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UFC 189 / TUF 21 betting game with the Secret Psychic Spy : Conor McGregor vs. Chad Mendes

UFC 189

By The Secret Psychic Spy for WrestlingObserver.com

- Starting Bankroll: $1,500
- Current Bankroll: $933.39
- Last week (June 26): 2/4 (1 push)
- Overall 62/109 (57%)

Two big shows this weekend, with one of the biggest PPVs of the year tonight in UFC 189 and the TUF 21 Finale on Sunday. 21 fights between the two shows and I’ve gone through and found 5 fights in which I think you have value in betting on. There’s recently been a lot more going my way than not so hopefully you, the reader, and I can make some money with these picks. The first two picks are from UFC 189 and the last three from Sunday’s TUF Finale.

Pick 1 – Chad Mendes (17-2) +155 over Conor McGregor (17-2) I’m betting $100 to win $155

Mendes has lost only twice in his career and they’ve both been to the Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo. This is a tough fight to call, almost a pick em in my book. I’ve always said, when a fight is too close to call and you’re getting plus odds on one of the fighters, you take the underdog. So Mendes is where my money is going.

Pick 2 – Cathal Pendred (17-2-1) -115 over John Howard (22-11) I’m betting $100 to win $86.96

Pendred is unbeaten in UFC and always seems to find a way to win. It’s not pretty to watch but it’s been effective. Pendred should get the crowd amped up though with another win as he rises us the ranks of contenders.

Pick 3 – Josh Samman (10-2) +120 over Caio Magalhaes (9-1) I’m betting $100 to win $120

I was shocked to see Samman as an underdog here as he’s looked like a killer in the UFC so far. I could see the lines moving on this one soon so I’d get your money in on Samman while he’s still an underdog.

Pick 4 – Mike Graves (4-0) +110 over Vicente Luque (7-4-1) I’m betting $100 to win $110

Both guys are making their UFC debuts but Graves is unbeaten in his pro career and showed a lot of heart a couple weeks ago on TUF when he scored a come from behind submission win to tie it up for his team in the competition.  

Pick 5 – Maximo Blanco (11-6-1) -150 over Mike De La Torre (13-4) I’m betting $100 to win $66.67

Blanco’s won 2 straight is a split decision and a first round DQ loss away from possibly being 5-1 in UFC. De La Torre has looked good but it’s somewhat questionable in that one of his wins was later overturned due to a drug test failure. With the recent PED crackdown in UFC, I think we could be seeing a different De La Torre in there this time out.

All told, I’m betting $500 with a chance to win $538.62. On with the betting game!


2015 Betting Game: Secret Psychic Spy vs Ryan Frederick

Current Standings:

- Ryan Frederick: $842.53 (Picked Gordon, Hein, Alvarez, Ortega, Noons, Browne, Magny, Matthews)
- Secret Psychic Spy: $1,070.18 (Picked Bosse, Amirkhani, Henderson, Breese, Pyle, Wee, Andrews)

We both lost on the last card. My pick looked especially bad as Steve Bosse may still be laying flat on the Octagon mat as we speak. But we’ll turn it around this week another underdog pick. Josh Samman at +120 is my pick for the reasons mentioned earlier.

Ryan's pick is Robbie Lawler at +160 over Rory MacDonald. I'm going with the underdog here in an attempt to catch up to the Secret Spy. I officially picked MacDonald in my preview for the event, but I'm still in a toss-up when it comes to this fight, and I'm gonna go with Lawler in an attempt to catch ground.

Good luck, enjoy the fights and remember, don’t bet more than you can afford to lose and try to have fun with it!