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Impact Wrestling results: Tessa & Edwards vs. Taya & Elgin

Impact Wrestling results: Tessa & Edwards vs Taya & Elgin

Impact Wrestling returns tonight from Sam’s Town Casino in Las Vegas, NV with a full crowd. 

Opening video focused on Shamrock being announced as the new inductee into the Impact Hall of Fame and the return of Sami Callihan, who threw a fireball at Shamrock. 

Willie Mack defeated Acey Romero, Chris Bey, Daga, Rohit Raju, Jake Crist, Cousin Jake, and Trey Miguel in an X-Division #1 Contendership scramble match

Match started and everyone paired up, but once the ring started to clear, Acey Romero was left standing tall. He took out Mack with a Senton, but was then taken out by Trey, with him and Bey working together with a double missile dropkick. 

We then got a great sequence between Trey and Bey with reversals and counters, and a couple of taunts, before ending in a stalemate. Trey offered a hand-shake, which Bey answered with a kick. 

Rohit came in and faced off with Bey, who ended up taking a CrossRhodes and fisherman’s suplex. Cousin Jake came as he took out Rohit with a corner spear and a deadlift powerbomb. Jake Crist came in and hit a kick combo on the other Jake to take him out. Mack then came in with the samoan drop and moonsault combo, followed by a suicide dive. 

Daga and Trey got in the ring, later joined by Bey for a great three-way exchange with Daga taking both of them out, getting a two count on Bey until Rohit broke up the pin. Daga then took out Rohit with a kick combo but couldn’t do the same to Acey Romero. 

Romero took out Daga with a slam and went to the top rope, but Cousin Jake and Crist stopped him. We got a Tower Of Doom spot with Acey on top, everyone but Rohit and Daga were involved, the latter getting a frog splash in for a two count when the former broke it up. 

Everyone took turns to hit a knockout strike and take each other out sequentially until Trey locked in submissions on Crist and Bey, which was broken up by Rohit.

We got a couple more finishers, leading up to the usual dive sequence where everyone hits their dive. Acey Romero seemed to have the final spot, but Jake Crist stopped him. Acey hit the pounce on Crist and dove on everyone for a huge pop. 

Back in the ring, Cousin Jake hit his finisher on Crist, only for Mack to steal the win with a frog splash. Mack may have hurt Cousin Jake with that frog splash. 

Willie Mack vs. Ace Austin for the X-Division championship is now official.

Backstage, Dave Crist hyped up Madman Fulton about their match tonight. Jake Crist arrived and told them that they all need to get back to their winning ways. Jake and Dave argued that Sami Callihan was playing tests on them and that’s why they had to win.

Moose defeated Chase Stevens

Moose jumped Chase before the match, but got distracted trying to get the referee to ring the bell, giving Chase time to recover and get the better of Moose for a bit. Chase hit an early German and an ax kick for a two count. He got another pinfall attempt with a powerslam.

Moose tossed Chase into the ropes and hit the No Jackhammer Needed on the rebound for the win. Total squash.

Moose attacked Chase after the match, hitting him with a chair over and over. He went to Pillmanize his head, but D’Amore came out to stop him. D’Amore distracted Moose and allowed Suicide to attack him. Suicide had a new attire, more DC than Marvel.

Rosemary was again at a bar drinking, talking trash to the patrons and bartenders. She talked about how she spent two years seeking revenge and once she got it, she was empty. 

Raven was there and made little notice of her, so Rosemary approached him. Raven talked about revenge and said that revenge is forever, not just two years. 

Backstage, Ace Austin and Reno Scum approached Mack to congratulate him. Mack told him that he knows Ace and knows he is all about playing mind games and won’t let him get close. Johnny Swinger also approached Mack and cheered Mack to become the champ because what the fans want is a Mack vs Swinger match for the title.

Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe) defeated The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)  

Reno Scum jumped The Rascalz to start the match and got a quick DVD on Xavier for a two count. From here on, they had control over Xavier and worked over him with quick tags, and mostly strikes and chokes. Thrownstowe got a two count over Xavier with a headbutt and moonsault combo. 

Wentz got the hot tag, went wild on Luster with kicks, earning a two count. Rascalz hit a kick combo on Luster, getting another two count. They went for  a double top rope move, but Wentz was thrown off, with Adam blocking Wentz. Reno Scum hit a footstomp/curb stomp combo on Xavier for the win. Ok match. 

We got a quick glimpse of Su Yung stashing a dagger for tonight’s match.

It was announced that next week  Impact is having a TNA-themed retro show.

We got a vignette for Tenille Dashwood. We still don’t know when she returns.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was TNA Sacrifice 2008’s LAX with Hector Guerrero and Salinas vs Team 3D. 

We got a video package about #CancelCulture. Joey Ryan said that next week, Cody Deaner is being cancelled. 

We then got a vignette with Cousin Jake and Cody Deaner talking about shows that have been cancelled. Cody doesn’t know why he’s being cancelled. They kinda made fun of toxic masculinity which wasn’t cool.

We got a promo by Sami Callihan, talking about why he came back to attack Shamrock. He said it was just part of a bigger plan. I just can’t picture Callihan as being computer savvy. 

Rhino & Sabu (with Super Genie) defeated oVe (Dave Crist & Madman Fulton) in an old school rules match

Sabu and Dave started the match, Sabu went for the leg takedown, but Dave was stronger and got off. Sabu started hitting punches and clotheslines, so Dave tagged out.

Fulton and Rhino went at it. Fulton had every advantage and went crazy with punches and chokes, but Rhino managed to come back and clothesline Fulton outside. Crist took out Rhino and sent him outside. Sabu then sent Crist to the floor and dove on both him and Fulton.

They brawled outside the ring for a bit. Rhino and Crist went up the ramp, while Fulton and Sabu stayed around the ring. Sabu was the first to use a weapon on Fulton. 

Rhino and Fulton went to the ring, Fulton had the upper hand. It soon became a normal tag match again. oVe worked over Rhino until he made a comeback on Dave Crist and tagged in Sabu. 

oVe once again gained control over the match, cutting off Sabu. Dave got a two count when Fulton threw him on top of Sabu. Dave started arguing with the ref and allowed Sabu to recover and hit a desperation cutter, before tagging in Rhino.

Rhino came in and took out Dave, hit a clothesline on Fulton. Spinebuster on Dave for a two count. Fulton ate a chair to the gut by Sabu, then Sabu hit a terrible over the top rope flip. 

Inside the ring, Dave Crist low blowed Rhino, pushed off the referee, and went to hit Rhino with a chair. The referee took the chair away in what was being billed as an old school rules match. Rhino then Gored Dave and picked up the win.

Somewhere in the Undead Realm, Su Yung arrived. She had her noose with her. Yung roamed around, finding creepy things, until she found Father James Mitchell and Havok. Havok took a weapon, while Yung had a freaking machete. They did some fencing spots until Yung got the noose on Havok and choked her out. 

Suddenly, Mitchell’s gimp woke up, broke his chains, and attacked Su Yung with a bat. The Gimp choked Yung, then hit her some more. But when he went for the kill, Yung cut the gimp’s throat with the machete. 

Yung tried to kill Mitchell, but Havok jumped her with the rope and choked her. Yung once again recovered and got off. Havok took Yung’s mouth with a hook, but Su Yung locked in the Mandible Claw. She was about to stab Havok when Mitchell stopped her. 

Mitchell told Su Yung that she proved she’s the winner and the one to be with him, but he also said that he was tired of both of them and wanted both of them gone. He ordered the minions to take them both out. 

Su Yung and Havok were both sent out to the desolate deserts of the Undead Realm, which I’m guessing it’s somewhere in Nevada. This was awesome. 

Taya Valkyrie & Michael Elgin (with John E. Bravo) defeated Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards

Elgin and Edwards started but it didn’t last long before Taya and Tessa came in for a quick sequence of reversals. Tessa had the upper hand, but then Elgin tagged in and, while Tessa made a stand, Elgin was too much for her. Eddie tagged in and had a longer run against Elgin.

Back from commercial, Elgin is still working over Edwards, as he tags in and out with Taya, who really had some credible offense on Eddie. 

Edwards finally made a comeback against Elgin, hitting a desperation blue thunder bomb. Tessa got the hot tag, who ran wild over Taya. Tessa hit a couple of clotheslines and a cutter to earn a two count. 

Tessa went for a samoan drop, but Elgin blocked her. Elgin superkicked Eddie, but it was enough to give Taya the opening to take out Tessa with a double knee for a two count. Elgin and Taya hit a couple of clotheslines to the corner before Taya assisted Elgin with the top rope powerbomb, but Tessa managed to reverse into a rana. Tessa landed the Samoan Drop on Taya and got the tag to Eddie. 

Eddie hit Kobashi chops on Elgin then followed that with a baseball slide and an over-the-head belly-to-belly to send him out of the ring Eddie went for the suicide dive, but Taya got in the way. Tessa ran over and knocked off Taya to the floor, followed by Bravo thanks to a double superkick. Tessa and Eddie hit stereo suicide dives on Elgin and Taya to the outside. 

Back in the ring, Eddie went for a headscissors on Elgin from the top rope, but Eddie was tossed off. Eddie countered by dropping Elgin on the ropes, leaving him open for a kick and Magnum combo for a two count when Taya broke up the pin. 

Tessa went for a top rope Magnum, but Taya distracted her. Eddie took out Taya, but Elgin recovered, hit a discus forearm on Eddie, caught Tessa’s Magnum and turned it into a powerbomb on top of Eddie. Elgin went for the buckle bomb, but Tessa reversed into a poisonrana and a tilt-a-whirl DDT. 

Tessa and Taya traded chops in the middle of the ring, then traded superkicks before some miscommunication led to Elgin taking out Tessa with a lariat. Eddie went for the BKP, but Taya stopped him. Elgin and Taya hit a knee and forearm combo. Taya took out Tessa with a plancha. Elgin hit the buckle bomb and Elgin bomb combo for the win. 

Great match! Taya completely belongs in this feud. She also ended up with a nasty cut under her eye.

We got a last look at Su Yung and Havok roaming around the desolate deserts of the Undead Wasteland when suddenly, Rosemary appeared. She made peace with them and told them that if they unite, they can go back. 

Havok and Su Yung went looking for Mitchell, who tried to talk his way out of this problem. Su Yung tried to kill Mitchell with the dagger, but Havok took it from her and killed him herself. James Mitchell then went to heaven, where Abyss was there with cats. I’m not kidding.

Final Thoughts -- 

Good show from Impact, it felt full of life. Most of the wrestling tonight was good. It felt somewhat edited, not pushing the Lockdown and the TNA nostalgia show anymore, but there’s still some stuff going towards Rebellion, which has now also been cancelled.