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Impact Wrestling results: MCMG vs. Ace & Fulton

Impact Wrestling results: MCMG vs Ace & Fulton

Opening video was a combined recap of both last week’s Impact episode and Victory Road this past weekend. It particularly focused on the ongoing tag team four-way feud surrounding the tag team titles and the Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards title match.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Brian Myers by DQ

Dreamer got the advantage early on, spilling the match to the floor for a couple of minutes until Dreamer accidentally chopped the ring post, giving Myers the opening to suplex Dreamer on the ramp for the countout tease.

Now in control, Myers worked over Dreamer’s back and neck. Dreamer had a couple of small comebacks but kept getting cut off by Myers at each attempt. 

Dreamer eventually caught Myers with a desperation powerslam to stop the momentum. Dreamer hit a cutter for a two count. Myers came back with a sky high for a near fall too.

Dreamer dodged a top rope elbow from Myers, and hit a DDT for a near fall. Myers paid it back, dodging an elbow from Dreamer, and also hit a DDT for a two count.

Myers got a kendo stick, but Dreamer got ahold of it. He stopped himself before he could use it. Myers took the kendo stick and attacked Dreamer for the DQ.

After the match, Myers kept attacking Dreamer with the kendo stick until D’Amore and security came out to stop him. Not as good as the Victory Road match and it’s only going to get worse with weapons.

- Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down tonight’s card, plus an update on the current Bound For Glory card.

- We saw Moose roam around the arena looking for the TNA World Championship belt that is scheduled to be destroyed tonight by ECIII. 

- Backstage, John E. Bravo told his groomsmen that he needed them all to chip in for the wedding. Fallah Bahh took on the responsibility to get money. The Deaners, Swinger, and Crazzy Steve all argued about who owed money to who.  

Rohit Raju came to the ring and called out anyone that wanted to answer the “Defeat Rohit” challenge. Willie Mack came out, but Raju told him that he already had an opportunity at Victory Road and he had failed to win. Raju asked for new competition and Jordynne Grace came out.

Jordynne Grace defeated X-Division Champion Rohit Raju in a non-title match

Raju stalled as much as he could, not wanting to give the title belt to the referee. In that distraction, Grace rolled up Raju with the O’Connor roll for the win.

Grace thought she had won the title, but the referee announced that since he wasn’t given the title to raise and announce the match as a title match, the title had not been under contest and thus Raju was still the champion. I got excited for Grace as the X-Division champion, but they got me. Grace has a win over the champion, hopefully it leads to a proper title match.

D’Amore waited for Raju at Gorilla position and told him that since he was a great fighting champion, he’d be defending the championship against Willie Mack, TJP, Trey Miguel, Chris Bey, and Jordynne Grace at Bound For Glory. 

- Fallah Bahh challenged Hernandez for another arm wrestling match to get the money for Bravo’s wedding. Bahh ended up spilling coffee all over Hernandez.

The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) defeated XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D)

Romero and D jumped The Rascalz during their entrance, eliminating Wentz so they could double team Xavier, stretching and dropping him with a big powerbomb.

XXXL kept Xavier away from his corner with quick tags, strikes, and a couple of power moves. D at one point hit a military press slam into a kick for a two count. 

Xavier eventually kicked himself away from D to get the tag to Wentz, who came in with a series of dropkicks to drop D and earn a two count with running shooting star press. He quickly transitioned to a sleeper for the submission attempt. The Rascalz double teamed D when he wouldn’t submit.

Finish saw Romero accidentally lariat D, who was then superkicked by Wentz. Rascalz hit hot fire flame on D for the win. Good, short match. 

- We were back with Bahh, who successfully tricked Hernandez into taking a shower to get the coffee off. Bahh managed to steal the money away from Hernandez.

- Jimmy Jacobs interviewed both Dr. Foreman and Rich Swann about Swann’s rehab. Dr. Foreman said that Swann was not only good for BFG, but he was cleared as of today. Suddenly, Eric Young, dressed as a nurse, attacked Swann from behind and went after his recently recovered leg with a kettlebell. Dr. Foreman called for the cops, bless his heart.

- Gia Miller interviewed the Motor City Machine Guns. Shelley said that tonight they’re wrestling Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. They put over Austin’s ability before The Good Brothers interrupted them.

Anderson bragged about being undefeated on Impact, so Shelley responded that they were the better team and thus they were the champions. Gallows told them that they would make sure that they’d take care of them tonight because they wanted to make sure the champions made it to Bound For Glory safe and sound.

Rosemary  & Taya Valkyrie defeated Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Valkyrie and Hogan started the match for their teams, with the former dominating the latter with her power advantage, tossing her from corner to corner. Taya hit her running hip attack and double knee for an early pin attempt.

Rosemary and Steelz tagged in, and once again, the power disadvantage was too much for Steelz, who was just punished from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. It wasn’t until Rosemary locked in the upside down that Hogan kicked Rosemary off the ropes and they successfully turned the match around.

Steelz and Hogan used their speed to keep Rosemary down and Taya off the apron. They got a couple of double team moves and near falls before Rosemary managed to hit Steelz with a backplex out of desperation, but it was enough to tag in Taya.

Valkyrie ran wild on both Hogan and Steelz, getting a two count with a blue thunder bomb on Hogan. She transitioned to a curb stomp and into a STF. 

Finish saw Rosemary take out Hogan with a German suplex, but ate a codebreaker from Steelz. When Steelz went to take out Taya, Rosemary got her with a spear and hit standing butterfly bomb for the win. Pretty good match.

All throughout the match, we got the visual of Havok and Nevaeh watching the match in the back.

The Deaners (Cody Deaner & Cousin Jake) defeated Johnny Swinger & Crazzy Steve

Before the wrestling started, the Deaners offered a beer to Crazzy Steve, who drank some and then shared with his monkey puppet. Swinger had to tell him to take the match seriously.

The story of the match was that Swinger couldn’t get Crazzy Steve to secretly hand him the weapons from his gimmick bag, and instead was exposing everything Swinger had to the referee. Fed up, Swinger tried to use the monkey as a weapon, Steve took it away, and so Deaner took advantage, hit a DDT and won.

- We got a recap of Deonna Purrazzo breaking Susie’s arm at Victory Road after she had successfully defended the championship. 

Afterwards, Miller interviewed Kylie Rae, who was distraught for not being able to do anything to save Susie. Kimber Lee interrupted Rae and teased her that she should be worried because she would suffer the same fate at Bound For Glory. Rae had enough and jumped Lee, attacking her to the point that Rae herself felt that she had gone too far with the attack.

- D’Amore met with Heath about offering him an Impact contract. Heath thanked D’Amore for the opportunity. D’Amore said that he wanted to write an offer, but Heath jumped ahead and gave D’Amore a proposal instead. Heath asked for more than D’Amore could offer, so they went back and forth on whether Heath had even earned anything. The discussion got the point that D’Amore just straight threw Heath’s papers to the air, rejecting any proposal.

Outside the office, Heath berated Rhino for telling him to reject the WWE offer he had after that RAW with McIntyre to instead join Impact as now he was left with nothing. Interesting development.

- ECIII cut a promo to Moose telling him that it was too late and that Moose had to break his attachment to the past and material possessions. ECIII threw the TNA title belt to the river saying ‘Free Moose’.

- Ken Shamrock was having second thoughts about attacking Eddie Edwards, but Sami Callihan hyped him up telling him that his attack was trending and that he was going to become the old Shamrock. Callihan got Shamrock to rage up and attack an innocent passerby.

- Matthews and Rayne announced the matches for next week, including Hogan & Steelz vs Havok & Nevaeh vs Taya & Rosemary, Kylie Rae vs Kimber Lee, Fulton vs Gallows, and an update on Rich Swann.

Impact Tag Team Champions Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton in a non-title match

Sabin and Austin started the match with a series of counters and reversals for wrist control, quickly transitioning into both men exchanging dropkicks before Shelley tagged in. 

Shelley and Sabin kept control of the match, working over Austin’s arm with quick attacks and double teams.

After some time being away from his corner, Austin managed to get Shelley’s back and fall to his own corner where Fulton was jumping to get in. Fulton went straight for Shelley, got him with snake eyes and a big boot to turn the match around. 

Fulton’s attack consisted of ramming Shelley’s head to the turnbuckle over and over and over. Fulton and Austin hit a side slam and leg drop combo for a two count before Austin did his paper cut trick. They kept working over Shelley’s arm until he managed to trick Austin into hitting Fulton accidentally, and with that distraction, Shelley tagged out.

Sabin got the hot tag and went straight for Austin’s arm and neck, but Austin managed to tag in Fulton, who they sent to the floor immediately. 

MCMG tried to double team Austin, but Fulton saved him, so instead they double teamed Fulton for a two count when Austin interrupted the pin with a splash. They hit the reverse STF into a dropkick combo on Austin and went to finish Fulton, but Fulton reversed and hit a double suplex. 

Suddenly, The North came out with chairs to attack, but the Good Brothers jumped them before they could. Amidst the chaos, Gallows hit Fulton with an uppercut, giving Shelley and Sabin the opening to hit skull and bones for the win. Great main event.

All four teams eyed each other as the show went off the air.

Final thoughts -- 

Overall a good show, easy to watch and enjoyable. They properly used all the fallout of Victory Road to add some fuel to the BFG stories.