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UFC Fight Night 87 Rotterdam live results: Alistair Overeem vs. Andrei Arlovski

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC FIght Night 87: Overeem vs. Arlovski from the Ahoy Rotterdam in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This marks the first time the UFC has held an event in The Netherlands. The event is headlined by a five-round bout in the UFC heavyweight division as Alistair Overeem looks to secure the next title shot when he puts his three-fight win streak on the line against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski. Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 10:30 AM eastern time with preliminary action all the way thru the main card.

UFC Fight Night 87 DFS Playbook

Coverage provided by Paul Fontaine 


FLYWEIGHTS- ULKA SASAKI (18-3-2, 1-2 UFC) VS. WILLIE "Whoopass" GATES (12-6, 1-2 UFC)  (Rich Mitchell - ref)

Gates out to "Purple Rain" by Prince so he wins some points from me right away. And Ulka Sasaki counters that with Hunter Hearst Helmsley's "Ode to Joy". Advantage Gates. 

Sasaki looks like a rail at this weight. He shoots for a takedown right away but Gates defends against the cage. Sasaki completes it 45 seconds in. Gates working for a triangle but Sasaki fights him off. Gates to his feet at 1:45 but Sasaki takes his back standing. Gates landing punches to Sasaki's head but Sasaki won't let go of his back. Sasaki with another takedown at 2:45. Gates up at 3:15 and they're in a cage clinch with Gates in control. Sasaki stuffed on a takedown attempt and eats  a hard punch from Gates that stuns him. Gates with a hard knee to the head and follows up with a punch combo. 10-9 Sasaki but close

Sasaki with a takedown 30 seconds in after eating some punches standing. Gates with a guillotine from a sitting position but gives up on it quickly. Gates to his feet at 1:15 and has Sasaki pinned against the cage. Sasaki gets control but Gates landing elbows to the head. Sasaki with another takedown at 1:45. Gates gives up his back at 2:00 and Sasaki with a full body lock. Sasaki landing elbows and punches to the head to set up a rear naked choke. Sasakigets the choke at 3:30 and Gates taps quickly.

WINNER - ULKA SASAKI (19-3-2) by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:30 of the 2nd rd

WELTERWEIGHTS- LEON EDWARDS (10-3, 2-2 UFC) VS. DOMINIC WATERS (9-4, 0-2 UFC) (Lukasz Bosacki - ref)

Waters out to "Run this Town" by Rhianna and Jay Z. Good tunes so far today.  Edwards counters with "Mo Money, Mo Problems" by Notorious B.I.G. Dead heat right there. Lot of heat between these guys and this one should be fun.

Waters gets  a takedown 30 seconds in. Edwards up right away and takes Waters down. Waters working for an armlock and Edwards stands up to escape. Waters shoots for a takedown and eats a hard shot to the head from Edwards at 2:00. Edwards uses a front headlock to keep Waters down after defending the takedown. Edwards takes his back at 3:00 and then gets mount at 3:15. Edwards not doing anything from mount as Waters is holding him close. Edwards finally landing some punches and elbows at 4:30 and then working for a shoulder lock. 10-9 Edwards

Waters shoots for a takedown right away, eats a knee and then gets taken down by Edwards. Edwards actually landing more punches from guard than he did from mount. Edwards into side control at 1:30. Ref stands them up at 2:15 though. Waters rocks Edwards with a punch after the standup  but Edwards goes to a cage clinch right away. Quick separation. Edwards knocks Waters down with a jab at 3:30 but lets him up. Waters initiates a cage clinch at 3:45 and takes Edwards' back standing. Waters with a takedown off a suplex at 4:30 and Edwards landed hard. Might be enough to steal him the round. Waters lands a few light punches before the buzzer. Very close. 10-9 Waters, 19-19

Waters eats a hard high kick to the head early. Both corners though Edwards won both rounds, which could be right. Waters with a takedown at 1:00. Waters landing light punches to the body but not even trying to advance and Edwards to his feet at 1:45. Edwards lands a front kick to the face and Waters shoots for a takedown but stuffed easily by Edwards. Edwards with a flying knee followed by a punch combo. Waters shoots for a takedown and they end up in a cage clinch. Waters completes at 3:15 but Edwards right up. Waters still in control of a cage clinch. Edwards lands a knee to the body on another takedown attempt by Waters and ends up on top of him. Edwards landing punches to the body and head. Edwards landing elbows as well as the round ends. 10-9 Edwards, 29-28 overall

WINNER - LEON EDWARDS (11-3) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

FLYWEIGHTS- (#5) KYOJI HORIGUCHI (16-2, 5-1 UFC) VS. NEIL SEERY (16-11, 3-2 UFC) (Marc Goddard - ref)

The string of awesome walkout songs came to a crashing halt here. No idea what song either guy used. Seery's still pic looks like he's 36 going on 100. Horiguchi cornered by Sami Zayn...no wait, that's former WEC Champion Mike Brown.

Horiguchi knocks down Seery with a punch combo 30 seconds in and all over him but Seery weathers it. Seery sweeps and almost ends up on top but does get to his feet. Horiguchi with a takedown at 1:15. Seery working for an armlock but gives it up quickly. Seery to his feet and in control of a cage clinch. Quick separation. Crowd is loving this. Both guys throwing bombs at 2:00. Horiguchi knocks Seery down with a punch at 2:15. Seery to his feet quickly. Seery bleeding under his left eye. Horiguchi with a takedown at 3:15. Seery landing some elbows to the head from the bottom. Horiguchi postures up and drops a hammer fist. Horiguchi into side control at 3:45 and working for a head and arm choke. Seery to his feet at 4:30. Horiguchi with a hard body kick. Almost a 10-8 but definitely Horiguchi's round, 10-9

Horiguchi backs up Seery with a punch combo early. Seery now cut under his right eye and bleeding heavily. Horiguchi takes him down at 45 seconds. Seery to his feet at 1:15. Horiguchi covered in Seery's blood as well. Seery advancing for the first time in the fight. Seery with a takedown attempt but Horiguchi ends up taking his back standing. Seery escapes fairly quickly. Seery continuing to advance but Horiguchi landing punches while retreating and moving out of the way of Seery's punches for the most part. Horiguchi with a nice punch combo at 4:00. Horiguchi with a takedown at 4:30. Closer round but still clearly to Horiguchi and he's now up 20-18

Seery advancing to start again. His corner seems to have closed the cut but there's still a lot of swelling around that eye. Horiguchi initiates a cage clinch at 1:30 and gets a takedown off a trip. Horiguchi stands up and Seery follows. Horiguchi rocks Seery with a punch but he stays on his feet. Another hard shot from Horiguchi sends Seery reeling into the cage but again he stays up. Seery still advancing and shoots for a takedown at 2:30 which ends up in a cage clinch. Horiguchi gets control. Cut around Seery's right eye has opened up again and bleeding heavily. Seery breaks free from the clinch but Horiguchi takes him down off a single leg. Seery up quickly. Horiguchi landing knees to the body while maintaining control of a clinch. Separation at 4:15. Seery stuns Horiguchi with a body shot but he recovers quickly. Seery gets a takedown at 4:45 but Horiguchi sweeps into top position. 10-9 Horiguchi, 30-27 overall

WINNER - KYOJI HORIGUCHI (17-2) by unanimous decision (30-26; 30-27 x 2)


LIGHTWEIGHTS- YAN CABRAL (12-2, 2-2 UFC) VS. REZA MADADI (13-4, 2-2 UFC) (Leon Roberts - ref)

Madadi with a takedown attempt early but stuffed by Cabral. Cabral stuffed on a takedown attempt of his own at 1:00. These guys look like middleweights after seeing two flyweight fights on the prelims. They are big lightweights. Madadi in control of a cage clinch at 2:00. They trade light knees but nothing much happening. Separation at 3:00. Cabral lands a knee to the body and then shoots for a takedown but stuffed by Madadi. They're in another cage clinch and crowd getting restless. Cabral finally gets a takedown out of the clinch at 4:00. Cabral working for a Kimura and uses it to advance into mount. Cabral takes his back and working for a rear naked choke while securing a body lock. Madadi to his feet and escapes right before the round ends. 10-9 Cabral

Crowd boos heavily when they didn't touch gloves to start the round. Then they exploded with cheers when they did. Then they did it again to an even louder pop. That was great. Madadi advancing and lands a punch combo at 1:15. Cabral with a takedown attempt. Madadi ends up in a cradle position with control of Cabral but Cabral escapes and gets up. Back to a cage clinch at 1:45 with Cabral in control. Ref warns them at 2:30 with not much happening. They separate on their own at 2:45. Back to a cage clinch with Madadi in control at 3:30. Madadi landing knees to the body but the ref's had enough and breaks them. Both swinging wild punches but missing and then Madadi gets a takedown. Cabral landing punches from the bottom and Madadi stands up, making Cabral follow him. Madadi with a nice punch combo and then clinches up on the cage again as the round ends. 10-9 Madadi, 19-19

Madadi rocks Cabral with a hard right early and Cabral shoots for a takedown. They end up in another cage clinch. Separation at 1:00. Madadi lands a spinning back fist and Cabral shoots for another takedown. Madadi with a front headlock choke but gives it up quickly. Madadi rocks Cabral with punches and the ref steps in to stop him as Cabral was out on his feet.

WINNER - REZA MADADI (14-4) by TKO at 1:56 of the 3rd round

LIGHTWEIGHTS- JON TUCK (9-2, 3-2 UFC) VS. JOSH EMMETT (9-0, 0-0 UFC) (Rich Mitchell - ref)

Tuck gets the party going around with "Jump Around" by House of Pain. Emmett seems very relaxed and confident for a guy making his UFC debut on less than one week's notice. Tuck opens up with a nice punch combo. Emmett landing punches of his own and mixes in a hard body kick at 1:45. Emmett falls after missing a head kick and Tuck follows him to the ground, briefly taking his back but Emmett up quickly. Emmett stalking him now and picking him off with punches. Emmett shoots for a takedown right before the round ends but stuffed. 10-9 Emmett

Tuck rocks Emmett with a knee to the head early but doesn't follow up and Emmett recovers. Emmett with a nice kick/punch combo at 2:45 but really not much happening other than both guys trading single shots. Crowd whistling/booing at 4:30 as nothing is happening. Emmett rocks Tuck with a hard left at 4:45. I almost never do this but that was a 10-10 round, 20-19 Emmett

Emmett opens with a punch combo. Round is going the same as Round 2 for the most part although Emmett is definitely more active. Crowd is very quiet. Emmett with some bleeding on his nose from a Tuck punch. Tuck advancing at 2:45 and the crowd is really starting to turn on the fight. Jon Anik says it's the first time tonight but it's definitely not. Emmett acting like he may have broken a finger and Tuck is picking up the pace at 3:45. Tuck chasing him down but not really throwing much of anything. Tuck finally hits him with a punch combo and follows up with a knee. Emmett literally running away at 4:30. Tuck stuns him with a combo at the end. 10-9 Tuck, 29-29 overall. Apparently, Emmett's bone was sticking out of his finger at the end of the round. 

WINNER - JOSH EMMETT (10-0) by split decision (29-28 x 2; 28-29)

Emmett's finger was mangled as they did a close-up of it in his post fight interview. 

MIDDLEWEIGHTS- MAGNUS CEDENBLAD (13-4, 3-1 UFC) VS. GARRETH MCLELLAN (13-3, 1-1 UFC) (Lukasz Bosacki - ref)

McLellan looks like a long-lost member of the Wyatt family and comes out to 80's classic "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Cedenblad couldn't look more different. Like a really tall accountant. 

Cedenblad with early cage control but it's McLellan landing more shots, mostly kicks to the body and legs. Cedenblad knocks McLellan down with what might've been his first landed punch at 2:30 but McLellan right up. Cedenblad lands another hard right at 4:15. McLellan misses a spinning back fist right before the buzzer. 10-9 Cedenblad

Cedenblad rocks McLellan with a kick to the body and then finishes him off with punches.

WINNER - MAGNUS CEDENBLAD (14-4) by TKO at 47 seconds of the 2nd round

LIGHTWEIGHTS- RUSTAM KHABILOV (19-3, 4-2 UFC) VS. CHRIS WADE (11-1, 4-0 UFC) (Leon Roberts - ref)

Khabilov gets the first takedown off a clinch at 1:15 but Wade right up. Both guys mostly trading leg kicks for the first two minutes. Crowd solidly behind Khabilov with RUSTAM chants. Wade with the first punch combo after a front kick to the body of Khabilov at 3:00. Wade initiates a cage clinch. Khabilov takes control, takes the back of Wade and gets a takedown. Wade up at 4:15 but Khabilov takes him down again and nails him with hammerfists to the head. Khabilov still on his back in a front headlock position. 10-9 Khabilov

Khabilov controlling the pace early. Wade knocks Khabilov down with a head kick and follows him to the ground but Khabilov recovers quickly and ends up on top. Khabilov takes his back. Wade escapes into top position but gets caught in a triangle at 1:45. Wade escapes and still in top position but Khabilov has him tied up in the guard pretty well. Khabilov bleeding from the mouth, probably from the kick. Wade not able to do anything from the guard, despite his corner telling him to strike. Wade stands up at 4:00 and Khabilov follows him. Khabilov with a punch combo backs Wade up. Khabilov with a takedown at 4:30. Khabilov working for a head and arm choke and lands some elbows to the head. 10-9 Wade, 19-19 overall

Wade advancing to start the round. Nice punch exchange 45 seconds in. Khabilov takes Wade's back standing at 1:15 and gets a takedown. Khabilov with a full body lock on the ground. Wade landing light punches to the head while Khabilov working for a choke. Khabilov landing hard punches to the head and gives up the body lock to improve position. Khabilov takes the back again and landing a ton of punches to the head and body. Wade desparately trying to get to his feet and does at 3:30 but Khabilov takes him right back down, landing in his guard. Khabilov into side control at 4:15 and continuing to land punches. Wade briefly up at 4:45 but Khabilov takes him right back down again. 10-8 Khabilov. 29-27 overall

WINNER - RUSTAM KHABILOV (20-3) by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)



Clark is fighting for the first time since the TUF 20 finale in December 2014. They pretty much trade single shots for the first 90 seconds. Clark with a punch combo and initiates a cage clinch at 2:00. Quick separation. Clark with another punch combo and back to the cage clinch at 2:45. Quick separation. KK slips off a high kick attempt but Clark lets her up. Clark initiates another cage clinch. Separation at 4:00 as KK punches out of it. Nice punch exchange at 4:15. KK stuns Clark with a spinning back kick. Clark initiates another cage clinch and landing punches to  the body as the round ends. 10-9 Clark

Kowalkiewicz more aggressive to start the 2nd. Nice punch combo from KK 45 seconds in. Clark initiates a cage clinch and gets a flash takedown but KK right up. Nice punch combo at 2:15 from KK. Clark with a cut on the side of her nose and she initiates another cage clinch at 2:45. KK gets separation after a series of knees to the body but Clark clinches up again the first chance she gets. KK lands elbows to the head and breaks out of the clinch, chasing Clark across the cage. KK with a Muay Thai clinch in the centre and lands knees to the body. KK with a takedown and takes Clark's back, working for an armbar. She loses position but holds on to the armbar right before the round ends. 19-19, rd 2 for KK

Kowalkiewicz advancing again to start. Clark pushes her against the cage and clinches at 1:30. KK landing body punches and gets separation fairly quickly. KK rocks Clark with a punch combo and tries for a takedown but they end up in a cage clinch. Clark ends up in control. Quick separation and KK with another punch combo. Clark goes for the takedown but KK lands some knees to the body. Clark clinches on the cage but KK separates quickly. Clark now advancing. KK lands a hard knee to the body and follows up with a punch combo. Clark clinches up on the cage again at 4:15. KK separates and just peppering Clark with punches and elbows. KK landing a ton of punches right before the bell, almost finishing Clark. 10-9 Kowalkiewicz, 29-28 overall

WINNER - KAROLINA KOWALKIEWICZ (9-0) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28

KK gets a post-fight interview and thanks all the fans from Poland and asks for a top 5 fighter next time out. Best use of mic time so far tonight. 

LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHTS- (#14) NIKITA KRYLOV (19-4, 4-2 UFC) VS. FRANCIMAR BARROSO (18-4, 3-1 UFC)  (Lukasz Bosacki - ref)

Krylov was called "The Miner" in the pre-fight video package but was back to "Al Capone" by the time Buffer did the ring intros. Krylov rocks Barroso early with punches but the Brazilian clinches up on the cage to stop his momentum. Krylov landing knees to the legs from the clinch. Crowd booing 1:45 in as not much happening, unusual for a Krylov fight. He's only been out of the first round once according to the announcers. Separation at 2:15 and both guys landing punches. Barroso lands an uppercut and shoots for a takedown at 2:45 and they end up in a cage clinch. Barroso completes the takedown at 3:15 but Krylov up quickly. Krylov advancing. Krylov with a punch combo backs Barroso up and they clinch again. Krylov landing knees to the legs and body. Separation at 4:15. Another cage clinch at 4:30 initiated by Krylov and then Krylov separates with a punch combo to close the round. 10-9 Krylov

Krylov all over Barroso with punches and kicks to start the round and they end up in another cage clinch. After Krylov tries to separate, Barroso gets a takedown. Krylov sweeps to top position. As Krylov tries to posture up, he's nailed by an upkick. Krylov warned for a headbutt to the chest but gets to keep his position. They bring Marc Rattner in and he questions that decision as well. Krylov in his guard and landing punches to the head. Krylov postures up to improve position and ends up in a triangle but he quickly escapes. Krylov takes his back at 3:00 and secures a rear naked choke and gets the quick tap.

WINNER - NIKITA KRYLOV (20-4) by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:11 of the 2nd round

And he changed his nickname again, as Buffer refers  to him as "The Miner" in the winner's announcement. 

WOMEN'S BANTAMWEIGHTS- (#14) GERMAINE DE RANDAMIE (5-3, 2-1 UFC) VS. ANNA ELMOSE (3-0, 0-0 UFC) (Rich Mitchell - ref)

de Randamie is from the Netherlands and gets a superstar reaction coming out. Elmose looks so happy. Crowd exploding with every shot that de Randamie lands early but Elmose pushes her into a cage clinch. early. Crowd going nuts with chants I can't make out. Elmore landing just enough punches to avoid a separation . de Randamie lands knees to the body to break free and the crowd explodes with each one. Elmose with a takedown attempt but de Randamie defends and ends up on top. Crowd is so loud with each punch landed, it can't help but influence the judging. de Randamie landing hard knees to the body against the cage and Elmose down. One more shot and the ref steps in to stop it and the place comes unglued. Can't imagine what it will be like if Overeem knocks out Arlovski.


In her post-fight promo, Jon Anik brought up that she was offered the Cyborg fight next week in Brazil but turned it down to be on this card in her home country. That fight would make sense to do next if Cyborg beats Leslie Smith. 

WELTERWEIGHTS- (#13) ALBERT TUMENOV (17-2, 5-1 UFC) VS. GUNNAR NELSON (14-2-1, 5-2 UFC) (Marc Goddard - ref)

Nelson opens up with a punch combo. Nelson standing there with his chin out, daring Tumenov to hit him. Tumenov advancing. Nelson with a side kick that pushes Tumenov back into the cage. Nelson with a takedown at 2:00 and moves quickly into mount. Nelson not doing a lot from the position but does land a couple hard elbows. Tumenov escapes at 4:30. Tumenov with a nice punch combo and a side kick before the buzzer. 10-9 Nelson

Tumenov advancing to start. Tumenov with swelling on his forehead from those elbows from mount in Round 1. Nelson shoots for a takedown and they're in a cage clinch 45 seconds in. Tumenov has a big cut on his back, not sure where it happened. Nelson with a takedown at 1:30 and right into side control. Nelson into mount at 2:15. Tumenov tries to escape and gives up his back. Nelson with a full body triangle and landing punches to the head from behind. Nelson working for a choke and he gets it and the quick tap.

WINNER - GUNNAR NELSON (15-2-1) by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:15 of the 2nd round

HEAVYWEIGHTS- (#12) ANTONIO SILVA (20-7-1, 3-5-1 UFC) VS. STEFAN STRUVE (26-8, 10-6 UFC) (Leon Roberts - ref)

Crowd is so loud you can barely hear Buffer's intro. Struve drops Silva with a knee early and finishes him with elbows on the ground. Crowd is going nuts. Silva is completely done as a fighter.

WINNER - STEFAN STRUVE (27-8) by TKO at 16 seconds

That was the third fastest finish in UFC HW history. He dedicated the fight and performance to Jordan Parsons, who passed away earliest this week. He did a promo in Dutch with no translater that the crowd seemed to  like. 

HEAVYWEIGHTS- (#3) ALISTAIR OVEREEM (40-14 1 NC, 5-3 UFC) VS. (#5) ANDREI ARLOVSKI (25-11 1 NC, 14-5 UFC) (Marc Goddard - ref)

Place came unglued for Overeem's entrance, as expected. Arlovski advancing to start and opens up with a punch combo that seems to hurt Overeem but he weathers it. Arluvski backs him up to the cage at 1:00 and they're in a cage clinch. Crowd chanting for Overeem and the ref warns them to work as they're stalled against the cage. Overeem escapes after a knee to the body but Arlovski still advancing. Overeem clinches in the centre and lands some knees to the body but Arlovski separates. Arlovski lands a hard body kick followed by a leg kick and the crowd explodes for each one. Overeem gets a trip takedown after a couple more leg kicks at 4:00. Overeem landing punches to the head and body from guard. Overeem postures up and gets nailed by an Arlovski upkick so he backs off a bit. 10-9 Overeem but close

Arlovksi advancing to start again. Overeem rocks Arlovski with a punch to the face but Arlovski fires back with a crisp cobo. Overeem drops Arlovski with a front kick and then finishes him off with punches on the ground. Arlovski actually looked really good up until that kick. Overeem is a serious contender. 

WINNER - ALISTAIR OVEREEM (41-14) by TKO at 1:12 of the 2nd round.

Overeem dislocated his toe after the head kick and the doctor put it back into place after the fight. 

Overeem had his goals set out before the promo. He challenged the winner of Miocic/Werdum to a title fight at MSG in November and then promised to defend the title next year in The Netherlands.