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TUF 23 recap: Double J tries to get on the winning track


This season, both the women's strawweight division and the men's light heavyweight division will be competing. At the end of the season, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Claudia Gadelha fight on the TUF 23 Finale with Joanna Champion defending her strawweight title.

Last week, Gadelha's team won again to take a 2-0 lead. She picked Andrew Sanchez to face Myron Dennis on this week's show - her #1 pick from the men against Joanna's #3 pick. Here we go!


Jedrzejczyk is not happy with not having won a single fight so far and is being hard on her team as a result. "They are training like little girls in the primary schools. They train like pussies - I must say this. I must be honest with them. No more nice Joanna."

After Jedrzejczyk gives her speech in the locker room, Myron Dennis calls a team meeting of his own at the house. They all get in a football huddle and he promises to get the win for them to give them motivation. Sanchez isn't happy about it and says they could have done the same thing at the gym.

Gadelha and all her coaches come over to the house to cook Brazilian barbecue for all the fighters. "We are with them to the end of this." Back at the gym, she's working him very hard, but when he steps on the scale, he's just 200 pounds. He says being smaller and faster is an advantage compared to the other guys.

More drama at the gym as Jedrzejczyk is pissed that Gadelha's team hasn't finished cleaning up or left and starts throwing their equipment at them. Gadelha says they are being disrespectful. Jedrzejczyk says not cleaning up after yourself is disrespectful. This just keeps escalating.

Weigh-in: Dennis is 204.5, Sanchez is 200.

* Andrew Sanchez (Team Gadelha) vs. Myron Dennis (Team Jedrzejczyk)

Dennis is in the red trunks and Sanchez the blue. "Big" John McCarthy is our referee. Sanchez gets an early takedown and decks Dennis with a right hand on the ground. Sanchez is landing some nice ground and pound until he jumps up at 1:47 looking to pass - and ends up right back where he was before in guard. Dennis kicks him away at 2:27 but Sanchez jumps to half guard. Dennis moves him back to full but eats some hard rights doing so. Dennis finally scrambles to his feet at 3:18. Sanchez takes him down again with 75 seconds left. Sanchez is given two warnings to work. Despite that, Sanchez owned this round.

Surprise surprise: Sanchez goes for a takedown right away in R2 but Dennis avoids it and they reset at 25 seconds. Dennis is grinning like a maniac. McCarthy warns the fighters to watch their fingers. Sanchez shoots for a single leg and gets it at 1:44. Dennis kicks him away briefly at 3:30 but Sanchez jumps back on. They get up with 70 seconds left after multiple warnings by McCarthy to work. Sanchez shoots for a single again and has it at 4:20. That's a wrap. He's taking a unanimous decision.

Dana White buries Dennis' performance in the fight and with good reason. SANCHEZ ADVANCES AND TEAM GADELHA GOES UP 3-0.

This was a very forgettable episode. Next week's fight choice is Lanchana Green (Gadelha) vs. Helen Harper (Jedrzejczyk). See you then!