremy Borash made sure to mention that the TV cameras were there & that this will be shown on the Bound For Glory PPV)

- Match #3: King Of The Mountain Championship
TNA Hall Of Famer Earl Hebner counts 3 as Bobby Roode pins Eli Drake with the Roode Bomb to retain (15:00)

*Best match of the night*
- Match #4:
Kurt Angle pins Eric Young with the Angle Slam (7:00)

- Intermission -
(I noticed people leaving at this point. Kurt Angle's return was the main draw of this show.)

- Match #5: TNA World Tag Team Championship
The American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) retain against Jessie Godderz & Andrew Everett
Superkick/Suplex Tag Team Finish, Richards pins Everett (12:30)

*Great match*

- Match #6: Main Event: TNA World Heavyweight Championship Three-Way
Drew Galloway vs Matt Hardy vs Ethan Carter III (c) w/ Tyrus
Tyrus pulls the ref out of the ring, EC3 hits Matt Hardy with the Title Belt for the pin to retain. (10:20)
Post-Match: EC3 & Tyrus beat down Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway until Jeff Hardy makes the save with a steel chair.

The Hardy's put EC3 on a table, Galloway attempted a swanton but the table didn't break, then Matt Hardy splashes EC3 through the table.