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Impact Wrestling live results: FinJuice vs. XXXL

Preview by Josh Nason

Tuesday's Impact Wrestling is expected to follow up on several title changes from Saturday's Sacrifice show, headlined by Rich Swann defeating Moose to unify the Impact and TNA World titles.

On Saturday, FinJuice (David Finlay and Juice Robinson) defeated the Good Brothers to win the Tag Team Titles and will be in non-title action against XXXL (Larry D and Acey Romero). 

Tuesday's show will feature a 12-woman tag team match as Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo, Knockouts Tag Team Champions Fire 'N Flava (Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz), Kimber Lee, Susan and Tenille Dashwood will face Jordynne Grace, Jazz, OBD, Havok, Nevaeh and Alisha.

Additionally, Sami Callihan vs. Trey Miguel and Rohit Raju vs. Shera is also scheduled for Tuesday. Black Taurus vs. Luster The Legend will be the featured match on the BTI pre-show.

While Swann and new X-Division Champion Ace Austin weren't announced as appearing as of yet, it's expected they will be on Tuesday's show in some form.

Our live coverage starts at 8 PM Eastern.

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Black Taurus (with Decay) defeated Luster The Legend (with Adam Thornstowe) on BTI.

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Opening video was a recap of Sacrifice, including FinJuice winning the Impact tag team championships, and Rich Swann defeating Moose to win the TNA World Championship and unify it with his Impact World Championship. 

Impact Tag Team Champions FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) in a non-title match

They’ve added little camera shakes for XXXL’s entrance for each step they take, it’s a nice little touch.

Match saw FinJuice dominate early on, hitting a couple of double team moves on D, but then Romero tagged in, the size difference was a bit too much for Robinson, who took some offense by Romero. Robinson quickly escaped Romero and tagged Finlay in. Finish saw FinJuice hit a double flapjack on D and acid drop by Finlay for the win. Technically a squash with a short hope spot for XXXL.

After the match, Anderson and Gallows came out to confront FinJuice. Anderson asked them if they were happy to have won against a team that wasn’t on their 100%, they’ve been jumping between Dynamite and Impact, hungover, and jetlagged. Gallows challenged them for a rematch, which Robinson quickly accepted. FinJuice said that they would have to wait for April when they’re done with the New Japan Cup tour. 

Anderson and Gallows, annoyed that they would have to wait, attacked FinJuice, but Finlay and Robinson dodged them and left them hanging. 

- D’lo Brown & Matt Striker ran down tonight’s card.

- We got a promo by Sami Callihan talking about how Trey Miguel is a phony and how he lacks passion, which Miguel pretends to have. He said that tonight, he’d embarrass Miguel and make an example out of him. The production effects of these makes them funnier and not aggressive as they should.

- Anderson and Gallows went to D’Amore to complain about their title situation. D’Amore said that FinJuice will defend their titles against them at Rebellion on April 24. D’Amore said that FinJuice would be defending the titles in Japan, which I highly doubt. 

- Tommy Dreamer came up to D’Amore too and brought up that they don’t have tag titles now and this is a mess. D’Amore said that it was a good price to have a working relationship with a promotion that used to hate them. D’Amore said that this wasn’t easy, so if Dreamer thought he could do better, then he should book the next Impact+ special -- Hardcore Justice. Dreamer gave D’Amore some ideas.

Rhino (with VBD) defeated Jake Something (with James Storm & Chris Sabin)

Rhino turned heel at Sacrifice, turning on James Storm, Chris Sabin, and Jake Something, after he ran down and aided Doering and Deaner to defeat Sabin after hitting him with a Gore. Rhino had been feuding with EY and Doering prior to being taken out, along with his friend Heath.

This was more of an angle. They did about 3 minutes of wrestling before Beer Guns and VBD started brawling outside, distracting Something and allowing Rhino to gore him for the pin. 

After the match, the brawl continued, Rhino gored everyone, and Violent By Design ended standing tall over their opponents.

This feels like it’s going to end in a big 8-man weapons match, potentially at Hardcore Justice.

- Backstage, Tenille Dashwood wanted to get her team for tonight to be called ‘Tenille and her followers”. Purrazzo instead wanted to offer the team guidance, but was interrupted by Hogan and Steelz, who are tag team specialists and it was them who had advice. Purrazzo then calmed things and said that they’re all the best and instead of going back and forward, they need to do their thing and win like they always do.

Rohit Raju defeated Mahabali Shera 

A couple of weeks ago, Raju brought Shera back to the promotion as a backup against TJP. After failing to win the X Division title and a tag team match against Storm and Sabin, Raju berated Shera to the point that Shera had enough and fired back. 

This was playing out to be another squash, but the match actually went back and forward, as Raju kept getting offense on Shera. This was a speed vs power match, with Raju being able to dodge and attack Shera, while Shera would capture Raju and drop him with power moves. At the end, Raju got a roll up on Shera with his feet on the ropes and got the upset win.

Seems like this will go on for some time. Shera hasn’t fully turned babyface, so it will be interesting to see if they keep him as a monster, or if the Shera Shake comes back.

- Willie Mack congratulated Rich Swann for defeating Moose. Swann said that it wasn’t time to party, he had business in the ring.

- Rich Swann walked out to the ring. Swann said that he may not like Moose, but respected that at Sacrifice, he and Moose went all out and showed what Impact is about, but now, Swann is a double champion. Swann addressed Kenny Omega, he had been dragging a pin loss to Omega since January, and now he had his chance to get it back and he would show who the real best wrestler in the world is.

Don Callis came out and congratulated Swann. He hugged Swann and told him he was proud of him. Callis said he was a big fan of Swann and that it was him that fought to sign Swann to Impact, it was Callis that made sure that Swann kept getting paid while he was injured and he checked on him weekly. Callis got him in the Bound For Glory 2020 main event, and none of this was denied by Swann. 

Callis said that Swann was his shiny toy, but Kenny Omega was his new, shinier toy. Callis started getting in Swann’s head, talking about how Swann likely has been celebrating for a month now thinking of the One Winged Angel in the back of his head. He kept telling Swann that he was a once in a decade wrestler, but Omega was one in a millenia. Callis had been around for every big Omega moment and at Rebellion, he would be there, along with Swann, as they both witnessed history, when Omega hits the One Winged Angel.

Don Callis is FANTASTIC! This was a great segment.

- We got our weekly  AEW commercial with Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone. They ran down the card for St. Patrick’s Day Slam episode of Dynamite. Tony Schiavone will interview STING.

- Backstage, Eddie Edwards thanked Matt Cardona for having his back this last month. Myers walked up and talked with Cardona, who told him to stop antagonizing him and Edwards. Myers told him that he didn’t want Cardona on Impact because this was his promotion and wanted to do it by himself.

Jordynne Grace, Jazz, Alisha, Havok, Nevaeh, & ODB defeated Impact Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo, Impact Knockout Tag Team Champions Fire ‘n Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz), Susan, Kimber Lee, & Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K)

Alisha aside, all these women have crossed paths in the last months. At Sacrifice, we saw the heel side dominate all of their matches against their babyface counterparts, and so D’Amore booked this match. There are no stipulations to this match, but with both Knockouts championships on one side, we should be getting some progression.

Match started with a couple of pair ups with the babyface team maintaining control over their opponents. Dashwood vs Alisha, ODB vs Susan, Nevaeh vs Lee, Havok vs Hogan, and Jazz vs Purrazzo. At this point, every woman started taking turns to come and hit a move, ending with a big brawl outside the ring, perfectly set up for a double dive from Grace and Steelz. 

Back from commercial, the referee had regained control and everyone was back in the ring, but once again, after a few spots with Grace and Lee, everyone started to take turns again to take out the previous one, ending with Jazz submitting Kimber Lee with the STF. This was 100% an exhibition match, nothing really happened, but everyone got something in.

Hard to say where this could go, but with Jazz getting the win, she could be getting a shot at Purrazzo.

- Gia Miller interviewed the new X Division champion,  Ace Austin. He said that things were back to normal now that he had regained the title, and that defeating TJP was inevitable.  Chris Bey and Josh Alexander interrupted Austin because both of them had beaten Austin. TJP then walked up and was told to go the back of the line, but TJP said he was getting his rematch next week, so he didn’t need to wait in line like the rest.

- Brown and Striker ran down next week’s card, including TJP vs Ace Austin rematch, Deonna Purrazzo vs Jazz in a non-title match, and Karl Anderson vs Eddie Edwards.

Sami Callihan defeated Trey Miguel

Ever since Miguel returned to Impact, Callihan has been stalking and teasing him about not having passion, about constantly quitting when things get hard, and about how he lacked the killer instinct. Last week, Callihan even used one of Miguel’s trainees to come after Miguel.

Match started with Miguel running wild over Callihan, in and outside the ring. He managed to dodge and counter everything that Callihan was throwing at him, but when he went for a 619 reversal, Callihan caught him, cut him off, and turned momentum around.

Callihan worked over Miguel’s ankle, which he initially injured by locking it between the metal frame in the ringpost. After tossing him from corner to corner and going for ankle locks, Callihan got overconfident and started taking his time to trash talk, but in doing so, Miguel got enough time to take a breather and counter Callihan with an enzuigiri. 

Still hurting, Miguel made half a comeback, every time he jumped, he failed to stay on his feet, but he was able to take down Callihan along with him. He kept going for foot stomps for some reason. 

Last couple of minutes saw both men go back and forward, trading some near falls. Miguel got close with a sharpshooter, but Callihan bit himself out of the submission, hit a powerbomb and into an STF for a big near fall. Match ended with Callihan hitting a package piledriver for the win after Miguel failed to hit the meteora. 

Ok match, it was definitely too long. Miguel looked good, he sold his ankle as much as he could given that his arsenal is mostly kick based.

We’ll wait for next week to see how Miguel reacts to losing and how Callihan follows up, but we’re surely getting a rematch.