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X-Division, Digital Media champions crowned at Impact Bound for Glory

After Josh Alexander relinquished the title in exchange for a World title shot, Trey Miguel won the X-Division championship in a three-way tournament final at Bound for Glory.

Miguel defeated Steve Maclin and El Phantasmo to kick off his first title reign in Impact Wrestling. All three men earned their slots by winning three-way qualifiers on Impact's weekly TV show.

The end came when Phantasmo went for a low blow, but Miguel was wearing a cup that blocked the impact. He hit several kicks, a deadlift brain buster and a meteora on ELP to pick up the win. 

While the X-Division title has been established for years, the first-ever Digital Media champion was crowned on the Bound for Glory pre-show as Jordynne Grace became the inaugural titleholder in a six-way intergender match.

The finish came when Grace, a former Knockouts singles and Knockouts Tag Team champion, hit the Grace Driver on John Skylar for the win to finish a short match. The title will be defended on the company's social media channels.

With six title matches on the show, there were also new Knockouts Tag Team Champions crowned as the IInspiration defeated Decay's Rosemary and Havok for the titles.