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Impact Wrestling results: Sacrifice go-home show

Impact Wrestling results: 6-Person Tag Match, Elgin vs Edwards III

Impact Wrestling kicks off the new set of tapings from Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Opening video recapped Michael Elgin going 2-0 against Eddie Edwards in their Best of Five series. Su Yung attacking James Mitchell, the hacker that has been messing around with the broadcast, and Jordynne Grace winning the Knockouts championship.

TJP (with Fallah Bahh) defeated Josh Alexander (with Ethan Page)

Fantastic match. It started with some little chain wrestling with Josh keeping wrist control and TJP finding ways to counter and reverse. At one point TJP went for a leg-scissors and Josh just blocked it and forced TJP to get the ropes instead.

TJP then turned around the match doing lucha moves, hitting a couple of ranas, at least until Alexander took him down with a shoulder block and began working over him. 

TJP managed to get some speed and locked in an octopus hold, but Alexander rolled him over and once again cut him off. TJP tried again with a submission and Alexander turned it into a backbreaker for a two count.

After some more work, Alexander went for a Green Bay plunge, but TJP managed to reverse it into a crucifix pin for a two count. Alexander decided to go for a second one, but TJP escaped, took down Alexander with a cross armbreaker from the second rope for the near submission until Alexander rolled him over with the pin. 

TJP sent Alexander outside with some headscissors, followed by a corkscrew plancha. Dropkick to the back and springboard dropkick to the head by TJP. He missed the swanton and Alexander caught him with a backbreaker, but TJP still got a quick roll-up for a two count. Alexander went for the big swing, but TJP turned it into a kneebar and a desperation powerbomb. Alexander hit like a Release Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. 

They got into a striking exchange that ended with TJP on top with a Spinning Kick. Alexander came back with a forearm to the back of the neck and a snap German. TJP recovered and locked in the Armbar again, only to get powerbombed into Josh’s knee for a two count. 

Alexander went for a Super Fallaway Slam, but TJP escaped to the apron. TJP hit a jumping Superplex that almost killed Alexander, transitioned into the Octopus and into an Achilles Lock until Josh made the ropes. 

TJP went for the Detonation Kick, but Josh blocked it. Alexander locked in a sleeper, but TJP rolled over and got the pin. Go watch this match now.

Backstage, Johnny Swinger interrupted the fantastic actor Willie Mack. Swinger told Mack that they need to practice and get some reps. Macks tells him that he’s right and heads to the ring.

Michael Elgin cut a promo on Eddie. He said that he thought they were similar, but that Eddie needed to be pushed to the limits by Callihan and Ace Austin to finally dig in and win, while Elgin doesn’t need anything. He will win tonight. 

Willie Mack defeated Johnny Swinger

This was mostly all jokes. Swinger tried using tricks from the start, and every time, Mack had the upper hand. 

Swinger went for the Fuchi punch but instead took three himself. Swinger finally got the upper hand with a guillotine over the ropes, which he followed with some strikes. He followed that with some illegal chokes, a headbutt to the groin, and some eye rakes. 

Swinger went for the top rope ax handle, but Mack caught him with strikes, clotheslines, and a big scoop slam. Mack connected with the Samoan drop and moonsault combo. Swinger went for his finish, but Mack blocked, hit the stunner and the 6-Star Frog Splash for the win. Ok match, nothing to it, hopefully, this story is done.

We got a video recap of Jordynne Grace’s chase for the Knockout’s championship and last week’s match in which she won it. 

Madison Rayne was in the ring talking about Jordynne Grace. She said that Grace got herself in a match she didn’t belong, she cheated to win that match, and now she’s the champion. Rayne said that tonight, she was holding a special Golden Opportunity Open Challenge. Out came....

Madison Rayne defeated Mazzerati

Mazzerati got a couple of roll-ups and a dropkick to start the match, but Rayne came back with a big knee to the liver and connected with a northern lights suplex for the two count. 

Rayne locked in a cravate for the submission tease, but she instead hit a couple of knees to the face for a two count. 

Mazzerat came back with a jawbreaker and some strikes, a jumping forearm, but Rayne was ready with a ripcord cutter for a two count. Mazzerati hit a couple of bad kicks and went for a Moonsault, but Rayne kicked the ropes off from her, brought her down with the CrossRayne for the win. Mazzerati has potential but needs some more time in the oven.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Jordynne Grace about winning the title. Jordynne said that this meant the world to her, she’s been wrestling since she was 14 years old and that beating Taya for it was the icing on the cake. She said that she’ll defeat Jessicka Havok at Sacrifice and will be a defending champion. 

John E. Bravo then walked up, shouting about Taya being the greatest champion in the company. Bravo said she had a special video package made for Taya. We got the video and it was awesome, it was a full package of Taya’s last few years with Impact. Taya is indeed awesome.

Back from commercial, Taya was screaming at Bravo. Taya said she’s coming to get her title back. 

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Ken Anderson vs The Pope D’Angelo Dinero from Against All Odds 2010.

Backstage, RVD tried to calm down Katie Forbes about social media. They were talking about losers when RVD starts to make fun of Daga, who then shows up challenges Rob to a match.

Gabbi Loren interviewed Tessa Blanchard, Trey Miguel, and Tommy Dreamer. The latter put over Tessa and Trey for making their names. Tessa said she felt great with this team and that come Sacrifice, it will be one on one vs Ace Austin.

Eddie Edwards (0) defeated Michael Elgin (2) in Match 3 of the Best of Five series

Match started with some clotheslines in the middle of the ring. Elgin went for the quick German, but Eddie landed on his feet and sent Elgin to the outside. He followed with a suicide dive, and back in the ring, hit a tiger bomb for a two count. Strong start for Eddie. 

Eddie went for the BKP, but Elgin dodged, dropped Eddie on the ropes, hit a release German, and a Sliding Lariat. They made it to the apron where Elgin hit a DVD for a two count.

Back in the ring, Elgin worked over Eddie’s upper body with strikes. Eddie tried to make a comeback, but Elgin struck him down repeatedly. After some trash talk, Eddie finally started to build some momentum with chops, but once again, Elgin took him down. 

Elgin went for a second rope punch, but Eddie caught him, sent him outside with a running boot, and once again went for the suicide dive, but this time was caught with an elbow by Elgin in mid-air. Elgin went for the Elgin Bomb on the ramp, but Eddie rolled over and hit a desperation Boston Knee Party as they went crashing down for the countout tease. 

Eddie hit a top rope foot stomp for a two count. Elgin hit a superkick and lariat. Elgin hit a Falcon Arrow for a two count, followed with another sliding lariat to the back of the neck. 

Elgin hit the buckle bomb, but Eddie countered the Elgin Bomb to a pin for a two count. Elgin went for the crossface, but Eddie rolled over, hit a BKP, but couldn’t capitalize fast enough. Eddie went for a lariat but ate two of Elgin’s for yet another two count. 

Elgin went for the Burning Hammer, but Eddie escaped. Elgin hit an enzuigiri, Eddie came back with a diamond-giri and a frankensteiner, but Elgin turned it into a powerbomb. Elgin went for the Elgin Bomb and Eddie turned it into a small package for the win. Another fantastic match tonight!

Moose came down for commentary for the next match.

Rhino defeated Dave Crist (with Jake Crist)

Dave jumped Rhino and got some chops and chokes in. Jake Crist got some cheap shots in while Dave distracted the referee. Dave stomped on Rhino and went for a second rope senton, but Rhino moved. 

Rhino made a comeback with strikes and clotheslines. He followed with a belly-to-belly suplex then went for the Gore, but Jake Crist tripped him, allowing Dave to get some strikes in. 

Rhino finally took down Jake Crist, hit the Gore on Dave, and picked up the win. Total squash match.

Somewhere backstage, Jessicka Havok roamed until Susie showed up, but Susie was playing tricks on her, telling Havok her time had come.

We got a vignette for Chris Bey who will be joining Impact soon.

Gabbi Loren was talking about Sacrifice when her stream was interrupted by the hacker. Callis and Matthews said they’re investigating what is happening.

X-Division Champion Ace Austin & Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe) defeated Impact World Champion Tessa Blanchard, Trey Miguel, and Tommy Dreamer

Thornstowe and Trey start the match, with the latter having the upper hand thanks to his speed and lucha ability. Trey drops Thornstowe with dropkicks before tagging in Tessa. 

Tessa came in and hit an assisted hurricanrana, then tagged in Dreamer. Babyfaces continued with quick tags and quick shots until Thornstowe was able to cut off Trey and tag in Ace Austin, who quickly tagged in Luster. He easily overpowered Trey.

The heels jumped Dreamer and the match quickly broke down with triple bionic elbows on Luster The Legend.

Back from commercial, Dreamer is still working over Luster The Legend but suddenly he takes a knee from Ace Austin, and that gives Luster the opening to cut him off and separate him from his team. 

The heels worked over Dreamer for a while with a lot of quick tags, some dirty armpit tricks, and a bunch of strikes and stomps. Dreamer managed to avoid a diving headbutt from Luster and finally tagged in Trey. 

Trey and Ace had a quick sequence until Trey landed the meteora on Ace and went for the pin, but it was broken up by Thornstowe. He pulled Trey outside, slammed him, and successfully cut him off. Reno Scum worked over Trey with several double team moves, scoring a two count with a backbreaker and facebuster combo. 

Trey finally made an escape and hot tagged Tessa. She took control of Luster with strikes then landed a tornado DDT. Tessa hit a Samoan drop on Thornstowe, then locked in a sleeper hold on Ace, but Trey was ready for the blind tag. Tessa and Trey hit sequential Superkicks, ending with a Cutter from Trey for a two count when Luster broke it up. 

Dreamer hit a Cutter on Luster and took him out with an apron senton. 

Tessa hit a suicide dive on Thornstowe and went for the DDT, but Ace was there to kick her head off. Trey followed by kicking Ace off the ring and hit a tornillo to the outside. 

Back in the ring, Ace low blowed Trey, hit the Fold, then pinned Trey for the win. Another good match, but unfortunately the wrong person lost.

Final Thoughts -- 

A great show by Impact, three top notch matches and the start of some stories, a good go-home show for Sacrifice, and a good start to build towards Rebellion.