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UFC: Anderson Silva suspended for one year, fined $380,000

Anderson Silva was given a one year suspension and fined $380,000 today at the Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing for testing positive for anabolic steroids and anti-anxiety medications in January.

Silva failed a test for two steroids on 1/9, and then, the night of his fight with Nick Diaz, failed a test for one steroid (Drastanolone) and anti-anxiety meidcations.

Silva was lucky that the failure took place before both the UFC and Nevada had increased its punishment time frame for drug failures.

Silva's won over Diaz was also overturned and ruled a no contest.

The fine consisted of his $200,000 win bonus, along with $180,000, which was $600,000 of his guaranteed purse for the fight.

An almost comical at times hearing, saw Silva claim the Drostanolone came from a tainted supplement for sexual performance that a friend of his had gotten in Thailand, because it wasn't available in the U.S. or Brazil, which is why he never went to a doctor and got a prescription for it.