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TNA tapings from Orlando 7-22-15

Notes from tonight's tapings.  This was more just matches for One Night Only and Xplosion:

James Storm and Austin Aries, whose contracts expired a few weeks ago, worked tonight so they are at least in for some shows.

Drew Galloway b Bram

Rockstar Spud b Grado

Awesome Kong b Madison Rayne

EC 3 d Austin Aries

Bobby Roode b James Storm

Abyss b Eric Young

Matt Hardy b Davey Richards

Brooke b Gail Kim

Kenny King b Aiden "The Thug" O'Shea

DJ Zem Ion b Tigre Uno

Tyrus b Chris Melendez

Micah b Eli Drkae

Robbie E b Eddie Edwards

Jessie Godderz b Crimson

Manik b Mandrews

Mahabili Shera (formerly Khoya) b Crazzy Steve

Drew Galloway b Grado

Eric Young b Bobby Roode

Bram b Spud

Spud b Bram

Bobby Lashley b Ken Anderson