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UFC 185: Anthony Pettis vs dos Anjos results and live coverage

Welcome to WrestlingObserver.com's live coverage of UFC 185: Anthony Pettis vs. Rafael dos Anjos. The fight takes place in Dallas, Texas inside the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars. The PPV card beings at 10PM/7PM ETPT and the Prelims start at 6:30PM/3:30PM ETPT.

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The main-event is of course Anthony Pettis defending his UFC Lightweight Title against Rafael dos Anjos.  Also on the stacked card is a women's Stawweight Championship bout, Carla Esparza taking on an undefeated challenger Joanna Jędrzejczyk. Roy Nelson vs Allistair Overeem. In a very interesting bout former Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks squares off against Matt Brown. Both men lost decisions in their last fight to current Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler.

UFC 185 weigh-ins and undercard preview

UFC 185 Anthony Pettis vs dos Anjos preview

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Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass) 6:30PM/3:30PM ETPT

Women's Bantamweight - Larissa Pacheco vs. Germaine de Randamie

First round: De Randamie is a former Muay Thai champion.  De Randamie landed a hard right.  Left and right by De Randamie.  Left and right by De Randamie.  Left and right and Pacheco bleeding from the mouth.  A combo by De Randamie.  Good right by De Randamie.  It’s a standup fight and this is one-sided.  Pacheco now rushed and pushed her into the fence.  Hard knee by De Randamie from the clinch.  She continues to land.  Really hard right and another.  10-8 De Randamie.

Second round: Pacheco’s coaches are telling her she’s got to take her down.  Hard right by De Randamie.  Another combo by De Randamie.  Body kick by De Randamie.  Left by De Randamie.  Overhand right by De Randamie.  She’s teeing off on her and ref Don Turnage stopped it.

Lightweight - Jake Lindsey vs. Joseph Duffy

First round: Nice right by Duffy.  Low kick by Lindsey.  Hard low kick back by Duffy.  Lindsey with a low kick.  Good right by Duffy.  Nice left by Duffy.  Good right and a high kick by Duffy that hurt Lindsey.  He followed with a body shot and Lindsey went down and it was stopped by Herb Dean. 

Flyweight - Sergio Pettis vs. Ryan Benoit

First round: Benoit coming back from a torn right biceps.  No Punk with Sergio.  Only Ben Askren.  They showed Punk at ringside as a spectator instead.  Benoit with a left. .  Trading kicks.  Left by Benoit.  Pettis hurt him with a punch and and a left.  Good body kick by Pettis.  Right by Pettis.  Both throwing.  Takedown by Benoit.  Nice sweep by Pettis to the top.  Benoit bleeding from the nose.  Benoit up.  Head kick by Pettis.  Pettis landed a flurry and a front kick to the face.  Takedown by Pettis with 40 seconds left.  10-9 Pettis.

Second round: Benoit has a nasty hematoma to the right side of his face.  Pettis tried a takedown but didn’t get it.  Benoit nailed him and finished him.  Place going nuts.  Pettis had looked great until he got caught.  Both threw left hooks and Pettis went down, Benoit landed 16 punches on the ground and most landed.  Benoit after the fight kicked Pettis in the butt.  The crowd turned on Benoit even though he’s from Dallas for that kick.  Really good fight, crowd booing Benoit heavy even though he’s a local guy who got an upset.    1:34. 

Benoit said he was sorry as people were booing him Benoit said it was the biggest win of his career.  He was very apologetic.

Preliminary Card (FX) 8PM/5PM ETPT

Heavyweight - Jared Rosholt vs. Josh Copeland

First round: Copeland looks out of shape but that could be deceiving.  These two used to train together.  Rosholt pushed him into the cage.  Fans doing the “Whoo” all night.  Ref Dan Miragliotta separated them.  Fans are booing the lack of action.  Right by Rosholt.  Big right by Rosholt.  Copeland can really take a punch.  Another right by Rosholt.  Copeland landed a right that hurt Rosholt.  Crowd booing as the round ended  Very close round.  10-9 Rosholt.

Second round: Rosholt’s corner told him he probably didn’t win the first.  Crowd booing again.  Trading punches.  Rosholt went for a takedown but Copeland defended well.  Good right by Rosholt.  Crowd booing more.  Rosholt landed a right.  Rosholt kicked to the body.  Left by Copeland.  Rosholt working for a takedown and got it this time.  He’s got Copeland against the fence.  Rosholt with punches on the ground.  Short elbows by Rosholt.  Rosholt’s round for sure so I’ve go 20-18 but could easily be even.

Third round: Rosholt got the takedown.  Rosholt landing short elbows from side control.  Rosholt landing elbows from the top.  Copeland bleeding.  Elbow by Rosholt.  Rosholt threw punches on the ground and it was stopped.

Lightweight - Daron Cruickshank vs. Beneil Dariush

First round: Nice body kick by Dariush.  Dariush with a body kick.  Low kick by Cruickshank and Dariush with a hard body kick.  Low kick by Dariush.  Cruickshank went for a knee but Dariush took him down.  Dariush on top with elbows, he went for a D’arce choke.  Cruickshank out of trouble.  10-9 Dariush.

Second round: Cruickshank back with kicks and Dariush with a knee.  Dariush worked for an amrbar but Cruickshank out.  Dariush has his back with a body triangle.  He’s working for a choke and got it.  Great fight.

Middleweight - Elias Theodorou vs. Roger Narvaez

First round: Knee by Theodorou moving in.  High kick.  Crowd getting restless.  Theodorou moving forward but not landing.  Narvaez with a nice counter.  Theodorou with a body kick and Narvaez back with one.  Kick to the body by Theodorou.  Body kick by Theodorou.  Bodh kick by Theodorou.  Narvaez with a kick to the chest.  Close round.  Narvaez 10-9.

Second round: USA chant Theodorou is from Canada.  Theodorou got the takedown.  Theodorou passed to side control but Naravez back up.  Body kick by Theodorou.  Another body kick by Theodorou.  Body kick by Theodorou.  Narvaez missed a high kick.  High kick by Theodorou.  Head kick by Theodorou.  Theodorou now landing all kinds of kicks.  Another takedown by Theodorou.  Narvaez looks gassed.  Theodorou landing all kinds of punches from back position Theordorou continuing land punches and it was stopped.  It looks like Narvaez suffered a broken forearm with a kick and the fight turned around from there.

Lightweight - Ross Pearson vs. Sam Stout

First round: Pearson with a right.  Stout with a body kick.  Another body kick by Stout.  Pearson with a body shot.  Stout missed a kick and landed a body kick.  Low kick by Stout.  Right by Pearson.  Stout with a right.  Left by Pearson.  Uppercut by Pearson.  Right by Stout.  Stout landing punches.  Nice uppercut to the body Pearsom and another.  Good round.  Pearson 10-9.

Second round: Pearson with a body kick.  Left by Pearson.  Right by Pearson.  Body punch by Stout.  Pearson decked him with a left hook and Stout’s eyes rolled back.  Great knockout.  Almost the exact finish as Pettis vs. Benoit.

First seven fights and nothing to the judges.


Flyweight - Chris Cariaso vs. Henry Cejudo

First round: Cariaso nice kick to the body.  Another body kick by Cariaso.  Cejudo took him down and throwing punches.  Knee by Cejudo and now he’s throwing knees to the leg as Cariaso got up.  Body kick by Cariaso.  Left by Cejudo.  Cejudo controlling him against the fence.  Nice punch by Cariaso and a high kick by Cejudo.  Cariaso doing a great job defending the takedown.  Whoos like crazy tonight.  Punch and knee by Cejudo.  Anther takedown by Cejudo.  Knee by Cejudo.  Knee by Cejudo.  Knees by Cejudo from the clinch.  Body kick by Cariaso and Cejudo with a kick to the head.  Cejudo 10-9.

Second round: Cejudo took him down again.  Cejudo with knees against the fence.  Cejudo went for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Geat body kick by Cejudo.  Right by Cejudo.  Hard body kick by Cejudo and another takedown.  Punch by Cejudo.  Body kick by Cejudo. Another body kick by Cejudo.  Cejudo 20-18.

Third round:   Body kick by Cariaso.  Cariso with a kick and Cejudo caught the leg and took him down.  Cejudo landing elbows to the head and body.  Nice up kick by Cariaso.  Cejudo moved in with punches.  Body kick by Cariaso.  Another body kick by Cariaso.  Another body kick.  Cejudo with punches.  Knees from the clinch by Cejudo.  Another takedown by Cejudo.  Knees to the body on the ground by Cejudo.  Cejudo going for the Rings of Saurn but gave it up.  Nice up kick by Cariaso.  Cariaso tried for a heel hook as time ran out but Cejudo escaped. 30-27 Cejudo is the only score possible.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 Cejudo

Heavyweight - Roy Nelson vs. Alistair Overeem

First round: Fans booing immediately.  Jumping knee by Overeem.  Right by Nelson.  Low kick by Overeem.  Front kick by Overeem.  Low kick by Overeem.  Left by Overeem.  Right by Overeem. Nelson moved in with punches. Low kick by Overeem and a knee to the body.  Another knee to the body and a low kick by Overeem.  Another jumping knee by Overeem. Nelson landing punches but Overeem blocked and stood up.  Low kick and knee hurt Nelson.  Nelson’s left calf looks like hell.  Right by Nelson.  Left to the body by Overeem and a knee by Overem.  Another knee and kick to the body by Overeem.  Left by Overeem Another kick to the calf by Overeem.  Knee to the body by Overeem.  10-9 Overeem.

Second round: Low kick to the calf again by Overeem.  Overeem landed a hard right and a low kick.  Knee by Overeem. Knee to the body by Overeem.  Nelson hurt him with a right.  Body kick by Overeem. Left by Overeem.  Spin kick by Overeem.  Front kick by Overeem.  Overeem ran away as Nelson came forward.  Nelson’s body all red.  Overeem tried a takedown but Nelson back up.  This is the best Overeem has looked in a long time.  Kick to the body by Overeem.  Nelson hard shots to the body.  Jumping knee and punches by Overeem.  Nelson with punches as the round ended.  20-18 Overeem.

Third round: Body kick by Overeem.  Right by Overeem.  Overeem kneed him hard to the groin.  Crowd booing Overeem a lot.  This gave Overeem a rest.  Overeem with a body kick.  Nelson hurt him and why is he trying to take him down?  Another right by Nelson.  Great high kick by Nelson.  Another head kick by Overeem and a low kick.  Nelson said he got an eye poke and he looks really tired.  Body kick by Overeem.  Another body kick by Overeem.  Side kick by Overeem.  Knee by Overeem.  Another knee by Overeem.  Crowd booing because Oveeem is moving away from Nelson, who is too tired to catch him.  Nelson decked him with an overhand right.  Nelson, instead of trying to finish him with seconds left is going for a takedown.  Nelson’s round with the knockdown, but it could go the other way since Overeem landed far more.  Either way, Overeem won the first two rounds handily.  That attempted takedown made no sense.  29-28 Overeem

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Overeem

Welterweight - Johny Hendricks vs. Matt Brown

First round:    Loud Johny chants.  Knee by Brown.  High takedown by Hendricks.  Knee by Brown.  Brown blocked the takedown, but Hendricks went low and got him down.  Brown went for an ankle but Hendricks up and Brown is up.  Head kick by Brown and knees.  Elbows and knees by Brown.  Brown bleeding.  Hendricks got the takedown, Brown was holding the fence for a long time and the crowd booed he ref not calling it.  Hendricks kept him down the rest of the round.  10-9 Hendricks.

Second round: Brown with a left hook and Hendricks took him down but Brown up.  Body kick by Brown.  Hard left by Hendricks.  Hard lefts by Hendricks.  Hedricks tried to fight the takedown but Hendricks lifted him up and slammed him down.  Elbow by Hendricks.  Hendricks landing punches from the top.  Ref Kerry Hately stood them up.  Body kick by Hendricks.  Low kick and punch by Hendricks.  Brown with a nice right.  Both landing punches but Hendricks landed hard.  Right by Brown. Body kick by Hendricks.  Hendricks took him down again.  Hard left by Hendricks.  Hendricks landed but Brown back with rights.  Another takedown by Hendricks.  20-18 Hendricks.

Third round:   Hendricks slipped but back up.  Brown landing a lot of punches.  Hendricks took him down again.  Brown trying a reverse triangle.  Instead he got up.  Hendricks landed the left.  Elbow by Brown.  Hendricks busted under the right eye, probably from an elbow. Another takedown by Hendricks.  Hendricks in side control now.  Brown went for a triangle but instead Brown tried to escape, but Hendricks kept on him and back on top.  Hendricks is in side control holding him down.  Brown landing hard shots from the bottom.  Brown’s elbowing the eye.  Brown going for a triangle again but Hendricks out  Hendricks 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Hendricks.  No other score possible.

Women's Strawweight - Carla Esparza (Champion) vs. Joanna Jędrzejczyk

First round: Nice sprawl by Joanna and landed an elbow.  Esparza working hard for the takedown and got her down.  Joanna back up.  Nice right by Esparza.  Beautiful takedown by Esparza.  Joanna back up.  Another takedown by Esparza.  Joanna up and landed a knee.  Joanna hurt her with a punch.  Esparza tried a takedown but Joanna sprawled.  Another failed takedown by Esparza.  Esparza failed another takedown and a hard right by Joanna.  Joanna landed again.  Big right Joanna.  Several punches by Joanna.  Esparza failed a takedown.  Another knee by Joanna.  Hard right by Joanna.  Joanna landing all kinds of punches and Esparza is in trouble.  10-9 Joanna.

Second round: Elbow by Joanna.  Esparza is looking like she’s got little chance here.  Esparza trying to wrestle her but she’s tired now.  Elbow and hard punches by Joanna.  She tried a takedown but didn’t even come close.  Joanna landing on her.  Hard right by Joanna.  Knee and punch by Joanna.  She’s hurting her badly with punches.  Knee by Joanna.  Joanna landed punches.  She’s taking Esparza apart standing.  Esparza going for a takedwn but not coming close.  Elbow by Joanna.  She hurt her again with a right.  Joanna keeps landing.  Hard right and elbow and Joanna landed tons of punches and it was stopped.  Super performance by Joanna.

Lightweight Anthony Pettis (Champion) vs. Rafael dos Anjos

First round: Pettis throwing high kicks.  Dos Anjos with a body kick and another, Another kick by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos landed a hard left.  He landed a hard left and Pettis landed back.  Dos Anjos with a big left.  Dos Anjos landing to the body.  Body kick by dos Anjos.  Body kick by Pettis.  Jumping knee by Pettis.  Body kick and left by dos Anjos.  Spin kick by Pettis.  Hard left by dos Anjos.  Another body kick by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos landing to the body and a kick.  Pettis back with a right.  Body kick by Pettis.  Hard right by Pettis.  Another right by Pettis. Good right by dos Anjos.  Body kick by dos Anjos.  Both are fighting at a very hard pace.  Another kick to the body by dos Anjos  Pettis landed to the body.  Low kick by dos Anjos and a body kick.  Head kick by dos Anjos.  Pettis back with two punches.  Both landing hard shots.  Knee by dos Anjos.  Pettis back with punches.  Takedown by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos landing shots to the body.  Elbows and knee by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos 10-9.

Second round: Pettis’ right eye is swollen.  Body kick by both men.  Hard left by dos Anjos.  Another hard left by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos tried for a takedown.  Hard body kick by Pettis  Pettis’ right eye is busted up.  Dos Anjos landed and now Pettis back with punches.  Elbow by dos Anjos and a takedown.  Dos Anjos with punches from the top.  Elbows by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos landing elbows.  Pettis went for an armbar but dos Anjos easily evaded it.  Hard elbow by dos Anjos.  Knee to the butt by dos Anjos.  Hard lefts by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos 20-18.

Third round:   Low kick by dos Anjos.  Body kick by dos Anjos.  Big left by dos Anjos.  Eye poke by Pettis.  Pettis accidentally put his finger into the right eye.  Great head kick by Pettis.  Pettis with a right.  High kick by dos Anjos blocked.  Pettis with an uppercut. Low kick by dos Anjos.  Body kick by dos Anjos and he took Pettis down.  Pettis threw up an armbar but not close.  Knees to the thigh by dos Anjos.  Knee by dos Anjos.  Head kick by Pettis.  Body kick by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos bleeding from the nose.  Another takedown by dos Anjos.  Another takedown by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos has his back.  He’s pounding on Pettis late.  30-27 dos Anjos.

Fourth Round: Uppercut by Pettis.  Pettis landing lefts.  Left by dos Anjos.  Hard right by dos Anjos.  Hard body kick by Pettis and another one.  Hard right and left by dos Anjos.  Dos Anjos took him down again.  Dos Anjos moved to side control.  Dos Anjos going for a Kimura.  Pettis escaped.  Dos Anjos got his back.  He’s working for a choke now.  Pettis reversed .  Pettis took him down.  Dos Anjos right back up.  Pettis punching the body.  Dos Anjos has him pinned against the fence and took him down again.  Fans were chanting for Pettis to no avail.  Dos Anjos got his back and kicked the body twice.  40-36 dos Anjos

Fifth round: Pettis said he can’t see out of the right eye.  Crowd going nuts.  Dos Anjos landed a left.  Traded body kicks.  Dos Anjos working for a takedown.  Dos Anjos took him down again.  Dos Anjos in side control.  Now he’s got his back.  Pettis back up.  Dos Anjos with punches and a body kick.  Pettis landing punches now.  Dos Anjos with another takedown.  That’s his 9th takedown. Dos Anjos keeping him down.  Dos Anjos has the body triangle and is punching.  Dos Anjos want to get the choke but time is going to run out.  50-45 Dos Anjos.

All three judges have it 50-45

Pettis said he had no excuses.  He said after the first punch landed, he had no peripheral vision.