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Impact Wrestling results: Bound for Glory go-home show

Impact Wrestling results: Bound For Glory Go-Home Show

This was the go-home show for Saturday's Bound For Glory.

The opening video recapped Rich Swann’s return to attack Eric Young as Young was about to break Scott D’Amore’s ankle, as well as the EC3 and Moose brawl that closed the show where Moose finally recovered the TNA World Championship.

Hernandez defeated Alisha Edwards, Rhino, Heath, & Cousin Jake to win the final spot of the Call Your Shot Gauntlet

Last week, these five wrestlers won their chance to face each other in a one fall, five-way match for the coveted #20 spot in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory. Whoever is pinned or submitted in this match must enter at no. 1.

The story of the match was that none of the men wanted to wrestle Edwards, yet she kept putting herself in between spots, interrupting, and pushing the men to fight her. Eventually, Hernandez didn’t mind taking her out and was about to hit the Border Toss on her, but was saved by Cousin Jake.

Hernandez took out Jake and was confronted by Edwards, but out of nowhere, Rhino went for the gore on Hernandez, who dodged and instead gored Edwards. Hernandez used the distraction to roll up Rhino and win the no. 20 spot, while Rhino must enter at no. 1.

This was a nothing match, lasting less than five minutes and the wrestling was basic. However, it did fulfill its purpose of setting up the first and last spot for the gauntlet match.


- We got a recap video of the ongoing story between Moose and EC3, dating back to Moose proclaiming himself the TNA World Champion and EC3's return at Slammiversary. Jimmy Jacobs held a sitdown interview with Moose. Jacobs asked if he was happy for reclaiming the TNA title. Moose wasn’t and was worried because he knew that ECI3 wouldn’t just stop there and would have to deal with him once more. Moose stormed off and EC3's minions kidnapped Jacobs, took him to a truck, and drove off.

- John E. Bravo was preparing the wedding rehearsal, but instead, he berated everyone because nothing was ready, even lashing out at Taya Valkyrie. This was mostly bad comedy, but this is approaching its end next week.

- Deonna Purrazzo cut a great promo about what the Impact Knockouts division and championship meant to her and that at Bound For Glory, she would show that she was the greatest champion of them all. She compared herself with Kylie Rae, saying that Rae doesn’t react well to stress as she does.


Rosemary defeated Havok

The stipulation was that if Rosemary could defeat Havok, the latter would help Rosemary bring Father James Mitchell back from the dead so he could officiate Rosemary and Bravo’s wedding.

The match saw Havok dominate Rosemary early on, but Rosemary made a comeback, and after some trouble, she won after two spears. This was a bad match, but it was short and we got to the obvious result quickly. Havok reluctantly now has to help Rosemary bring Mitchell back for the wedding. 


- There was a video package of the four-way feud for the Impact Tag Team titles featuring champions The Motor City Machine Guns, former champions The North, The Good Brothers, and the team of Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. 

- We got a sneak peak of The Good Brothers Talk n’ Shop Full Keg show, debuting after Impact.

- Kylie Rae cut a promo saying that Purrazzo calls herself the best technical wrestler in the world, but that she had never faced Rae and until she did, we wouldn’t know who was the best. Rae said that breaking Susie’s arm had made this personal, but winning the title was her motivation, not revenge. Even after she wins the title, it won’t be enough to avenge Susie.

- We saw Jacobs get taken to EC3's lair where he demanded an interview. Jacobs asked what was EC3’s narrative that he so much talked about. EC3 said he had finally found someone he wanted to fight in Moose, but that he would teach him who was the Moose that he needed to become. He said he wanted to burn his past and along with it, the TNA World title legacy. For that, he needed to defeat Moose. EC3 was good, but the whole atmosphere is kinda corny.

Sami Callihan defeated Eddie Edwards

It seems like this feud may never end. A couple of weeks ago, it was revealed that Callihan had been orchestrating Ken Shamrock’s attack on Edwards, and while Callihan claims this is not his war, he is clearly getting inside Shamrock’s head and exploiting his rage issues. Thus, Edwards and Shamrock will wrestle at Bound For Glory.

The match saw Callihan work over Edwards' eyes frequently in addition to working the head. After a couple of minutes of Callihan being on top, Edwards made a comeback, getting a near fall with a Frankensteiner and Blue Thunder Bomb combo. They traded strikes and headbutts, and soon after, Edwards was headed towards a win with a Tiger Bomb and BKP combo, but out of nowhere, Callihan stopped Edwards and clicked his phone. He turned the lights off, so Shamrock could magically appear. With this distraction, Callihan rolled up Edwards for the win. 

The match was decent until the dumb finish. After the match, Shamrock took out Edwards and locked in the ankle lock while Callihan mocked him. Both men ended up standing tall over Edwards.


- There was a video package recapping how Rohit Raju came to win the X-Division championship, how he had been dodging losing the title so far, and how he found himself having to defend the title against Chris Bey, Willie Mack, TJP, Trey Miguel, and Jordynne Grace in a six-way scramble at BFG.

Trey Miguel, TJP, and Willie Mack defeated X-Division Champion Rohit Raju, Chris Bey and Jordynne Grace

The story of the match was that Raju was the weak link of his team, but because he is also the sneakiest, he tried to steal the pin from Bey which caused dissension between them.

We got some great sequences with Bey vs. TJP and Bey vs. Mack early on. Grace came off as a total powerhouse, even hitting a big spinebuster on Mack. It was also teased that Raju is an opportunistic champion that can at any point steal the win from anyone. This eventually provoked Bey to drop Raju with a springboard cutter, leaving him for Miguel to take the pin and win.


- We got a full recap of the simultaneous paths of destruction and recovery that Eric Young and Rich Swann have respectively gone through in the last month, leading to last week's big reveal of Swann’s full recovery as he faces Young Saturday at BFG.

- Gia Miller sat down with Young for an interview. Young said that he had been warning people not to get in his way, but they kept coming after him and he simply reacted to them. He said that he has taken control of his career and won’t allow those who get in the way to change his path. He knows what must be done to Swann to finally end him. At that point, Swann jumped him and the two brawled out into the streets.


The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows) ended in a no contest

The two teams that hadn’t crossed paths in this feud finally collided for the first time in the ring after antagonizing each other for months.

The Good Brothers started dominant.y, working over Alexander with double team moves. Page aided Alexander to cut off Anderson from his corner and he became the babyface in peril as The North went for quick tags, double team moves, and a couple of near falls.

Anderson would try for comebacks, but would get cut off again fairly easily. Eventually, he got a desperation spinebuster for the hot tag. Gallows had a short run before they went for the Magic Killer and all hell then broke loose.

All four men brawled in the ring and the referee called it a no contest as he couldn’t regain control of the match. This was good by the book tag team action, but it was short and with no finish which brought it down a notch.

After the match, The North and Good Brothers kept brawling. Austin, Fulton, and the Machine Guns ran down to join the brawl, ending with the Good Brothers and the MCMGs clearing the ring. Anderson then turned on Shelley and dropped him with a Gun Stun. All teams eyed each other as the show went off the air.

Final thoughts:

While this wasn't a great show inside the ring, it was a good go-home show, touching on all matches booked for Bound For Glory this Saturday.