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Impact Wrestling results: Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young

Impact Wrestling results: Eddie Edwards vs Eric Young

Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for the fallout of Emergence, where Deonna Purrazzo defeated Jordynne Grace in a 30 minute ironman match. 

Opening video focused on the World title match between Eddie Edwards and Eric Young and RVD vs. Sami Callihan for tonight. 

Sami Callihan defeated Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes)

Callihan attacked RVD during his entrance and thus started the match with a brawl outside the ring, tossing Rob to the ringpost and into the guardrails. Katie Forbes distracted Callihan allowing Rob to recover and take down Callihan before sending him into the ring.

Once in the ring, Rob distracted himself with Forbes again, giving Callihan the opening to hit a sole kick and regain control, yet there again was Forbes to trip Callihan, not once, but twice when he tried to hit a rolling senton from the apron. Despite all of this, the referee still won’t send her to the back.

RVD started working over Callihan outside the ring, against the ring post and laid out Callihan with the draping leg drop on the rail.

Back in the ring, Rob hit an atomic drop and a bad facebuster, followed by a rolling thunder, but Sami was ready to get the knees up. Callihan hit a toe kick and a low cutter, followed by a couple of clotheslines. Callihan went for the cactus special, but once again Forbes was there to distract which allowedRVD to kick him from behind, followed with the split-legged moonsault for a two count. 

RVD went for the 5-star frog splash, but was cut off by Sami, who hit a hangman style neckbreaker for a two count. Callihan went for a piledriver, and yes, once again Forbes distracted Callihan. RVD rolled up Sami, but Sami reversed and took the win with a roll up himself. 

After the match, Forbes provoked Sami, so he chased after her, but Rob jumped him and they both stomped him. Forbes hit a running hip attack onto a chair on Sami’s face, followed by the Van Daminator. 

Throughout the match, commentary kept bringing up that it seems like age has finally catched up to Rob and that Forbes needs to be banned from ringside.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight’s card.

Backstage, Hernandez defeated Bahh in an arm wrestling match. Reno Scum approached them and confirmed to Hernandez that Heath is nowhere to be seen and that they want more money to take out Rhino tonight. Hernandez accepts.

Over at Wrestle House, Rosemary and Taya cut promos about what had been happening to them. Taya came off as a total babyface because it was both Rosemary and Bravo that lied to her and Rosemary got caught keeping everyone locked because of her own personal agenda.

On the other side of the house, everyone is waiting for Swinger to come out dressed as Crazzy Steve, as per last week’s stipulation. Susie got him to finally come out and it wasn’t even that bad.

Dreamer separated Bravo to tell him that he’d be the referee for the Taya vs Rosemary match. 

Rhino defeated Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe)

Match started at the ramp where Reno Scum tried to attack Rhino, but Rhino was ready, took them down, and took them to the ring. Unfortunately, the numbers game was too much and Rhino got cut off quickly afterwards by Luster, setting him up for a footstomp by Thornstowe.

Back from commercial, Reno Scum had been working over Rhino with quick tags and their usual clubbing style. Thornstowe got a two count with a standing moonsault. Luster with a falling headbutt. 

Rhino finally made a comeback, clotheslining Luster to the floor, but when he set up for the Gore, Luster pulled him out of the ring, only to get Gored instead. Back in the ring, Adam Thornstwe took his belt and was going to attack Rhino, but suddenly whoever was carrying the camera, put it down, got in the ring, and hit the wake up call on Thornstowe, allowing Rhino to pick up the win.

Afterwards, the cameraman unmasked and revealed himself to be Heath. At that point D’Amore came out with security to kick him out. 

ECIII cut a promo on Moose, giving him an opportunity to claim the TNA Championship, and if he didn’t, ECIII would start sending pieces of the title until he would. Moose went out looking for him. 

Backstage, The Good Brothers are telling stories to some of the crew. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz walked up, but said they had a match with Ace and Fulton tonight and had to get ready. The Good Brothers said they had all the advice they needed since they had already kicked their butts. Rascalz left and GB continued their story.

Over at Wrestle House, everyone tried to give Bravo some advice. The Deaners confronted Larry D about their stolen beer. 

Wrestle House: Susie defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) & The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake)

Acey tried to bring up the truce, but Larry was done with the truce. Deaners and XXXL started brawling in the kitchen and onto the rest of the house. Acey and Cody Deaner decided to play ping pong to settle their differences. The brawl continued when Acey and Cody headed to the basement by elevator and stairs respectively. Cody tried to use a bicycle to attack Acey, but missed and crashed into a car.

In another area of the house, Cousin Jake went for the longest spear ever from one side of the house to the other, but Acey made it back in time to save Larry D. 

The brawl continued into XXXL’s room, where Cody Deaner discovered their stolen beer. Cody powered up from the anger and hit the give’er to Larry D, but Acey was there to pounce Cody into the bed.

Acey helped Larry D up, but instead rose Lawrence D, the brainwashed version of Larry D, who knocked out Acey with some Ringrust perfume. Cousin Jake joined them and Fujied Lawrence, but right as he was going to follow up, he got interrupted by Susie, who was mad the truce was broken. 

We then saw Susie leave the room and close the door behind her. When Dreamer looked into the room, he got scared and declared Susie the winner of the match, who now had all her hands covered in blood. This was all fun and funny, i’m perfectly ok with this.

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton 

Fulton and Xavier started the match with the latter using his speed to dodge Fulton’s charges, but soon enough Fulton cornered Xavier, who tried to strike back, but only got a full palm on the face and tossed into the other corner. Xavier managed to land on his feet and tried for a crucifix pin, but Fulton blocked and set up for a powerslam. Xavier escaped and tagged Wentz, and together brought down Fulton with a kick combo that ended with a footstomp by Wentz for a two count.

Wentz tried to continue the momentum by kicking Fulton, but was blocked instead. Fulton started tossing around Wentz before tagging in Ace for a springboard leg drop and a two count. Ace Austin did the paper cut trick on Wentz, set up Wentz for Fulton to hang on the corner and get a two count. Wentz tried to strike Fulton down, but it didn’t work, so instead he hit a jumping knee to get Fulton off him and jump to his corner for the tag.

Ace and Xavier tagged in, Dezmond kicked Ace to his corner, Fulton to the floor, striking combo and dropkick to the back of Ace’s head for a two count when Fulton broke it up. Wentz tricked Fulton to the floor, superkicked and hit a footstomp on Ace. Dezmond and Xavier hit dives on Fulton to get him off his feet, then followed with a splash from Xavier to Ace for the win.

After the match, the Motor City Machine Guns came out to offer them a rematch from their Slammiversary match since The Rascalz were surprised that day and still gave them a hell of a match. They now wanted a match when the Rascalz would be prepared. Ace Austin and Fulton attacked The Rascalz before they could answer, but MCMG made the save.

Motor City Machine Guns vs The Rascalz next week for the tag titles.

We saw Deonna Purrazzo arrive and berate some of the talent for their lack of fashion decency for her black tie celebration tonight. She asked Kimber Lee for support in case Jordynne Grace tried to crash the party.

TJP approached Rohit Raju. TJP said he wanted a shot at the X-Division title, but Rohit told him that he had to wait since Bey was first in line, being the former champion. Rohit told him that if he can beat Chris Bey, then TJP can skip to the front of the line.

Wrestle House: Taya Valkyrie defeated Rosemary

Taya talked trash to Rosemary, telling her that she wasn’t scared of her and her Hot Topic attire. Rosemary talked trash about Slamtown, and so they started trading slaps that turned into punches soon after. 

Rosemary went for the upside down, but Taya broke off and kicked Rosemary, followed with a running hip attack and double knees for a two count. 

Rosemary tackled Taya to the corner then hit a northern lights suplex for a two count. Rosemary speared Taya, but Taya was able to return with one of her own before they both kicked each other simultaneously. 

Rosemary accidentally speared the ringpost, leading Taya to hit the road to Valhalla for the win. 

After the match, Rosemary accepted her defeat and said that everyone could leave, but before that, Bravo proposed to Rosemary. Bravo said that she lost her match and that he’ll be Taya’s errand boy, but he still wanted to get married to Rosemary. Taya gave them her blessing. Susie and Kylie were really excited about this. Rosemary said yes. Johnny Swinger was proud because Bravo kept both women in his life.

They’re all finally going back to the Impact Zone. This was all a storyline to build to a Taya vs Rosemary match at the end. Wow.

Back at Impact, the roster is out for the black tie affair. Kimber Lee is the host and introduces the guest of honor -- “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo.

Deonna thanked them all to commemorate becoming the first ever ironwoman in Impact history. She had some backhanded comments for the attendees, but they all toasted for her nonetheless. She said that she was the greatest technical women wrestler in the world and no one would ruin her night. Almost by prompt, Jordynne Grace came out. 

Grace said she wasn’t here to ruin the party, she was here to congratulate her. Deonna took her to the limit, but she wasn’t backing down now. Suddenly, Tenille Dashwood made her anticipated return. 

She said was taken aback that they had organized a black tie affair for her return. She said that she was back and going after Purrazzo’s title. Tenille said that she is not Jordynne Grace and Purrazzo has never beaten her. Jordynne came back telling Dashwood that no one had beaten her because she’s never there, and before things could be chaotic between the three, out of nowhere, Rosemary teleported everyone from Wrestle House into the ring. Yes, you read that right.

Deonna tried to attack Kylie Rae, but was tossed out of the ring instead. Kimber Lee tried to attack them, but Rae hit her with a superkick. Kylie Rae took the Knockout’s title and posed with it before giving it back respectfully. This was all good up until the return of Wrestle House, Purrazzo, Lee, and Jordynne were all great, Dashwood I never really know if she’s acting, or if that is her real promo skill level.

Gia Miller interviewed Brian Myers about defeating Willie Mack. Myers said that it wasn’t that hard, but next week, he was going to offer him to accept the defeat like a man. Moose interrupted him asking for ECIII and Myers got annoyed he was interrupted.

Matthews and Rayne ran down the matches for next week. We have Locker Room Talk with Kylie Rae and Susie, Chris Bey vs TJP for an X-Division title shot, and Motor City Machine Guns defend the titles against The Rascalz.

Eric Young defeated Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards to become the NEW World Champion

Eddie rushed at EY to start the match, hit an inverted atomic drop and a belly-to-belly, but followed with punches instead of a pin attempt. Eddie started chopping EY down, hitting headbutts. EY caught him with a low kick and got some strikes in himself, but it wasn’t long before Eddie got him with a chop again. EY had to rely on jumping to the apron and snapping Eddie’s neck on the ropes to get himself a breather. 

They exchanged punches and clotheslines before the match spilled to the floor, where Eddie dropped EY with a clothesline. They fought on the apron where Eddie tried to suplex EY, but was countered and instead EY hit a neckbreaker on the apron followed by a dropping knee to the neck for a two count. 

Eddie tried to chop away, but EY was now in control and took him down with another neckbreaker. He stomped on Eddie’s neck, stood on it against the ropes, then hit another neckbreaker for a pin attempt. Eddie managed to hit a desperation blue thunder bomb to finally stop EY’s momentum.

Eddie started making a comeback with punches and chops. EY hung Eddie from the top rope, but Eddie came back with a step-up kick and a backpack stunner for a two count. 

Eddie set up a superplex, but EY blocked it off and punched Eddie off, followed by a diving elbow for a two count. They traded more punches and chops ‘in the middle of the ring until Eddie backed him off to the corner. EY tried to snap Eddie’s neck on the ropes again but Eddie was ready and caught him with a high kick and a plancha to the floor, but it seemed that Eddie’s knee buckled when he landed. 

Back in the ring, EY chased the piledriver, but Eddie blocked and hit the tiger driver for a two count because Eddie’s knee hurt and he couldn’t properly pin EY.

EY rolled out of the ring, but Eddie got him with a second tope suicida, once again putting pressure on his knee. 

EY went for the title belt, but the referee was there to take it away, yet the distraction was enough for EY to grab his hockey mask and smack Eddie right on the head behind the referee’s eyes. EY hit a piledriver and picked up the win and won the World title. Good match, but an underwhelming title change.

After the match, EY went after Eddie’s leg with a kneebar until security pulled him off. 

The end of the show saw Moose enter ECIII’s locker room, where he discovered that ECIII had been stalking him. Moose followed a map and knew where he would find ECIII. This is getting kinda wacky.

Final Thoughts -- 

Good show, we had some big developments going on tonight, even if there was also a lot of wackiness going on.