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Impact Wrestling results: Kross & Moose vs. Johnny & Cage

Josh Mathews, Jimmy Jacobs, and Don Callis hosted tonight’s Twitch stream. Callis revealed that he and Jacobs were actually in the middle of a creative meeting. Sami Callihan was in the post-show interview while he was driving. These conversations tend to be quite entertaining and insightful.

The opening video featured the ongoing story between Rich Swann and oVe, Tessa Blanchard’s suspension, and the main event rumblings between Johnny Impact, Brian Cage, Killer Kross, and Moose.

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) & Taurus defeated Impact Tag Team Champions LAX (Santana & Ortiz) & Daga (w/ Konnan)

As usual, there was a huge reaction for the Lucha Bros. Daga was easily the MVP of the match. As short as it was, everything Daga did was great. Taurus also had a great showing.

Santana and Pentagon started the match. They shook hands, but Fenix jumped in and blindsided Santana with a dropkick to start things off. Everyone got in and brawled to the outside, leaving Taurus to hit the first dive of the match, followed by Daga.

Once again, Santana and Pentagon found themselves in the ring and got into a striking battle where they traded chops and superkicks. Santana hit a rolling cutter for a two count. LAX and Daga all teamed up for a three-man combo on Pentagon. Pentagon dodged them and tagged in Fenix, who went crazy on Ortiz.

Fenix hit a delayed flying headbutt and went for the turnbuckle kick, but Ortiz countered with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Taurus and Daga came in and went back and forth -- there was tons of action here. Daga hit a delayed German suplex for a really close near fall.

Daga threw Taurus to the outside and everyone started diving one by one, ending with Fenix hitting a huge flying tope from the top rope to the outside.

Back from commercial, Lucha Bros were dominating the ring, working over Ortiz as Taurus got a two count from a twisting suplex. Pentagon and Fenix hit the spiked Fear Factor for the win.

After the match, Pentagon cut a promo in Spanish (with subtitles) on LAX challenging them to a rematch for the Impact Tag Team titles. LAX accepted the challenge for next week.

An "Uncaged" special episode of Impact was announced with Johnny Impact defending the Impact World Championship against Brian Cage as the main event. Uncaged takes place in two weeks.

Killer Kross and Moose were interviewed by Melissa Santos. Kross said he wasn’t in very good spirits since Cage decided to get involved in his business last week. Moose calmed Kross down, telling him that keeping their composure was the key to winning tonight.

LAX were in their clubhouse. Konnan put over Daga and Taurus. Konnan told LAX that he accepts that they're able to keep it professional and keep it all in the family.

The GWN Flashback Moment of the Week was fan voted by the Twitch chat room from a set of given options. The options were Eddie Edwards winning the World Championship from Bobby Lashley, Cage’s Impact debut, and Su Yung vs. Rosemary from May 2018.

The winning option was Yung putting Rosemary down with the Panic Switch from the ramp to a table and laying her to rest in a coffin.

We got a commercial for Impact’s next pay-per-view -- Rebellion on April 28. It will take place at the Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace defeated Su Yung & Dark Allie

The match started fast with Yung and Allie jumping Grace, who overpowered both and ended up with the upper hand. Grace hit her running elbow and kick combo for a two count. Hogan came in and hit a series of running attacks on Yung for two.

Allie finally got tagged in. With the help of Yung, she landed Grace on the floor. Grace dodged Yung’s Red Mist -- but she wasn't able to avoid the double team against the ring post while the referee got distracted with Hogan.

Back in the ring, Allie and Yung cut the ring in half on Grace, constantly tricking the referee and Hogan to get distracted. Grace eventually powered herself into a comeback on Allie, hitting a Pounce.

When both made their way to tag their partners, the lights went out. When they returned, Rosemary had replaced Yung in Allie’s corner. Hogan used the distraction to roll Allie up for the pin. The match was okay -- not as sloppy as they’ve had before.

Commentary made a big emphasis that this is the second time we’ve seen Yung disappear and get replaced by Rosemary.

Scarlett Bordeaux was working out and sparring with her minion. She’s wearing heels and still managed to hit a few good kicks, dropping Bobo to a pool.

Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

The story here was that Drake kept doing dirty tactics while Edwards wanted the match to be clean and didn’t agree with Drake’s behavior.

Edwards and Wentz started the match with a series of reversals, counters, arm drags, and going to a standoff. Drake tagged himself in and got distracted with Edwards, giving Wentz the opening to catch him with an arm drag. Wentz hit a corkscrew plancha for a two count.

The Rascalz hit their kick combo for two. Edwards came in again and was getting handled by both Rascalz until Drake swept Wentz's leg on the top rope, dropping him neck-first on the turnbuckle. Wentz got cut off for a while.

Wentz eventually got himself an opening and tagged Xavier, who had a great hot tag on Drake, getting a two count.

Drake went for a double suplex on both Rascalz, but they turned it into a double Canadian Destroyer for a two count when Edwards broke the pin. The finish saw Drake take Edwards' kendo stick and use it behind Edwards' back on Xavier to hit Gravy Train and pick up the win.

Really good match for the time that it got and considering that The Rascalz sold most of the match. Edwards and Drake make a good team.

Tessa Blanchard sent a video via Twitter. Blanchard said that she is happy she got suspended -- because Gail Kim got what was coming for her. Blanchard said her suspension is over on February 15 and she is going to Mexico to reclaim what is hers.

We got a Rich Swann and Sami Callihan video package recapping their saga so far. Swann explained that when he was 17 years old, he had nothing, no family, no one -- but through professional wrestling, he met Callihan, who opened up his home and took Swann in.

Through the years, Swann learned who the real Sami Callihan is. He said that Callihan is the type of person that takes everything away from you if you let him.

Taya Valkyrie was interviewed by Santos. Valkyrie said that come February 15, she is ready for Blanchard. She said it will be a street fight for the Knockouts Championship.

Psycho Clown defeated Fallah Bahh

This match is a teaser of the Team AAA Mexico vs. Team Impact World Cup match for Uncaged. Psycho Clown had all his gimmicks for his entrance. The fans loved Bahh and booed Psycho Clown. Commentary pretended the crowd was split.

The match was pretty bad, even excusing the odd pairing. Bahh used his size to overpower Psycho a couple of times, but he also hit a few speed spots. Psycho did a lot of chops. Psycho hit a foot stomp on the tree of woe. He then hit a tope suicida and a tope con giro back to back, only getting a one count from it.

Bahh countered a plancha with a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Bahh went for the Banzai Drop, but Psycho cut him off and hit a powerbomb for two. Psycho went for La Magistral, but Bahh got out and went for a splash, which Psycho dodged. This time, Psycho got La Magistral in for the win.

For some reason, they decided to do a mask rip spot that went nowhere and no one reacted to it.

Johnny Impact and Cage argued backstage. Cage said that tonight he’s going to have to do all the work to keep Johnny healthy for Uncaged. Johnny threatened Cage to not screw him tonight.

Team AAA Mexico were backstage. Psycho Clown hyped Puma King, Hijo del Vikingo, and Aerostar going into the World Cup match.

Killer Kross & Moose defeated Impact World Champion Johnny Impact & Brian Cage

Callis called Kross & Moose's team the Murder Money Connection.

Moose and Johnny started the match, with Moose showing off to the crowd, doing the Hogan poses, and mocking Cage. Johnny used his speed and agility to overcome Moose’s strength.

Kross came in and Cage tagged himself in. This was a great hoss pairing, with them doing a set of shoulder blocks. But when Cage finally got Kross down, Johnny tagged himself in.

Johnny started getting some offense on Kross, but he got distracted with Moose, allowing Kross to take him out and cut the ring in half on him. Moose and Kross started doing quick tags, wearing down Johnny. Kross went for the Three Amigos, but he cut it off on the third suplex for some heat.

Kross locked in a modified dragon sleeper that Johnny countered into a DDT, but he still couldn’t get to his corner and tag Cage. Eventually, Johnny relied on his parkour to dodge Moose and make it to Cage.

Cage came in with a great hot tag, taking out both Kross and Moose with kicks, knees, and throwing people around. Cage hit a German suplex on Kross, but Moose took him out with a kick. Moose hit Go to Hell, but Johnny got a blind tag and hit a flying corkscrew for a two count.

Moose went for the Game Changer. Johnny blocked it and went for the Disaster Kick, but he accidentally hit Cage instead, so Cage and Johnny got face-to-face, distracting each other and allowing Moose to hit a spear on Johnny, pinning him while Cage simply looked on.

Moose, Kross, and Cage now all have reasons for a title shot -- Cage having the clear pin from Homecoming, Kross having a rematch since their last one went to a no contest, and now Moose with the pin.

Overall, this was an up-and-down show for Impact. It started strong with the opening match and it ended strong with the main event, but some of the wrestling in the middle wasn't as good. We got confirmation of not only the next special, but they announced the next PPV, so we now have a good direction going for all the current stories. 

Announced for next week: LAX vs. Lucha Bros for the Tag Team titles, Puma King vs. Sami Callihan, Kiera Hogan vs. Dark Allie, and Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Jake & Dave Crist.

In two weeks, Impact presents Uncaged with Johnny Impact defending the World title against Brian Cage, Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard in a street fight for the Knockouts title, and Team AAA Mexico vs. Team Impact in a World Cup match.