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Impact Wrestling results: Ace & Fulton vs. The North

Impact Wrestling results: Ace & Fulton vs The North

Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for the build up to Victory Road and Bound For Glory. 

Opening video focused on last week’s X-Division three-way for a shot at Rohit Raju, who successfully defended the X-Division title, the ongoing war that Eric Young has started against Impact and the consequent return of Eddie Edwards, who would be later attacked before the end of last week’s show. 

Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary defeated Havok & Nevaeh

Havok and Rosemary got face to face, but Nevaeh and Taya pulled them apart and started the match instead. Early advantage for Taya using lucha arm drags. 

Havok and Rosemary tagged in and straight for strikes. Havok got Rosemary down with a couple of kicks and went for the chokeslam, but Rosemary fought it off and got the tag to Taya, who came in and got a two count pin attempt.

Havok recovered and took down Taya with a backbreaker, took her to their corner for some running clotheslines, and a submission attempt by Nevaeh. Taya tried to fight away, but Nevaeh kept her down with a dropkick for more pin attempts. Havok tagged in for another backbreaker and clothesline combo and yet another near fall. Taya finally fought off and escaped Havok to tag in Rosemary, who came in running wild, hitting exploders. Rosemary locked in the upside down on Havok, followed with a crossbody from the third, and tagged Taya in for the double spear. 

Nevaeh tagged in, hit a German on Rosemary. Taya blocked the German attempt on her, hit Road to Valhalla and picked up the win. Good opener, better than usual. 

After the match, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan came out and jumped Taya. Rosemary. Havok and Nevaeh, who have a history with Steelz and Hogan, made the save. 

Backstage, The Good Brothers are telling stories. Everyone seems to love it until Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin approach them. Shelley started making fun of Anderson’s past in Japan, completely running over him with a truck of insults, leaving Anderson without comebacks. 

Gia MIller interviewed KImber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo, who said that Kylie Rae was completely confused to think that everyone liking her would mean anything when she stepped in the ring with Purrazzo. Gia Miller announced to Purrazzo that she’ll be defending the title at Victory Road against Susie.

Josh Matthews & Madison Rayne ran down the card for Victory Road and tonight’s show. 

Kaleb with a K was in the ring for Tenille Dashwood’s introduction.

Jordynne Grace defeated Tenille Dashwood (with Kaleb with a K)

Jordynne Grace started the match chasing the Grace driver, but Tenille would escape. Jordynne would follow with a couple of shoulder tackles, a scoop slam, and senton for a two count. Jordynne pushed Tenille to the corner for more shoulder thrusts and clotheslines. Jordynne whipped her from corner to corner, complete dominance. 

Tenille finally managed to get Jordynne between the ropes for a desperation neckbreaker and get to change things around. Now with control, Tenille worked over Jordynne’s head, going after the hair over and over. Jordynne would try to come back, but Tenille kept her down, dodging and kicking her. 

Eventually, Jordynne connected with a quick jab, a boot, and it was enough to set up Tenille for the running knees to the back, running falling elbow, and a Vader bomb for a two count. Jordynne went for the Grace driver, but Tenille blocked, only to take a close distance clothesline instead. Jordynne connected more clotheslines, but failed on the third and found herself hanging on a tree of woe for Tenille’s low crossbody for a two count. 

Tenille went for the double underhook, but Grace blocked. Tenille went for the spotlight, but Grace dodged and set up the Grace driver, only to get distracted by Kaleb. 

Tenille went for an O’Connor roll, but Jordynne reversed into a sleeper for the submission win.

Moose was running around backstage looking for ECIII, actually attacking an innocent bystander by mistake. ECIII appeared and told Moose that he’ll be on Impact next week to destroy the TNA title. 

We got a video package of Rich Swann’s recovery and rehab. He said that he is finally bound for glory and he’ll prove everyone wrong. Rehab doctor said that he had been working all day all night and that he was cleared to go.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Victory Road 2012’s Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim.

Rhino and Heath celebrated the success of their last infomercial when suddenly, Reno Scum and Hernandez jumped them and took the money they had stolen. Serves them right for stealing.

Rhino went looking for D’Amore and asked for a match with Reno Scum. D’Amore said that this was a favor because Heath didn’t work here, but if Heath signs a waiver, he and Heath can fight Reno Scum unsanctioned at Victory Road.

The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

Anderson and Xavier started the match with Anderson getting the jump and early advantage, ramming Dez from corner to corner, hitting elbows. Dezmond got a rana on Anderson and tagged in Wentz, who unfortunately was pushed into Gallows, who tagged in next.

Gallows hit Wentz with lefts and rights and headbutts before tagging in Dezmond again, except this time around, The Rascalz surprised Anderson with a fast paced kick combo to bring him down for the pin attempt. 

Dezmond went for a running dropkick, but Anderson blocked and tagged in Gallows, who came in with a huge clothesline on Xavier, followed with a delayed suplex. GBs worked over Dezmond from there on with quick tags, strikes, and headlocks. Gallows almost submitted Xavier with a sleeper, but Xavier started fighting back and got a desperation wheelbarrow bulldog to get Gallows off and tag in Wentz. 

Anderson and Wentz tagged in, with the latter getting the better of the strike exchange with an enziguri, step-up knee, and a PK. Xavier tagged in for the double team footstomp and hot fire flame, but Anderson got the knees up and got rid of Wentz. 

Xavier tried to dive on Gallows, but was caught midair and tossed into Wentz. Back in the ring, Anderson hit a spinebuster on Xavier, followed by a magic killer for the win. 

After the match, Anderson called out Shelley and Sabin. He said that they came here for money, but they also came for titles and challenged them for a title shot at BFG. 

Brian Myers came into the arena and suddenly found himself in the same hallway as Dreamer, who didn’t give in to last week’s threat. They got face to face, Myers tried to jump Dreamer, but Dreamer managed to block it, and being a professional, challenged Myers to a match at Victory Road. 

Tenille and Kaleb were leaving the arena when Jordynne Grace stopped them for no reason. Kaleb challenged Jordynne Grace on behalf of Tenille for a match at Victory Road. Tenille wasn’t so happy about it, she just wanted a doctor to look at her neck.

Johnny Swinger defeated Fallah Bahh to become John E. Bravo’s best man

The Deaners, Crazzy Steve, Alisha Edwards, and Bravo are all ringside to watch the match. 

Swinger jumped Bahh to start the match, but didn’t do much damage. Bahh powered up and pushed Swinger to the corner where he delivered a palm strike combo and an over-the-head body toss.

Swinger went for a scoop slam, but couldn’t pick up Bahh, who delivered one himself, followed with a leg drop for a two count. Swinger raked Bahh’s eyes, stomped Cody Deaner’s hand to distract the referee and used Steve’s monkey to hit Bahh for the win.

After the match, Bravo berated referee Tolle for not seeing that Bravo had cheated and had ruined his wedding. He told Tolle to restart the match or he’d never be head official, and so we got...

Fallah Bahh defeated Johnny Swinger to become John E. Bravo’s best man.

Match restarted, Bahh caught Swinger with a running body splash and banzai drop for the win.

Gia Miller interviewed Rohit Raju about his cheap win last week. Rohit said that he had become The Star of Impact and that he was debuting the ‘Defeat Rohit’ challenge at Victory Road. TJP approached him and said he wanted first dibs at the challenge, but Rohit told them that the challenge was for anyone that hasn’t already had their chances. 

Swinger approached Bravo reversing the decision. Bravo said he didn’t care who the best man was, he reversed the decision because it was a bad call and that referee Tolle was a moron (his words, not mine). Is this becoming a Bravo vs Tolle feud?

Eddie Edwards came down to the ring. He cut a promo calling out whoever attacked him last week. He assumed that it was Eric Young and called him out to get in a fight, but instead, Sami Callihan came out. 

Callihan told Eddie he didn’t do it and that Eddie knew him and Sami didn’t hide behind blackout attacks. Sami had footage of the man that attacked him, and when the lights came up, Ken Shamrock was behind Eddie. Shamrock, who looks way bigger than before, took down Eddie with a kick, locked in the ankle lock. Made it seem like Sami and Shamrock are a team against Eddie now, days before Eddie challenges EY for the title. 

And now, Eric Young cut a promo about Eddie not being healthy for him at Victory Road, and so if Eddie decides to show up, he’ll enjoy destroying Eddie. 

Kylie Rae approached Susie about her shot at Victory Road. Rae said that she’d be happy if Susie won and they could wrestle instead at BFG. Susie kept giving signs that Su Yung is coming out soon.

Matthews and Rayne ran down the update card for Victory Road, including the Defeat Rohit Challenge, Tenille vs Jordynne III, Myers vs Dreamer, Reno Scum vs Rhino & Heath, Eric Young vs Eddie Edwards for the Impact title. 

Next week, we get MCMG vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, and Rosemary and Taya vs Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz. 

The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Fulton and Page started the match, with the former having the power advantage, tossing around Page, who had to hide behind the ropes. Page tried to use some speed on Fulton, but to no avail. Page tried to get a sleeper in, but Fulton treated him like a ragdoll, tossing him snake eyes into the ring post. Alexander tried to distract Fulton, but got taken out. Eventually, The North got Fulton to chase them to a trap and double team attack outside the ring to finally slow him down. 

Back at the ring, Fulton regained control over The North, getting rid of Page and hitting Alexander with a big powerslam. 

Ace Austin tagged in with a leg drop for a two count. He worked over Alexander for a bit until he was getting taken over, and thus he pushed Alexander back to Fulton to regain dominance over the match. 

Fulton went back to destroying Alexander from corner to corner, who wouldn’t even budge at Josh’s chops. Once in control, Ace tagged in again for a running attack, but it was enough for Alexander to recover, tag in Page, hit a double team thunder bomb on Ace to gain some momentum. 

Now The North worked over Ace with quick tags and double team moves, complete contrast with the work that Ace and Fulton have as a team. Ace eventually managed a desperation dropkick to bring Page down. 

Fulton and Josh tagged in, they went for strikes, which worked for Alexander for a bit before Fulton landed a pop-up palm strike. Alexander responded with a German and a rolling elbow, followed with a rolling fireman’s carry. 

Page and Ace tagged in, the former got a couple of kicks on Page before going for the top rope leg drop for a two count. Ace went for an assisted splash on Alexander from the shoulders of Fulton.

Fulton went for a chokeslam on Page, but was saved by Alexander. The North tossed Ace into Fulton, double clotheslined on Fulton to toss him off the ring, followed by a dive from Alexander into Fulton’s knee to take him out. 

Back in the ring, The North double teamed Ace with a strike combo and their finisher and won. 

After the match, The Good Brothers came out, got face to face with The North to talk some trash, but with the distraction, Ace and Fulton attacked Anderson and Gallows. MCMGs came out and joined the brawl to end the show. 

Final thoughts -- 

Good show for Impact, good in-ring work throughout the show. Some storylines felt really rushed as they pretty much built a full card for Saturday's Victory Road show in only one show.